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by petejohnwilson
Mon Apr 10, 2017 9:37 pm
Forum: I am a Writer, Editor, Proofreader or Translator
Topic: Writer looking for a project
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Writer looking for a project

Hey everyone, I am a new writer to the Lemmasoft forums who is looking for a project to work on. I recently completed an individual NaNoRenO project and would like to get some experience collaborating with other creators. Seeing as I am a newcomer to the forums, I would of course offer my services f...
by petejohnwilson
Fri Apr 07, 2017 1:13 am
Forum: Completed Games
Topic: Nobody Understands MIA [Cyberpunk][Puzzle][Comedy][NaNo17]
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Re: Nobody Understands MIA [Cyberpunk][Puzzle][Comedy][NaNo1

A little short, but I like the look of the game. I also like the idea of using the platform as a teaching tool. :)
by petejohnwilson
Thu Apr 06, 2017 1:53 am
Forum: Completed Games
Topic: Poker Cheat [Noir][NaNo17]
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Poker Cheat [Noir][NaNo17] Visual Novel, Noir, 1 hour [/i] ITCH.IO DOWNLOAD LINK PC Mirror Mac Mirror Synopsis: A travelling con man comes to town looking to cheat his way into easy money. He instead finds something unexpected when he happens upon a woman from his past. Notes: Completed for NaN...