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by bigdeal
Thu May 02, 2019 4:38 am
Forum: Ren'Py Questions and Announcements
Topic: in-app purchase (IAP) on iOS
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Re: in-app purchase (IAP) on iOS

Please tell me what should I write in identifier ?
define samplename = iap.register(
product = "samplename",

identifier = "what should i write here? ",<---

google = "productname",
by bigdeal
Sun Apr 14, 2019 7:49 am
Forum: Ren'Py Cookbook
Topic: [UPDATED] tutorial: Attaching Admob to RenPy
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Re: [UPDATED] tutorial: Attaching Admob to RenPy

Hey there ! Could you please tell me how to set build.google_play_key in renpy no one is helping me I want to upload my game on google play store but I can not set the key becuase I do not know where to add it and great work 👍