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by Alphonse
Tue Sep 01, 2009 5:14 pm
Forum: Ideas
Topic: The Tale of the City (IN DEVELOPMENT)
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Re: ~とかい しょうせつ~ Tokai Shousetsu

Uh, I noticed that nowhere in the first post have you written a summary. I'm one of those people who cares more about the story than the characters, so currently, this holds no appeal. You might want to add a basic synopsis or blurb or something.
by Alphonse
Tue Sep 01, 2009 5:11 pm
Forum: Ideas
Topic: Eternity's End (Demo inside!)
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Re: Eternity's End (Demo inside!)

A simple guy who's been dragged into more than his fair share of not-so-simple things. He enjoys video games, fighting stupidity on the interwebs, and thinking of himself as a hopeless romantic. For some reason, I think you were describing yourself here. If I'm wrong, forgive me, but as a lesson to...
by Alphonse
Tue Sep 01, 2009 5:08 pm
Forum: Ideas
Topic: Ethova
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Re: Through The Eyes Of A Victim

Some Cut scenes and Bg done in Windows Movie Maker, BAD IDEA. Please don't. Please don't. Pleaaase don't. There are freeware video editors. Don't use WMM. It has no features, no polished look, no SOUL. Just have someone else make it for you or something. There are some people here who would be more...
by Alphonse
Tue Sep 01, 2009 5:02 pm
Forum: Ideas
Topic: KoKoRo - Pure White Love
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Re: KoKoRo - Pure White Love

I love this art! You've got a player in me~ Aw man, the art looks awesome, I'm jealous >< I think it might be a little clunky to manually choose which PoV to read, but that's just me. I know True Remembrance did the whole alternating point of view thing, but it was different characters telling diffe...
by Alphonse
Tue Sep 01, 2009 4:56 pm
Forum: Ideas
Topic: Angels
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Re: Angels

Shiro Tsubasa (means White Wing in Japanese - angels are usually shown having white wings. just a little trivia fact) To be more accurate, it means something a little bit more like "The Color White Wing". That is, "shiro" is white, the noun. "Shiroi" is white, the adjective. (Coming from a novice E...
by Alphonse
Mon Aug 31, 2009 5:51 pm
Forum: Completed Games
Topic: Cold Breath: Episode One
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Re: Cold Breath: Episode One

I might suggest renaming the "monthly curse". I thought it was a reference to the menstrual cycle. Haven't played yet.
by Alphonse
Mon Aug 31, 2009 5:09 pm
Forum: Completed Games
Topic: Koenchu Yonogi Seiyu Story prologue
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Re: Koenchu Yonogi Seiyu Story prologue

and You can listen the Radio in this Game, Japanese girls, Endlish Radio and Vocaloid's songs. What do you mean by the "radio"? Do you mean music or do you mean voice acting? Or is it something that's in the story? I think you might need a proofreader. I'm looking at the second screenshot and I alr...
by Alphonse
Wed Aug 26, 2009 8:50 pm
Forum: Skill Development
Topic: Is anyone familiar with
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Re: Is anyone familiar with ... d_D7mkIDMg

There's your answer. In short, no, you can't use their music.
by Alphonse
Wed Aug 26, 2009 5:34 pm
Forum: Skill Development
Topic: Hi help wanted, need BG's
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Re: Hi help wanted, need BG's

That's why I asked him first. If he wants me to upload the BGs, I'll do it. If he doesn't, I won't. Those are BGs ripped from a game by my cousin, who's 22 years old. I told him I wanted some BGs, so he ripped it off from the game for me. I thought it's okay to use ripped BGs? Or it isn't? Well, if...
by Alphonse
Wed Aug 12, 2009 11:27 pm
Forum: Creator Discussion
Topic: All about Main Characters!
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Re: All about Main Characters!

I personally like nice, boring characters. I can relate more to them than jerks. Maybe in the third person, I wouldn't mind a jerk protagonist, but I don't want to be stuck in a total bastard's head the whole story. Especially since, when I'm playing, I -am- that bastard. I make his choices and ever...
by Alphonse
Wed Aug 12, 2009 3:01 am
Forum: Completed Games
Topic: [The Dreaming] v0.9 (Win/Mac/Linux)
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Re: [The Dreaming] v0.9 (windows only)

I got a few endings. Can't quite remember the names. I got the one with Jane and being killed by that flesh monster thingy, Relationship ending 5 (Gabrielle says that she can see the hallucinations too because they're connected or something), the one where she says she's unfit to be a psychiatrist o...
by Alphonse
Sun Aug 09, 2009 6:10 pm
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Reasons why you play through/give up on a game?
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Re: Reasons why you play through/give up on a game?

So why do you play games? I play games to do stuff I can't do in real life (with ease, or without consequences) or to be able to face situations that are unlikely. Haven't you ever wondered what you would do if you found out you were the Chosen One or what not? Or that every cute boy you came acros...
by Alphonse
Sat Jul 18, 2009 10:34 am
Forum: Completed Games
Topic: The Game -Chapter One-
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Re: The Game -Chapter One-

Damn it! I wanted to be the one to make a game called "The Game", for the sole purpose of causing people to lose The Game (if you don't know about The Game, go to "". To put it shortly, if you think about The Game, you lose.) But still...damn. And I just lost and I was having a winnin...
by Alphonse
Sun Jul 12, 2009 11:08 pm
Forum: Ideas
Topic: Lucky Rabbit Reflex! - GxB Dating Sim (Complete)
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Re: Lucky Rabbit Reflex! - GxB Dating Sim (+demo +charaprofiles)

(Rhett, the red-haired dude, is the president of the Drama Club and is sort of meant to come off as a Miles Edgeworth-type character. I'd like to have around six or so drama club events with him, but so far I've only written one... any ideas? I was actually thinking of a really basic Phoenix Wright ...
by Alphonse
Sat Jul 04, 2009 12:31 am
Forum: Ideas
Topic: [WIP] Coatl's untitled VN project!
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Re: [WIP] Coatl's untitled VN project!

Not to rush you, but you really should pick a name. Anything. A name is often what pulls people in. Especially here, where all you see is a thread title. Nobody will have any interest in a game called "Untitled VN project". It doesn't matter, lots of people end up changing the name before release. B...