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by VillainousClown
Wed Jun 09, 2021 3:22 am
Forum: Creator Discussion
Topic: HARK! What size, these Sprites???
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Re: HARK! What size, these Sprites???

Both options (bigger sprites that are shrinked down and already perfect sized sprites) have positiv and negativ aspects that have already been mentioned in this thread. I personally like to make my sprites a little bigger and just shrink them down because I like having more details in them. I also t...
by VillainousClown
Thu May 20, 2021 8:41 am
Forum: Creator Discussion
Topic: Tips for keeping track of large projects/highly branching games?
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Re: Tips for keeping track of large projects/highly branching games?

Something I can recommend are mind mapping tools like "Mindomo". It's easy to use and the clean design makes it easy to follow! You will end up with a nice looking flow chart. Pen and paper often end up looking messy and confuse the creator more than it should.
by VillainousClown
Tue May 18, 2021 2:28 pm
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Hello, but also, Help
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Re: Hello, but also, Help

Hello, I can totally relate to the 'forum problem'. It's hard to insert yourself into a community. But good luck with your game! It sounds interesting, I may check it out when I will get released! Hope you will also solve the background aspect. There are apps and sites that allow you to build a 3d e...
by VillainousClown
Mon May 10, 2021 3:53 pm
Forum: Creator Discussion
Topic: Your take on Zero Fund VNs
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Re: Your take on Zero Fund VNs

I can only agree with what has been mentioned before. You should have something to show of as a 'sales pitch' and play around with renpy before making anything serious, so you can be sure that this is the right program and that you are truly determined to make this game happen. It happens too often ...
by VillainousClown
Sat May 08, 2021 4:44 pm
Forum: Personal Art Threads
Topic: Game Sprites [Feedback Welcome]
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Re: Game Sprites [Feedback Welcome]

My true weakness, pretty boys. I think they all look quite nice, they all have really pretty faces! And personally this is the part I pay the most attention to ;P (The legs are forbidden knowledge, the casual player will never see them.) I really like Cain, white / gray hair and also a werwolf? This...