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by CopJohnson
Mon Dec 15, 2003 11:31 am
Forum: Ideas
Topic: "Elven Relations" (now an IntRenAiMo 2007 game!)
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Any screenshots? It's sort of hard to visualize (OK, not THAT hard, but still...). The thing looks elaborate, good luck. Lemma's Tip Numero Uno is the best. :wink: What I would not put into my game is RPG, cause I don't like mixing up traditional text/screen ADV with RPG (Yeah, I am kinda slow with ...
by CopJohnson
Mon Dec 08, 2003 6:18 am
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Other Dating sims and Visual Novels
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There is at least one completely translated script to Tokimemo available on the 'net (I think I got mine frome Gamefaqs) which is sorted by girl and situation and offers both Japanese on-screen text and sufficient translation. I can only call it "sufficient" because I didn't think it captured any o...