My Teacher [Otome] [NaNoRenO 2013]

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Re: My Teacher [Otome] [NaNoRenO 2013]

#31 Post by litchi » Mon Apr 01, 2013 10:42 am

Awesome game. A bit too short but very cute. I really love the CG's <3 May I get a kissing CG next with each of the guys next?

But sometimes when I tried to choose a answer, the game closed down. (It happened at Raizen choice: "I wasn't listening")
And maybe a extra grammar check (disappointted --> disappointed)

By the way. It would be awesome if you could make a CG Gallery and ending list. :D

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Re: My Teacher [Otome] [NaNoRenO 2013]

#32 Post by Aita » Mon Apr 01, 2013 3:35 pm

Oh gosh I loved this game so much, it was really cute the characters and art were cute everything was just suuuuuuuper cute!
It was very short though. With everything that you could do with this type of story there are soooooo many different things you could add in. It would be a lot of work but from my point of view it would be very worth it :D

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Re: My Teacher [Otome] [NaNoRenO 2013]

#33 Post by xrominax » Mon Apr 01, 2013 6:17 pm

love it, really cute ^_^ and lovely art.
sorry for my english ;__:

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Re: My Teacher [Otome] [NaNoRenO 2013]

#34 Post by Dangertyde » Tue Apr 02, 2013 3:24 am

The concept really intrigued me, so I just had to try this out. Not bad at all, it was fun seeing the different reactions each guy had. At first I thought it was far-fetched, but since the thing they need to be taught is more on their behavioral patterns, it didn't suspend my disbelief as much as I thought it would. So, well done with all that, especially in just a month! Ahh, one little problem I encountered, however... While going through Tekumi's route, occasionally his name would change to Shinji right in the middle of talking, although his sprite doesn't change. It's no big deal, but it was a little jarring and I must admit I got confused, haha... Anyways, I'm eager to see how you expand on this game!
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Re: My Teacher [Otome] [NaNoRenO 2013]

#35 Post by ofdawnandtwilight » Tue Apr 02, 2013 7:44 am

I have no idea why no one has dropped in to say thank you Pretty rude you know >.> So I'll do it now ^^

Thanks everyone for playing the game and much thanks for the compliments about the art :D Roundmetal did most of the CGs and I only worked on a few of them along with the sprites but really happy that everyone likes them :D
We're glad that most of you enjoyed the game but if it's about the story..... Then I honestly have nothing to say xD

Lol uh so thanks again for playing! ^^

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Re: My Teacher [Otome] [NaNoRenO 2013]

#36 Post by VAPMichaelaLaws » Tue Apr 02, 2013 8:27 am

@nero279 D///x </3 I've been all over busy...


Thank you for your reviews! =D We're glad that people are enjoying the game ^^ We'll definitely make major improvements and fixes for the next game haha (SORRY ABOUT THE NAME ERRORS especially with takumis path...)
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Re: My Teacher [Otome] [NaNoRenO 2013]

#37 Post by mangalover45 » Thu Apr 04, 2013 4:14 am

Hmm, you should have a gallery so we can view the cgs.

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Re: My Teacher [Otome] [NaNoRenO 2013]

#38 Post by Chibichann » Thu Apr 04, 2013 8:48 am

Loved everything about the game, but would anyone please tell me where i can download the games soundtrack.

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Re: My Teacher [Otome] [NaNoRenO 2013]

#39 Post by AeraMillenia » Fri Apr 05, 2013 5:54 pm

This is so gorgeous *q*
Congratulations on completing it!! I truly love the art work.The story seems interesting too,I'm already downloading it.
Might edit this if I plan on reviewing,but I'm not good with words -_-;

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Re: My Teacher [Otome] [NaNoRenO 2013]

#40 Post by firefliesxxangels » Fri Apr 05, 2013 10:31 pm

Thank you for making this game. I enjoyed it. ^.^

The concept and art were equally intriguing and lovely, but it felt like the boys had really no 'reasons' to fall in love with the Main character. It felt like they just did, like love at first sight, but with no rhyme or reason. I'm not sure that falling in love on both sides is possible in a mere 3 days, but if it is, that's pretty impressive.
And the CEO, how did he fall in love with 4 different people? It seems a bit far fetched and impossible, since these boys are (well, I'm not sure, but are they?) around the same ages. The CEO couldn't have fallen in love with four different ladies in only a matter of months, could he?
And I would suggest changing up some of the storylines for each boy. Although each are unique, they have the same problems at the same areas in the story. If you maybe just did morning, lunchtime, and meeting for let's say the first boy's story, and then something like breakfast, heading out to another place around town, and whatever else for another boy's plot, it might feel a bit less boring the second/third/fourth/etc time around playing the game with another boy. (was that confusing?)
So, yeah. :) Thank you once more for creating the game, and also for listening to my ranting.

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Re: My Teacher [Otome] [NaNoRenO 2013]

#41 Post by ixWishing » Sat Apr 06, 2013 1:18 am

It was cute, and I liked the art + cgs!
My only complaint was that
all the routes felt the same, with just a different back story about their mom. (Which all seem to be taking the sad route.)
Personally, if you could in the longer version, you should try to add more different scenes. The overall gameplay was a bit dull after going for two guys, since all the routes felt really similar. /ORZ
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Re: My Teacher [Otome] [NaNoRenO 2013]

#42 Post by Cidz » Mon Apr 08, 2013 9:19 pm

I played through all the routes and got all the good endings I think! I really liked it, it was pretty fun! The guys were cute, the art was nice, the GUI was fitting, the chars seem likeable.

I would think it be nice if in the full version if the routes were a bit more diverse, they kind of had the same structure in this version, but i didn't mind much since it's more of a nanoremo version/demo.

Great job and I look forward to the full version someday! Congrats on finishing your nanoreno 2013 project!

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Re: My Teacher [Otome] [NaNoRenO 2013]

#43 Post by elf22dao » Mon Apr 08, 2013 10:52 pm

Love this game so cute!

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Re: My Teacher [Otome] [NaNoRenO 2013]

#44 Post by Lire » Fri May 03, 2013 5:58 pm

ixWishing wrote:It was cute, and I liked the art + cgs!
My only complaint was that
all the routes felt the same, with just a different back story about their mom. (Which all seem to be taking the sad route.)
Personally, if you could in the longer version, you should try to add more different scenes. The overall gameplay was a bit dull after going for two guys, since all the routes felt really similar. /ORZ
My opinion is same as this person. :D
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Re: My Teacher [Otome] [NaNoRenO 2013]

#45 Post by xKairi » Sun May 05, 2013 8:57 am

Downloaded this earlier and played through Raizen's route only for now lol. I saw the OP and I thought it was really cheesy but I won't comment on it anymore...

Hmmm, as I was playing, I kept getting the impression that the story was rushed -mainly because it lacked detail.
I thought that not much was put into thinking when developing the story which lead me to believe it was 'rushed'. I don't know how that epic of a "child trainer" the MC is, but why would an almighty powerful company CEO choose to hire her and not some successful and professional businessman? To save bucks? No way. He's filthy rich. Besides, she teaches children... what would she possible know about running a company? And for crying out loud, why does she only have 3 days? Unless the CEO has some kinda disease and he only has a few days to live left lol
... Well, I may just be taking things too seriously though. I do tend to do that a lot! XD
But the main thing that made me feel like the story was rushed was that the MC and the character just fell in love too fast. No one finds love in 3 days. If that's possible, just WOW. And other than that, there weren't enough situations that may have lead them to fall in love. I felt that Raizen just kissed the MC out of the blue! Unless he's THAT thankful to her for training him

And, his singing in the bathroom thing. Why'd he started to sing so suddenly? I also felt that him asking what the MC's opinion on her singing went too fast. I imagined he'd act all embarrassed first since he is the quiet/shy-type after all. Then suddenly he says he's going to bed. He was just taking a bathroom break, right? A dialogue like "maybe we should call it a day," but again, I may just be being too critical here.

And then there's Raizen walking-in on the MC taking a shower. Why didn't she lock the door? Any girl would have, right? Some explanation could sure help. I mean, I understand why Raizen just opened the door without knocking. It was unlocked, so you'd think nobody was inside (although there's the case of the shower's sound). The MC didn't react too embarrassed for me... but that may just be because she's mature..? I dunno lol. I'm 14 and I literally would have been red as a tomato and mad as ever LOL.
... but most of all, I felt that Raizen kissing the MC was out of the blue. Again, I didn't see quite enough moments for them to fall in love with each other. Though it might be one of those "I'm so happy right now so I'm just gonna go ahead and do this without thinking twice" which might explain why he felt awkward afterwards. Lol he must be really thankful to the MC! XD
Also, the font bothered me a bit (especially when the text displayed is really long!) ...but it may be just me and my bad eyesight. Maybe you can enlarge it or replace it with a better font? I understand it's supposed to look hand-written, though. Another thing is the way "yeah" was spelled. I believe "yea" is incorrect, although I'm not sure myself if there's such a thing as an incorrect spelling for that xD

Some other suggestions for the next release:
- an in-game menu. I noticed there wasn't one like usual otome games where there's a preferences button, back to main menu button, the all-important skip button, and such.
- a CG Art Gallery. Everyone loves this and it looks like some people who tried the game want to see it too ;)

A wish of mine is that the backgrounds would match up to the awesomeness of the sprites. LOL

Nonetheless, thank you for creating the game! Despite those, I still had fun! I especially like the idea of adding voices and I'm so excited for that! I actually stumbled upon this since I knew one of the voice actors! :) I'm definitely getting the game's next release!

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