Heartstring Bugs [dating sim, otome] (Guide's up)

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Re: Heartstring Bugs [dating sim, otome] (Guide's up)

#61 Post by Sochie » Sat Dec 08, 2012 7:06 pm

Lovee the game! :)
I just seem to be having a little bit of a problem. For Blaze, I can't seem to be getting the "late winter sad event", its already the middle of march and it does't show ;__; Am I doing something wrong? Thank you!

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Re: Heartstring Bugs [dating sim, otome] (Guide's up)

#62 Post by Arowana » Sat Dec 08, 2012 7:38 pm

@Arowana: I don't mean to troll. I sort of want to embrace the love for that culture, as well as try to make fun of it for those that dislike it. I try to add as many hints to it as possible so people don't get surprised, but then of course, I can't expect everyone to love that part of it. xD
But I'm glad you still enjoyed it. Just in case you didn't do it and I suspect you won't go for him again, I'll like to mention that if you give him "that" novel for his birthday, he'll express his disgust.
Lol! I'll have to try that for my next playthrough! I do think you dropped a lot of clues about Chase, so no worries there. When I was playing it, though, I heard from someone who supposedly worked on the game that such-and-such was not the case...then I played for two more days only to find out it was. So it's more accurate to say I was trolled by that person. :lol:
I did enjoy how you poked fun at the vampire romance genre. If Chase hadn't been my fav guy at that point, I probably would've thought the walking Twilight parody was hilarious. So it's to your credit that I got that attached to him and wanted him to be more realistic. :D

And awww, Alice/Dimitri sounds like the cutest thing ever! I'll have to join cooking club next time to see it. xD
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Re: Heartstring Bugs [dating sim, otome] (Guide's up)

#63 Post by HeungMao » Sun Dec 09, 2012 4:48 am

I have a problem getting Chase's full ending?
Does my love meter have to be full or his? :O

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Re: Heartstring Bugs [dating sim, otome] (Guide's up)

#64 Post by ixWishing » Sun Dec 09, 2012 4:52 am

Congrats on finishing the VN!
Downloading as I speak right now! ^^;;
I'll post back when I finish at least one route / playthrough ;p
- Everlasting Dreams ;

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Re: Heartstring Bugs [dating sim, otome] (Guide's up)

#65 Post by Cain0425 » Sun Dec 09, 2012 5:18 am

can some one help me with getting help with getting blaze i need to know what do meet this guy and if i need join any club

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Re: Heartstring Bugs [dating sim, otome] (Guide's up)

#66 Post by Cabriolean » Sun Dec 09, 2012 7:02 am

How many guys can I date, and will they all end up hating me, because currently I'm dating Dimitri, Huang and Lucas?

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Re: Heartstring Bugs [dating sim, otome] (Guide's up)

#67 Post by VenusEclipse » Sun Dec 09, 2012 8:23 am

@rainaria: I hate it when that happens, disappearing in the middle of the game. D=. Did you try the graphics fix yet? Check the first post.

@Sochie: Is it third year? Otherwise you missed it because the stats/meter were too low beforehand. I'll try to edit the guide when I have time. I put out what I can for those that need it.

@Arowana: I wonder who that could be, haha. (Does some deductions in my mind. The only people with active accounts on LSF are myself and some beta testers.)

Ah, okay. I guess it's the realistic part of it with Chase. I remember when I was deciding what to do. Should I go for it and write it, or remove it entirely. It's risky but I'm happy it still worked out. ^.^

@HeungMao: Both, if you met all the other requirements too.

@Cain0425: There's a guide link on the first post if you need it.

@Cabriolean: It's harder to get a full ending if you date more than one. If you know what you're doing (or cheat using the guide *wink), then you can always save and get more than one ending. It's just harder to do it, because
dating both Huang and Dimitri will have them confront you randomly. You'll lose some points in their love and friendship meter once it happens. Or they make you choose just one.
The other pairing that will confront is
Lucas and Chase.
It's still possible to date/befriend as many as you like and still do well.

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Re: Heartstring Bugs [dating sim, otome] (Guide's up)

#68 Post by Cabriolean » Sun Dec 09, 2012 8:40 am

Thanks, I broke up with Lucas, started dating Chase and Blaze, then Dimitri broke up with me because Natasha came back, so looks like I'm in the clear :D

Junko Mihari
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Re: Heartstring Bugs [dating sim, otome] (Guide's up)

#69 Post by Junko Mihari » Sun Dec 09, 2012 11:05 am

Cabriolean wrote:Thanks, I broke up with Lucas, started dating Chase and Blaze, then Dimitri broke up with me because Natasha came back, so looks like I'm in the clear :D
For now, at least.
Dimitri breaking up with you is part of his story route, so. 8D;;


Re: Heartstring Bugs [dating sim, otome] (Guide's up)

#70 Post by MiniNormal » Sun Dec 09, 2012 12:10 pm

Umm... my love meter won't move for dimitri..? i finished lucas' and chase's route's and it worked fine but now its not? i've tried dimitri's route before lucas' and it still didn't work so i'm not sure if i need to change my graphic setting again or what.. i think i have to start over again though just to see if i do ._. that really sucks since i'm in the third year now an at the hween event ;/

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Re: Heartstring Bugs [dating sim, otome] (Guide's up)

#71 Post by nipaa_kazuma » Sun Dec 09, 2012 1:42 pm

Sure no problem =D.
I will be happy to help.

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Re: Heartstring Bugs [dating sim, otome] (Guide's up)

#72 Post by WickedRaccoon » Sun Dec 09, 2012 2:47 pm

woot!woot!congrats on the release!!!downloaded and will play.await my review tomorrow!!! ^^

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Re: Heartstring Bugs [dating sim, otome] (Guide's up)

#73 Post by RainbowMusicAddict » Sun Dec 09, 2012 10:40 pm

I've gone through all routes except Lucas and Vi,
And I was just realizing.
Why is Thanksgiving on October 10th?
If I remember it's supposed to be either the 3rd or 4th Thursday in November o-o

Anyways I wanted to say my opinion on the guy's I've done so far,
and the friends you can have!

Chase.. xD I have no words for how that turned out. Well a few.
After going on the first date and him talking about how tempting me and my skin was, then said he wasn't talking about blood, I was like WHAT. NOO!! I knew he wasn't human. Then you get to his ending with the sweat that turns into really shiny crystals.. xD I almost died. As much as I cannot stand the diamond vampires, you made it very entertaining to go for him xD I did like it a lot, but sometimes.. I just wanted to strankle his sparkly sweat vampire self! But If Vi is a virus alien thing, then WHY NOT have a vampire that sweats this female pharamone(don't know how to spell it) attracting stuff. It really just makes your games stand out, and I love that. Chase is a really fun route, and his parents are SO HILARIOUS!
Huang, Huang. I don't even know if I even spelled that right!
His route.. Is just omg ;~; It was an emotional route for me.
It was one I could probably relate to, and so it hit close to home.
Who did the one different CG for Huang when he falls into the fountain? The art was SO completely different there, I was stunned, because it was the first time I saw a different style of art in your game. When the three bullies kept bullying Huang over and over, the MC thank goodness, was the only one who everyone does start to stand up for themselves, and they don't even have to get violent! They actually tell the bullies that they were emotionally putting them really saw it as the big deal it was. And I bawled my eyes out when the whole standing up to the bullies finally happened. It was just.. GOD YOU KNOW IF PEOPLE ACTUALLY DID THIS WHERE I LIVED. I wish. No no one cares as long as they aren't the ones being bullied. But I'm really glad you did this route, and when down and it hurt a lot. And seeing one of the guys come to apologize afterwards, and seeing what it's like to be in their shoes.. Very beautiful ;~;<3
So far Huang is probably my favorite. HE IS JUST SO CUTE! Too bad when he speaks (Cantoneese? I think it's spelled like that) I don't know what he is saying ;~; Wish I did.

OH MAN Dimitri.. He's basically the typical guy friend of mine, which made me feel weird going through his route.
You did make his route feel like something that would actually happen though.
It was something that when you got far enough into his relationship, you can actually see that happening to someone in real life, and it's really nice to play an otome where it's not completely fantasy. And you know I really actually loved his route, it was sweet, and it really rallied up my jealousy up.
Especially when Natasha goes off and has the NERVE to say "We get intimate and have fun all night long. So I guess you and him were really nothing." Oh that SO made me love Tamera for getting all pissed and stuff. I would have punched the girl in the face, because that is BEYOND rude of her. If I remember correctly she didn't break up with Dimitri, she started to ignore him, then Tamera started talking about Natasha breaking up with the guy who she was seeing without even saying anything to Dimirti. I was like "WOMAN YOU ARE JUST NO I DON'T LIKE YOU." She made it seem like Dimitri was at fault for wanting to date the MC. e-e;
Anyways, I'm really enjoyed his route. Probably my second favorite guy you can date.

Now as MUCH as I dreaded this, I went after Blaze.. And well.
I liked it more than I thought I was.
In like every route he popped up I basically made the MC hate his guts because he was REALLY obnoxious.
But when you go after him, I liked him a LOT more then when I just run into him in random encounters.
THE MC HAS ONE WEIRD MOM. Even if some famous guy broke into my room in the middle of the night my mom would be loading a shot gun and shooting at the boy to get out of the house, then skin me alive and make jerky ;~; but then again.. I am the only person where I live who's mom could not even stand letting me have guy friends e-e; It was NOT proper for me.
Anyways I loved him at the end, though.. Not my favorite, too much.. Ego for my liking, BUT that's why I like your game, you make all your characters have AND keep their own personality.

The friends you can make, Tamera, Naomi and Alice.
They were really interesting.

I have to say Tamera is my least favorite.
The ending with her was just like.
I have absolutely no say in what I want in life, I'll just follow Tamera around. :D
I really enjoyed having Naomi as a friend, and her ending made me laugh.
She's not frightening, she's just got quite the temper.
I love how she asks if her and the MC can have a sleep over I was like YAY! You're never too old :D I felt bad going after Huang just because of Naomi. I felt like I was just betraying her, and it didn't feel good D:
Alice is my favorite forever. She is like the one friend that I have in EVERY route no matter what.
I have to have her as my friend. xD The ending with her..
IT was incredible and the CG is my personal favorite CG.
It's absolutely gorgeous. I don't know if it's just me being a fan girl over the nice quite nice girl, but I do love having her as a friend.
I wanted to see who she got married with! Though I believe it was probably Chase. Her and Chase sound like a more likely couple than anyone else.Unless you know. You're with him. xD

Some odd things things here and there,
like being told where Huang hangs out before you even hear of him,
or when you're dating someone
And you're friends with Lucas you get forced to go on a date with him. And that literally happened in EVERY ROUTE. and when you were forced on the double date thing with Dimitri, Huang and Naomi.It was a little weird.
other than that so far I'm really loving this game a LOT!
And I'll end this REALLY long freaking message now. xD
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Re: Heartstring Bugs [dating sim, otome] (Guide's up)

#74 Post by Pyonkotchi » Mon Dec 10, 2012 3:26 am

ivebeen playing nonstop *o*
i finished Dimitri's route and i gotta agree w/ everyone else his was really nicely handled.
some of the inconsistantsies bug me tho, like others have said, (likw you will be dating the guy but certain events make it seem like ur just friends or somethin??) p much everything has been said actually ouo

once u get the hang of things in this game its really easy haha
im on my second play through, beginning of year and all my stats are 250~350, i quit my job since i dont even need money anymore. and every single guy has a crush on me, and all the girls have high friendships.

speaking of the girls they're all really great too, I love them all <3
Alice seems really popular and I can see why, she's really cute.
all the characters are really gr8 tho uvu

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Re: Heartstring Bugs [dating sim, otome] (Guide's up)

#75 Post by Explosions&NickCage » Mon Dec 10, 2012 3:49 am

When you have that many random events, it's pretty time consuming making sure they have different outcomes for different situations. Sometimes it's even better to just keep them random, like when
I dumped Dimitri for Huang and then continued going on dates with the poor guy, spurring dialogue like "I wish we were still together." and "I wish we could make it work." And then the double date with Naomi/Dimitri/Huang came up.
My roommate and I cried so hard with laughter at how shitty Dimitri's life had become within a matter of days. We were just a sobbing, sadistic mess.
Also, it did have many of the average otome/sim builder ingredients players have come to appreciate like clothing/jobs/calling for dates. Only advice for that is if you decide to ever do another stat builder with high school clubs, maybe make there be some positives other than time spent with the romance option. It would make sense for the Chess club to raise an intelligence point or two for every successful meeting or the Drama club to raise a tiny bit of charm. It's not necessary since you can build your stats up easily enough with the weekly activities, but just as a slight more realistic component.
Aside from that, it was a great, lengthy game.

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