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by Lil Ace
Fri Jul 05, 2019 2:30 pm
Forum: Demos & Beta Testing
Topic: Kosmos Connections [Dual VN][Romantic][Mystery][Demo]
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Re: Kosmos Connections [Dual VN][Romantic][Mystery][Demo]

I played through this demo today and feel pretty conflicted about it. One the good side, it looks wonderful and I love the visual style, the starry background for the text windows is lovely. I also like how the characters have a different look between the real life and the visual novel, it sells the...
by Lil Ace
Thu Jul 04, 2019 1:36 pm
Forum: Ideas
Topic: PYONG!: Puppy Your Owner Needs Greatly (AllxAll) [Dogs|Romance|Comedy]
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Re: PYONG!: Puppy Your Owner Needs Greatly (AllxAll) [Dogs|Romance|Comedy]

1. The premise sounds great. The idea of guiding someone towards love is a good idea. 2. It sounds stupid funny, in my opinion. But as Coda mentioned, it's a comedy so it could definitely work. If it was cheesy enough or just as a background event, I'd be cool with it. You should follow your own hea...
by Lil Ace
Sat Jun 29, 2019 12:53 am
Forum: Completed Games
Topic: White Monday [Free] [Drama] [Rated R] [Object Heads]
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Re: White Monday [Free] [Drama] [Rated R] [Object Heads]

The tank-head thing going on is a really cool visual look. It gives the game a unique look. As mentioned before, while Heiko is not someone I'd call likable, I sympathize with him and really feel for his struggles. The writing in general is witty, and I love the notion of the player being the voice ...