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by starryparade
Sun Dec 04, 2016 1:06 am
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Topic: Lads in Distress [GxB][Otome|Fairy Tale][NaNoRenO '16]
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Re: Lads in Distress [GxB][Otome|Fairy Tale][NaNoRenO '16]

1. Did you enjoy the game? Any thoughts/comments? Generally speaking, yes. I love the concept and that's why I took the time to play it through. The art is beautiful and I agree that it's a very polished game. I'm excited to see the other routes open up (particularly Nicholl's -- I dunno, I dig the...
by starryparade
Sun Dec 13, 2015 4:14 am
Forum: WiP: NaNoRenO
Topic: ❤ Cute Demon Crashers! ❤ [GxB/GxG][18+][NaNoRenO 2015]
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Re: ❤ Cute Demon Crashers! ❤ [GxB/GxG][18+][NaNoRenO 2015]

I've finished the game recently and I enjoyed it. I found out about the game because one of the gaming channels I follow on YT played it (Geek Remix) and thought I'd give it a go myself... for shits and giggles, and phallic art, but I ended up coming out of it with more than that. The art's great an...
by starryparade
Sun Dec 13, 2015 1:00 am
Forum: Completed Games
Topic: CUPID [Romance/Horror] [FREE] - Valentines Let's Read this Sunday
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Re: CUPID [Gothic/Romance] [Non-Commercial]

I made an account just so I could say something about this game. When I stumbled upon this game, I definitely wanted to play it. The aesthetic and the art, the concept -- it appealed to me. I'm surprised it is a free game because I probably wouldn't hesitate if it were $5 on Steam. I guess you could...