Doppelganger : Dawn of the Inverted Soul [Guide up]

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Re: Doppelganger : Dawn of the Inverted Soul [Guide up]

#556 Post by Uxtrealiz » Sun Oct 18, 2015 4:20 pm

Hello! I made an acount specially for this comment, so I'm sorry if I make some mistake TwT
First of all, I love this game. I think the story is very interesting, and I love the fact that every character haves something special. I really don't want to make the comment very long, so I'll end up there. But I love the game! x3
I had the game downloaded for at least a year, and some months ago it stopped working. When I try to open it, some weird windows open. They say something like "The specified module is nowhere to be found: LoadLibrary(pythondll) failed" and then in the other window it puts the location of the game's folder and something like "[...]\Doppleganger_DoTIS-1.1-all\PYTHON27.DLL". I don't understand it ;_; I tried to solve it myself, but since I don't know about computers there wasn't a lot I could do, so I finally gathered courage and asked for help!
I'm sorry for bothering, sorry for the mistakes in the comment and the redaction of it.
PS: I tried to translate the first window from my language, so probably those aren't the same words than the same window but opened in an english configured computer.

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Re: Doppelganger : Dawn of the Inverted Soul [Guide up]

#557 Post by memeleaker » Sat Aug 06, 2016 1:49 pm

Sorry, you must've gotten multiple questions on this but I'm using a Mac and while I've already done the extraction, I'm not exactly sure about the last step which was to use Renpy 6.14 to launch the app. If anyone could help, I'd really appreciate it!

Otherwise, it looks extremely promising! I've played two of your other games (the first episode of Re:Set and Fantasia: The Realm of Thanos) and the storylines for both have me hooked! Finishing the first and finished all the good routes for the second (I hate seeing the bad endings, heh). Anyway, I'm sure this game won't be an exception. <3

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Re: Doppelganger : Dawn of the Inverted Soul [Guide up]

#558 Post by Sakura » Thu Aug 11, 2016 9:38 pm

I actually created an account just so I can comment on this! :lol: After a long while, I finally finished the game, and loved it! The music, the story, the art.... And you're just a one person team. :D

To be honest, I loved everyone's routes. However, Lee's endings were rather similar to one another,
and usually ended somewhat negatively
dang, Neo's father though. I mean, he tried to do that.
I actually really liked Blake's route, it was
relatively cute, light hearted, and a nice breather from everything else.
I'm a little bitter that
I can't really romance Yuri or Clifford, but I'm also a little glad. It just doesn't seem right that I swoop up Yuri/Clifford while the other two are also there.
For some reason, although I have all endings and music, I can't listen to the
two tigers lullaby
and I'm missing 2 CGs on page 2. One is third line, first one
the one before the two lovebirds hug, after Blake's CGs
; the other is on the fourth line, third one.
the one before the 'scary painting'
I really
loved how you everything really clicked together in the end. For example, I knew that you-know-who was locked in a confined space with little food for a while, but I never knew it was [i[that[/i] bad. I was expecting the mastermind of it all to have some malicious intents, but I never thought it would be like that. My opinions on everyone also changed a lot. Also Lucia x Neo is just so cute! :)
My favorite endings probably were
White Moon Reminiscence
Denouement of the Inverted Soul. And Tomorrow. And Bright New Days. And-

For the true ends, here are some hints (for those who still want to try) , and a walkthrough to get all those endings (since I don't see some in the official walkthrough) . I don't know how to make a downloadable file for this, and I know I'm late. (Download the official one first, mine relies heavily on that one. ) (Though if you want me to, I can delete this comment and just pm you everything.)

Note: You can only get the final routes after playing all the other routes, excluding Blake's (?)
I recommend you get end 6 or 7 (true end) first, so you have the ability to just go back and change some things without having to skip everything. The skip function is your best friend.
I don't suggest to do end 1 first, since the choices are completely different from everything else.
Save a lot. When you're going for the final routes, you should also start out from the very beginning (don't load a save slot) because there is a good bit of new text. There is also some things here and there that you haven't noticed on your first playthrough, as well as some foreshadowing you probably ignored, so you may want to reread everything over. You don't have to though.

Getting the final routes: Ignore basically everyone, and be blunt.
End 1. Go to to a certain point, then just mess up.
End 2. Trust children.
End 3. After having her think about a certain person for a long while, then don't mention him when it really counts.
End 5 (I don't see an end 4): Tell Lee to do the impossible. (kinda)
End 6. Be a little overprotective.
End 7. Don't be too clingy, tell the truth, and make someone think about him (directly or indirectly) all day long.

Sorry for being vague. (though some of it is relatively obvious)

To get the final routes : See walkthrough. (Go to page 1, then download the official walkthrough.)

End 1. Follow Feast (end 6) up to 16, then choose the opposite then what stated in the walkthrough for every choice.
End 2. Follow Feast (end 6) up to 27, then pick, ' Ask Arthur to help me.'
End 3. Follow Denouement (end 7), up to 28, then pick, ' Does
look happy?'
End 5. Follow Denouement (end 7), and only change 'You can't erase the past' to 'Yes, you have to erase the past.'
End 6. See walkthrough.
End 7. This is the true end. See walkthrough.
I hope this helps!

-M / Sakura.

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Re: Doppelganger : Dawn of the Inverted Soul [Guide up]

#559 Post by mizumori_fumaira » Sat Nov 12, 2016 10:18 pm

Hello! I'd downloaded this game since long ago but I've just recently played it to the final route this week! really love this game so much! The plot, character, the CGs... aahhh... I really want to tell everyone to play this game!
I'm really glad lucia's true end guy was the anonymous after all. I've fallen from him--and Clifford too tbh, since my first playthrough. I usually didn't have a thing for someone with hero-complex, but he's so adorable and cute and... idk what to say anymore. And you can imagine how excited I am when I get the White-Moon reminsce ending since it hinted NeoLucia so strong XD Since I'm sucker for age-gap relationship and detectives, I really satisfied with the ending, not to mention that everyone got their happy end too!
Anyway, I wanna check your other games! I've played re:set episode 1 before this, but i guess I'll replay it since I forget some details. And please keep making VNs and hope you don't mind me if I stalk you like, forever :P .

Greetings from Bandung!

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Re: Doppelganger : Dawn of the Inverted Soul [Guide up]

#560 Post by Kokoro Hane » Sat Jan 14, 2017 11:49 am

Hey guys! With azure's permission, I have re-uploaded the game as she said the original link seems to have been lost, so here is the mirror; ... nstall.exe
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Re: Doppelganger : Dawn of the Inverted Soul [Guide up]

#561 Post by azureXtwilight » Wed Apr 19, 2017 8:37 pm

Letting you know that a new link is up : ... nstall.exe since the old one doesn't work anymore.

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Re: Doppelganger : Dawn of the Inverted Soul [Guide up]

#562 Post by anu » Sat May 20, 2017 5:26 am


I mean. Before, I just expected it to be... um, plain. But after I played this.... OMG. I CAN'T EXPLAIN HOW AMAZING THIS DOPPELGANGER. THE STORIES. THE CHARACTERS. EVERYTHING.
Okay, I just wanna say that I kinda love Marshall. Don't know why.
I ship him with Lucia because asdfghjkl okay, forgive me for this bullshit.
Hey, hey.
Guess if I am really a silly writer.

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