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Re: (P)lanets!

#106 Post by teacup » Sat Sep 10, 2011 12:52 am

Thank you for seeing all the effort i put into making this! Also, I'm always happy to see more people like Lucan. He needs more love, poor misunderstood fellow.
Aww, I should be thanking you for taking the time to play! (*^w^*) <3

Lol, that's nice to hear XD Thank you!!

Ah phooey... sorry about that... this is the first error report I've seen so far (I thought I was error free other than a couple of bugs ;-;)
Hmm, that's really weird though... I just took a look at the script and that error *really* shouldn't be possible. Do you remember exactly what decisions you made up to that point? Maybe you can follow the walk through (See my reply to DreamInk on pg 4) while I try to figure this out.

I hope you enjoy it!

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Re: (P)lanets!

#107 Post by IanaBri » Sat Sep 10, 2011 1:10 am

teacup wrote: @IanaBri
Can you please add spoiler tags to your post? :)
Anyway, I'm so happy with this comment! XD It's great to hear so many positives. Thank you so much!!

Hehe Sorry about that. Fixed. No spoilers here :lol:

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Re: (P)lanets! ~ Ehehe <3

#108 Post by AriaAi » Sat Sep 10, 2011 1:49 am

jklajfkldjaldsfj;ldjsa;lkj-- I'll just post the same thing I wrote before on Hinano's review. *O* //shot for writing so much.

GYAHFDSHKLJQJ’;aj;lj;l;;~~ < 3 < 3 (*´∀`*)えへへ

Just finished playing Ryuu's route and afterward I was like, "Why is this game so friggin' adorable?" (ノ∇≦*)ポッ The story line was so adorable. Pfff— RYUUUUU~ WHY SO ADORABLE? (*´ェ`*)ボー -dies- Seriously, practically the whole time I was all "GYAA OMFG, RYUUU~ WHY SO CUTE?!" Ohoho. <3 Must.. finish this game (only got through Ryuu's route Today). Pff- Heck, I skipped doing homework after school for Ryuu's route. Pff– <3 I must do a fan art later too. < 3 < 3

Story line was a bit cliche (if you have read over 184+ shoujo manga.. like me //shot), but the characters are developed and so lovable that I didn't care about that, sometimes cliche story lines (for me at least) Add more cheese and fluffiness to the story~ (σ´∀`)σ Aside from the minor grammatical errors (That are hardly noticeable unless you're a grammar freak like me. //shot) (I only caught around 1 - 3 errors throughout Ryuu's route. -applauds-) this game was very good/cute. Better than a lot of free ones out there (Heck, maybe even better than a lot of otome games out there too). (●´ω`●)ゞテレ Also, The art really grew on me as time passed! I think you did a good job~ The one (wo)man production must have been hard right~ I applaud you for your effort! And Thank you for creating a game with adorable plots that I can enjoy. ヽ(*゜∀゜*)ノ

Hope you decide to do a Fandisk. ☆:*・゚(●´∀`●)ホェ:*・゚☆

リュウくん < 3 < 3

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Re: (P)lanets!

#109 Post by TsukiShima » Sat Sep 10, 2011 2:33 am

Heh, more love for Kaius! I'm gonna have to draw a thank-you pic of Kaius for everyone. His path was supposed to be a mixture of funny and touching, so I'm really glad to hear that it worked!! :) Thank you!!
Yes! Please do! <3 I'm going need to do one for you as well!

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Re: (P)lanets!

#110 Post by Lumen_Astrum » Sat Sep 10, 2011 5:56 am

I've only played Lucan and Kaius' paths, but I'll say my comments.

First, awesome :D I finished through two paths today (Ahh, the magic of the tab button). I first played through Lucan's, out of curiosity.
The bit with Lucan having telepathy abilities and brainwashing two hundred people including Ruiko caught me offguard.
I'll say a few things though:
The part where Marin was lost and she got attacked with those good-for-nothings... that part kinda bugged me. After that scene, none from Marin's group even said sorry for leaving her. But I think that was explainable, because I discovered in Kaius' path that her mates thought she went ahead. XD

Ryuu's in love with Marin? Seriously? I bet his path's gonna be fun 8D

Lucan licking Marin's hand is ... surprising. XD

The scene before the epilogue seems ... awesome 8D The kids are awesome. But when the kids said, "Kiss, kiss!" and they did, I was like, "Is what I read true?" XD Usually older people will just say that they shouldn't see those things. XD
Then to Kaius' path:
I sorta didn't get at all what is his telepathy ability.... sorta. When he showed it, I still didn't get it.

Kaius. is. a. cat. lover. JOY. Not to mention he looks awesome with that cat ear headband. 8D

When I was at the part of naming the kitten... well, I named the cat Lenra, but when I read the cat's a boy... what the heck.

His backstory was really nice, and... dramatic. Yep, yep. Dramatic.
I say crazy stuff, forgive me. XD
I'll play Ryuu's path later :D

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Re: (P)lanets!

#111 Post by Aiyana » Sat Sep 10, 2011 5:58 am

OhmygodIloveyousomuchthankyouformakingthisgame owo <3
And also for making a Mac version :3

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Re: (P)lanets!

#112 Post by KimiYoriBaka » Sat Sep 10, 2011 6:38 am

As expected the story was a lot better than the art. Now that I've finished all 5 endings, I can say I definitely enjoyed reading.

my thoughts in order of route obtained:
caius: I really liked his personality while he was in sarcastic bastard mode. after he starts admitting his feelings, I still thought he was the most interesting of the four guys, but somehow I couldn't really enjoy his backstory or his more mushy dialogue. not sure why. still, it wasn't enough to spoil the route, and I still like his ending.

haruhi: most contrived resolution I've ever read, oddly fitting though. I think it was a good idea not to have marin fully requite his feelings, as that would have been totally unbelievable.

lucan: for most of his route I felt like he would've fit more as a protagonist of his own story, trying to capture marin. I think marin's personality just completely overshadows his. once his backstory is revealed though, he starts to seem rather evil. loved the bad end, btw.
I noticed he seems to be the default in case the reader doesn't get anyone else. this is fine, but it felt odd getting his ending with so many references to things that hadn't happened.

ryuu: couldn't really get into this route. it rather made me wish katawa shoujo would finish. basically, he was more interesting as an antagonist in caius's route.
any thoughts of making another one?

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Re: (P)lanets! ~ Ehehe <3

#113 Post by Celestie » Sat Sep 10, 2011 7:21 am

AriaAi wrote: Hope you decide to do a Fandisk. ☆:*・゚(●´∀`●)ホェ:*・゚☆
I second that so badly xD Though I still ahven't finished even oen path, but that's cause I was busy with trying out cel-shading and I love my graphic tablet too much; anyway, what I have seen so far, it's terribly hilarious and I love it~ I know I will love it even more because when Hinano says something is good, it IS good (I mean, I even like stuff she says is horrible, so xDDD)

Okay, after this weekend's plans I am going to finish at least one path to give proper feedback 8D
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Re: (P)lanets!

#114 Post by Tag- » Sat Sep 10, 2011 10:37 am

Mytoastlovesyou wrote:I absolutely love this game! I'm so happee that it's finally finished! :D But I do have one problem. I keep encountering an error while playing Kaius's path. When Haruhi asks who Marin is in love with, the screen says

File "game/script.rpy", line 11401, in script
File "game/script.rpy", line 11401, in python
NameError: name 'ilove' is not defined

and if I click ignore for all of them (similar errors pop up from then on during Kaius's path) then I eventually get Lucan's good ending even though I didn't pursue him at all. Did this happen to anyone else?
I actually got this as well, but upon following the walk-through this problem has disappeared. I've still only completed Kaius's ending, and now I'm planning to go for Lucan's since his ending has already been spoiled for me....
I was very confused when it suddenly skipped to his route and started explaining things I didn't know,
like Lucan getting expelled, say whuh?

My thoughts about Kaius's path:
I actually really liked how you developed his character, at first. After they started going out it just seemed like he just changed too much and he wasn't the Kaius I thought I knew anymore :? It didn't stop me from enjoying it, however. I loved what you did with the dialogue, it was hilarious to read, and the character interaction seems very believeable. :D

May I also say, I loved loved loved Ruiko's character. Despite her fangirl-ness,
even though spoilers have told me there is a reason for this,
I still loved how you represented her character; that she wasn't just a random target for some bullies to pick on and for the main character to be her one saviour. Ruiko was genuinely strange, and I had times where I thought, "Ah, so this is why she isn't liked." And I also liked how Marin continues to be her friend despite these flaws, because that's what true friendship is :3

The art and backgrounds didn't distract me very much from the gameplay, it was just the occasional, "Oh, that looks a bit off" before going back to reading. Congratulations on finishing an entire game single-handedly, I am looking forward to playing the other paths~
PM me if needed

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Re: (P)lanets!

#115 Post by Riviera » Sat Sep 10, 2011 3:54 pm

Yeah, this game had way more good than bad! What bad it does have is minor stuff.

I did catch two more errors over the course of completing routes and I'll list em in the route they showed up in.

This is going to be pretty long @_@

Random Thoughts
I had the same expression as Marin when Oginuma said she could call him Ogi-chan... o_o;

Other than that, though, I thought Kai's dad was pretty cool... especially with how he was throwing Kai at her like he thought Kai would otherwise die an old man, alone in a shack somewhere, with 100 cats, without his help with his lovelife. :D

By the way, it looks like the statue in the courtyard is of Chiyo-chan from Azumanga Daioh.

The chibis are adorable, and Kai's purple shoes are awesome.

Marin is totally a cheater in the baseball game, but I liked the CG for her. Haha! She's also a hypocrite! XD

Marin must have had a huge suitcase for Haruhi to fit inside.. XD

Oh god, Haruhi's strip show.. *dies laughing*
I did Ryuu's route first by mistake. Seriously. I missed his second CG so I have to go back and find it. I'm sorry, Ryuu, I.. went with you because you were easy... to unlock. But only at first, I promise! ^_^;

Ryuu's Route
"What was my classroom number?": Holy crap! I, the player, totally forgot!! In my defense I started playing late at night so I only saw this decision the next morning. And Ryuu showed up so I figured what the heck, let's go with the genki guy.

His indirect kiss scene was.. nice! *fans self* He also had a lot of nice, witty dialogue (as mentioned before).. I honestly felt him and Marin getting closer and bonding. In Kai and Lucan's routes, she has to fight someone (Kai, the fangirls) in order to develop their relationship, but in Ryuu's it was just two friends sliding naturally into love. It was very nice, and very sweet. They had some majorly cute and romantic scenes.. like the one in the rain.. and when he saved her.. and aw, his scene on the swings was so sad :(

I really liked the ending, but I immediately wondered why, since his condition seems to be a congenital heart defect, he doesn't get himself put onto a heart transplant list. Yeah, the waiting list can be years long, and he might still die before he could get one, but it'd give him a good shot at a normal life if he lasts long enough to get one. Although he may already be on one and just hasn't mentioned it to Marin, since it may or may not actually do any good in the end.

**Marin changes from her uniform to her casual clothes while in Ryuu's room with Lucan standing right there. When Ryuu is in the shower.
**She fast-changed when she was talking to her mom after she got expelled, too. Twice.
Kai's route:
Moses parting the red sea... LOL that was a nice image. And wow, I didn't realize Kai was so tall!!

I didn't really see the possible parallels between him and Kyo until we found out about how he likes cats so much. True, Kyo doesn't really like the cats around him, but I guess any connection with cats will bring it up. I named the kitten Kyo, by the way.

I really liked that he had a more active role in her "fight in the alley" scene. It was a nice way to show how much he cared about her, AND a glimpse of his psyche. It also shed some light on why no one asked about her in the other routes.

I thought the EXACT SAME THING that Kai did in the.. bedroom scene. I'm such a perv. But.. wanting to look at his "thing" and not knowing about "that other thing"... LOL

They had such a nice ending... them and little Kyo. I have a feeling Ogi will be a really weird grandpa when they have kids o_o;

Overall, Kai was a successful (and charming) "defrosting ice king." I was very glad that in the ending he had learned to open himself up, and had friends.
Lucan's route:
To be honest, Lucan's route was.. kind of meh for a while. He's very nice, and it's sweet how he tries to go out of his way to do things for her, but the fangirls kept getting in the way and it ruined the romance for me in the same way that it must have for Marin. He was a nice guy, but you kind of wondered if it was worth it if it was going to break her friendship with her roommate and make her a target for.. what.. 200 girls? I'm guessing this was as intended. XD

I also kept thinking that it's a darn good thing Lucan has a good metabolism cuz the only exercise he seems to get is running from fangirls, lol. Ohhh, the closet scene was funny. They also looked adorable together when they visited the mall, and the ice cream scene was H-O-T :O

When the imprinting stuff came up, before I played Lucan's route, I at first figured we were going to find out Marin was able to do it, but nothing came of it in the other routes, so I kind of forgot about it. Then it came up in Lucan's route, and I was actually horrified when I found out about it. He was a nice guy, and wasn't REALLY meaning to hurt people, but holy crap, Lucan. How could you do that? I thought you did a good job bringing the conflict into his route, and resolving it in the end. He did have to pay for what he did, but it would have been a shame for him to go to prison at such a young age. At the same time, he did hurt a lot of people.

It made it very interesting, and added some depth and realness to his character. I really liked that.
So.. yeah. It was a very nice game, as evidenced by how I pretty much spent a day playing through it and digging it apart, lol.

You should feel very proud of yourself, you did a very good job. d^_^b
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Will edit/proofread for cookies.

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Re: (P)lanets!

#116 Post by lepapillonrouge » Sat Sep 10, 2011 4:05 pm





I just got to where
Haruhi becomes a MAN
BTW I'm playing the Mac version.

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Re: (P)lanets!

#117 Post by LadyAvori » Sat Sep 10, 2011 4:38 pm

I have to say that I absolutely love your writing! You wrote these characters very well, especially Kaius. A lot of people tend to have trouble writing the cold character in as a love interest.
Usually I see them do a 180 at some point that makes absolutely no sense for the character I've been reading about, or their soft side is told, not shown. Kaius on the other hand slowly shows his soft side to Marin throughout the whole story, so when he lightens up at the end it actually makes a lot of sense.
(Didn't know if I needed to spoiler that or not, but figured better safe than sorry)

Anyway I ended up liking all three guys equally, they had a lot of depth to them.

I even have my sister playing it.


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Re: (P)lanets! ~ Ehehe <3

#118 Post by teacup » Sat Sep 10, 2011 5:53 pm

lmfao. thank you so much for such an awesome comment!! (*^u^*) I wasn't sure if I should respond on Hinano's blog or not so I'm glad you posted here (didn't wanna hijack her blog lol)
It was a lot of work, but these types of comments make it all worth it~!
Also I hope you decide to do a fanart, I absolutely love fanart! ;w;! <3
AriaAi wrote:リュウくん < 3 < 3
It says Ryuu-kun... right? XD -just started learning how to read Japanese in college-
Thanks so much for playing!

I'm drawing one as we speak ^^ And as I said, fanart = lots of love from me <3

Thank you for the long comment!
I sorta didn't get at all what is his telepathy ability.... sorta. When he showed it, I still didn't get it.
Basically, he can manipulate the levels of energy around him, and release tons of energy all at once. But he has trouble controlling it, and releasing tons of energy can cause a lot of destruction. Hence why he destroyed all those trees and whatnot.
Can't wait to hear your thoughts on Ryuu :)
And I love hearing what everyone named their kitten XDD

Thank you!

Honestly, I was really scared when I saw you post because I thought you were gonna say you hated it... I'm really happy to hear you liked it after all. ^^
I think you're one of the few who got Lucan's bad ending. I wanted to show that even the nicest guy has an 'evil' side to his personality.
Thank you for giving it a chance :)
I am planning to make more games, yes! I have so many ideas.

Ah, I hope you have fun XD
By the way, what exactly does a fandisk entail...? A few people asked for me to make one, so now I'm considering it. But I've never played one.

Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy it :)
I'm currently trying to figure out this bug but I'm having no luck so far, since I can't seem to get it myself no matter what decisions I make. I'm planning to release an updated version of the game once I figure it out (IF I figure it out, sigh)

I loved reading your thoughts XD
Riviera wrote:
I really liked the ending, but I immediately wondered why, since his condition seems to be a congenital heart defect, he doesn't get himself put onto a heart transplant list. Yeah, the waiting list can be years long, and he might still die before he could get one, but it'd give him a good shot at a normal life if he lasts long enough to get one. Although he may already be on one and just hasn't mentioned it to Marin, since it may or may not actually do any good in the end
I did tons of research on Ryuu's heart condition, which is based on hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (I say based on because I don't know how accurately I portrayed it). Heart transplants were hardly ever mentioned as a solution. Most of the time, the patients were given medication to make their heart relax or blood thinners. Or if the condition is really serious like Ryuu's, they're given a defibrillator. But you know... I didn't want to delve so much into the medical aspect of Ryuu's condition. I feel like that would be way too sad.
I'm glad you seemed to enjoy all of the routes! Thank you for playing and leaving such great feedback ^^

FUUU- I'm so sorry ;_; Are you able to bypass this error by pressing ignore?
As I said in an earlier reply, I'm trying to figure out all of the bugs so I can release 2.0... but I'm totally puzzled and I have nfi why you got that error. Trying to fix it now.

Ah, thank you so much! :) I had a lot of fun writing Kaius and I'm glad it showed. I hope your sister likes it too!

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Re: (P)lanets!

#119 Post by ixWishing » Sat Sep 10, 2011 6:47 pm

I just recently finished the whole game & all the paths [: .
My sister kept squealing on how the guys were so hot 8D .

Anyway... this VN is great, considering this is your first VN & it was done by only yourself! [:
I would love to see more projects from you, one day! <3 .
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Re: (P)lanets!

#120 Post by Funnyguts » Sat Sep 10, 2011 10:55 pm

I just kinda skimmed the thread to avoid spoilers as much as possible, so sorry if this question was answered and I missed it. Is there a Linux version available, or soon to be available?
ImageImage Image
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