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#4771 Post by Tekaji » Sun Oct 01, 2017 4:32 am

Hello, I am Tekaji. Tekaji Hatake. Nice to meet you all. I am from the US and my website is: (currently).

I am new to all this if you haven't guessed. So I hope to make plenty friends and acquaintance. It is nice to meet you all. I am currently at work on a visual novel to be honest. So I hope you all don't mind if I bring it up very often when given the chance. Anyway, I am a big fan of the simple premise. Of this site I mean. Really takes you back to 2004. Further more, I was completely unaware of this being the forums of an actual developer. Really makes you think...

Anyway, this seems like a really nice place. Kudos to everybody!

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Lutias Kokopelli
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Re: Guestbook

#4772 Post by Lutias Kokopelli » Tue Oct 03, 2017 12:39 pm

Hi, I'm Lutias Kokopelli, but any diminutive or nickname you get out of it is also fine to me, I think I've had quite the occasions to hear pretty creative ones in the past x)
In any ways, nice to meet you! I'm completely new to the entire VN/KN making, but I'm a huge fan of the series Ace Attorney, Professor Layton and Ghost Trick among many, and their VN-like storytelling is one of the things that really attract me. So, I guess I'm here both to watch and learn, and who knows, maybe the project I have in mind will also manage to work its way out eventually?

Aside from that, first thing you need to know about me is that I'm French, so English isn't my actual mother language. I apologize in advance for any mistakes or confusions I might make due to this.
I am the type who is interested in way too many things, and who tries doing too many things at once. You could say my main hobby right now is writing fanfiction (I used to write them in French, but I switched to English about three years ago in order to practice different styles and rules), but I also love drawing and I even tried to compose a few musics, though I lack all the basic softwares meant to create something that will actually be tolerable to listen to. I mean, the only things music-related that I can work on right now are either my voice, my violin, my synthetic piano, and MuseScore. That's the basics, but that's not nearly enough to build decent OST.

About VNs, I will be honest in the idea that I might have a project of my own in mind, though I am not really sure whether I will actually make it an actual KN (or even VN, but right now it seems pretty unlikely to me) or if it will remain under the current fanfiction format. For anyone who would be curious about it, here's a link for a guide of the main tumblr, and here you may have a first basic introduction to what the project looks like right now -- as you may notice, it doesn't really mention a VN/KN for now.
NB: Given that my project is an (obviously non lucrative) crossover between quite a few fandoms, that is to say that this is a fanwork, I made some research here in order to know what your policy about such projects is like. All I could find for now was this little exchange, so for now I believe my project would have its place here, in case it ever comes.

In any ways, as mentioned above I am mostly here to watch and learn, and potentially get some inspiration, whether for VNs or for just my current projects as they are. This looks like a pretty nice place, so I'm looking forward to meeting you all !
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Re: Guestbook

#4773 Post by pyopyon » Wed Oct 04, 2017 5:00 am

Welcome, everyone! I hope you learn a lot and you're able to make the games you want to make!
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Re: Guestbook

#4774 Post by Slyblue » Wed Oct 04, 2017 12:54 pm

Hello everyone! Name's Slyblue, as you can see. Not a particularly exciting name, I know, especially since DMMD came out years ago, but that's the name I answer to! Exciting, isn't it?
I'm a despairing college student with dreams of becoming a game developer, who loves to create new things and break down in tears because I can't control my inner critic. I'm getting better, though, so tears will be kept to a minimum.


In any case, I'm looking forward to knowing new people and learning new things (: Nice to meet you, everyone!

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Re: Guestbook

#4775 Post by 4love » Fri Oct 06, 2017 1:40 pm

Hi! I'm 4love.

I played the VN Pale Spectrum recently and found myself happily inspired to start a fanfic. I'm joining here to ask if anyone knows where fanfiction for VNs might congregate on the internet.

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Re: Guestbook

#4776 Post by MaskedVillain » Sat Oct 07, 2017 1:32 am

Name: don't tell's a secret *whispers unintelligible words into your ear*
Location: USA
extra: well, I hope i'll be able to create many fun otome games for everyone to play! I'm an absolute beginner though, so I have no idea what I'm doing.

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Re: Guestbook

#4777 Post by +mike » Sat Oct 07, 2017 2:58 pm

Name: let it be " +mike "
Location: Europe - Portugal

Hello everyone!
English is not my native language, so I have excuses for making mistakes :wink:
I'm an old guy (+50) curious about programming and found VNs to be a good base to learn more about different programming languages.
I'm an absolute Newbie so expect nothing but doubts and questions.
If you think I can be of any use to you, please send me a message.

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Re: Guestbook

#4778 Post by kayde » Sun Oct 08, 2017 9:51 am

Name: Kayde
Location: Europe, Croatia

Hi ppl, nice to meet you and be a part of everything here :D

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Re: Guestbook

#4779 Post by cammi » Mon Oct 09, 2017 12:14 am

Name: Cammi (Camilla)
Location: South America

Hello! I've loved otome games for some years now, and this forum seems like a great place to find some more. I do have an interest in making my own vn someday, though- I hope to learn more about art, programming and gui design around here!

Nice to meet you all lolol

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Re: Guestbook

#4780 Post by recobonx » Wed Oct 11, 2017 5:52 am

Name: Recobox
Location: Canada!

I like making weird stuff and learning new things! So naturally, I wanted to try making VNs (or at least using the format to try something new).
Hi, hiii

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The Monkey Ninja
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Re: Guestbook

#4781 Post by The Monkey Ninja » Wed Oct 11, 2017 10:18 am

Welcome to Lemmasoft, everyone!

Aaaand hi! I've actually been a member and lurking on here since... well you can check the 'joined' tag, I'm pretty sure its been since 2010 XD I never posted in the guestbook so I guess its about time to do so, huh? -seven years later LOL-

Name - The Monkey Ninja (aka TMN, Monkey, Ninja, Ninjapyon, etc)

Location - SOUTH AFRICA !!! (I haven't scrolled through all 319 comment pages but I've yet to see a fellow South African which makes me a bit sad TAT Say hi if you are from the same place though!)

Website - /sweats/ I mean, you can check out my deviantart if you want but... eh XD Link is in my profile and sig.

Comments about Lemma Soft - The heroes of my visual novel-related childhood. After I got into anime I quickly found out about VNs and this place and... well here I am. I'm really grateful for the development of Ren'Py and I've been practicing with it on and off for years now. Its great to create and see others create visual novels! Its also been awesome seeing the otome game community grow (and the localisation of a lot of titles that were mere dreams before!) too. Also thanks to pretty much everyone who has asked a question I wanted to ask before me so I could just read the thread and learn instead! XD Its helped me out way more often than you'd think.

Cloaks are wonderful things~ <3

My DA page for all my art:

Ex-Nanoreno2017 game One Time Valentine has a (very rough) demo out now!

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Re: Guestbook

#4782 Post by RicharDann » Thu Oct 12, 2017 2:48 pm

A bit late to sign the guestbook, but oh well...

Hey all, RicharDann here.

I really like videogames, specially visual novels thanks to the simple yet engaging mechanics and overall I've enjoyed every single one of them I've been able to play, I came to know Ren'Py thanks to Katawa Shoujo, a game that remains one of my favorites. I was also interested in programming so when I decided to start learning Python, obviously I had to check out Ren'Py and here I am.

I also like writing stories and composing music.

This forum has an amazing community from whom I've learned a lot and I hope to keep improving in the future.

Best regards and happy VN making!

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Re: Guestbook

#4783 Post by Noce » Fri Oct 13, 2017 3:20 pm


My name is Noce

Location: Caribbean

Website: Creating a Visual Novel (NSFW)

Comments about Lemmasoft: I like the idea of helping people that are trying to make games and VN, is pretty cool and awesome.

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Re: Guestbook

#4784 Post by Astrala » Tue Oct 17, 2017 2:18 pm

Hello! :D

My name is Astrala!

I'm from the United States. The Appalachian region.

I don't have a website, so... :?:

Okay, so, as for the "about Lemmasoft" section; it's awesome! I've been creeping here for a few days now, and I haven't seen a single rude comment. Everyone's so nice and helpful. Is this even the internet? I like it here and I can't wait to get started! :D

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Re: Guestbook

#4785 Post by vivianross » Tue Oct 17, 2017 9:01 pm

tia's my name but vivian is cool too
i live in the states :v
i've been reading the forums since the beginning of this year when i first started with ren'py and now i'm finally starting a real visual novel!! hopefully i'll keep to it and finish it

the only thing i'm really good at is character art because backgrounds are evil \:

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