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"We have cars that drive for us, services that shop for us, devices that speak for us, machines that clean and cook and work for us. You can't say that removing these things from our daily lives has no effect on the way we interact. As I speak, how many of you are working, or communicating with someone else? Could we do that twenty years ago? Ten? Society has changed very slowly throughout the course of human history, but in the span of only two generations, there have been more technology-driven societal advances than we can count."

"People everywhere are able to talk to others clear on the other side of the world, and we do this at the expense of interacting with others around us. We have our heads buried so deeply in our technology that we ignore our surroundings. Society is stretched far beyond what should be possible, thanks to technology. We have friends in other countries while we have strangers in our own homes."

The Human Reignition Project