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Re: Signed X [rom-com][GxB][NaNoRenO 2013]

Posted: Wed Apr 17, 2013 10:18 pm
by lilyrose
This game by far was the funniest one I've played in a long time!!!!! I thought it was very cute and entertaining and at some points i was like ah no no no don't do that!!!! lmfao XD I was actually telling some of my friends about some of the stuff she did and they just looked at me VERY seriously and said "You told us you were one and an orginal." those meanie people anyways the game was very entertaining and i look forward to whatever you make in the future!!!!! :)

Re: Signed X [rom-com][GxB][NaNoRenO 2013]

Posted: Fri Apr 19, 2013 9:09 am
by facades!!

And again, I went straight to playing bestfriend Warren's path.
The part where he said
" You deserve someone who remembers where you sit and what flowers you like "
My heart just melted. Or I'd imagined that Marty's heart just melted.

I liked how you numbered her attempts to get Matt's attention, and I love your sense of humour.
The way Marty and Warren converse, they just seem to have such great chemistry. And it's really funny to watch them banter.
I also liked the part where the little boy said Marty was cute. That was so cute! He can accept anyone up to 30?! I'd like to meet that kid.
Your art is really nice too! Looking forward to playing more of your games!

Re: Signed X [rom-com][GxB][NaNoRenO 2013]

Posted: Mon Apr 22, 2013 6:15 pm
by Aseret
Just finished playing and it was so much fun :D
I already loved your dialogue and writing from summer found me. In Signed X, the scenarios and the things that happened were so spontaneous, it had me cracking up! I really loved all the characters, as well as main character and her crazy antics xD I think others have said this but the banter between Marty and Warren is so entertaining <3 It's such a light-hearted game and I loved the art and sprites too! The CGs were chibi and completely adorable <3 Even though I wished it was longer, it was a reallu fun game, and it was made in such a short time too :)

Re: Signed X [rom-com][GxB][NaNoRenO 2013]

Posted: Tue Apr 23, 2013 10:15 pm
by wayouthere
I enjoyed this game!
I got all 4 endings. (without cheats/hint/walk through) :mrgreen:

The dialogue was funny and creative, and the situations were typical for shougo manga.
I could relate to the main character, too much manga can really alter you...
I really like the "Wrong M" ending. Mathew is hilarious.
Plus when both when Vicky & Warren gave the rose Matt, they were really dramatic.

Re: Signed X [rom-com][GxB][NaNoRenO 2013]

Posted: Sat Apr 27, 2013 2:03 pm
by omgitstay
I absolutely loved this!!! <3333 The dialogue and the characters actions made me laugh out loud to myself so many times! This is an abseloute amazing and utter fantastic game ever!!!!! I ENDED UP DATING WARREN!!! YAY<3<3<3 I liked Warren from the beginning since he is so HOT&FUNNY! :D

Re: Signed X [rom-com][GxB][NaNoRenO 2013]

Posted: Sun Apr 28, 2013 10:03 am
by AeraMillenia
Erm,excuse me...This VN looked really good and I tried downloading it,but I keep getting an 'Unexpected End of Archive'.Am I doing something wrong?Could you please give me a different link?Sorry for bothering you.

Re: Signed X [rom-com][GxB][NaNoRenO 2013]

Posted: Sun Apr 28, 2013 11:40 am
by greenheartnellie
Aww this VN is so cute! I'm so glad it didn't take me long to finish all 4 :D And everything is so adorable! I'm not a fan of pink but everything is just so cute and sweet :)

My favorite ending among the 4 of them is the Not M.
Warren is really a nice and sweet. I wish I had a friend turned to boyfriend like that :) Somehow I found myself really touched by what he did in the Epilogue that it made me cry. I cry easily nowadays :lol: But I liked Warren so much :D

Re: Signed X [rom-com][GxB][NaNoRenO 2013]

Posted: Wed May 08, 2013 11:10 am
by Akuni
I really really enjoyed playing this. Something's I liked that you did was that the characters blinked while you talked to them, the highlight of the options, the transitions were cute too. I felt like it was programmed so well for two weeks you know.

I thought the story was cute and interesting I had fun playing it. The characters were great too~ Loved it \o/ The CGs were cute too ><

Re: Signed X [rom-com][GxB][NaNoRenO 2013]

Posted: Wed May 08, 2013 11:35 am
by Lire
First, i like your plot :wink:
Two, i like how you customize this game interface very much. 8)
Three, i like all your character. :D
Four, i like warren the most xP. :lol:

Re: Signed X [rom-com][GxB][NaNoRenO 2013]

Posted: Wed May 08, 2013 1:23 pm
by merdeamour
@GlassHeart - Did a review on this on my blog! ^^

Re: Signed X [rom-com][GxB][NaNoRenO 2013]

Posted: Mon May 13, 2013 5:51 pm
by ixWishing
This was a short, but super-duper cute story!
Hey, who doesn't want a cliched, shoujo manga romance? xD
And Matt's brother is like, just lol-worthy, haha.

Re: Signed X [rom-com][GxB][NaNoRenO 2013]

Posted: Fri May 24, 2013 7:56 pm
by Dawnfire
I was pretty disappointed in this game since I absolutely adore Summer Found Me. The art is a little bit strange (especially the main character's hairstyle) and it seemed rough around the edges. And the premise of a crazy heroine trying to set up a romantic scenario seemed pretty funny, but while some scenes were hilarious (especially Matt's little bro), the majority were pretty standard and not as funny as I was expecting. I mean, if you want crazy funny, then I was expecting some stuff waaaayyyyy more ridiculous and I thought you could have gone farther. The romances were a little contrived as well, and for one ending
(the Matt good ending)
I had to look for a walkthrough because I had no clue how to get it. It was a cute game with a cute premise, but I thought you could do way better, though I acknowledge the time constraints.

Re: Signed X [rom-com][GxB][NaNoRenO 2013]

Posted: Wed May 29, 2013 11:35 pm
by Virelai
This was a wonderful story. Just like your other story, Summer Found Me.
To be honest, I liked Summer found Me better. I felt it had more meaning heh.
But this one was done very well too! As usual, your art is superb, and the storyline may look plain and normal like any other rom-com, but the way you execute it makes it unique in it's own way. (Woah. Using fancy words hurrr ;])

In all seriousness, I would marry this VN. I would! I really really would! :3
It was amazing.~♥


Edit No. 2:
The backgrounds are so beautiful. I feel like I'm going to be sucked in by them. Did you draw them?

Edit No. 3:
Also, when changing scenery, the transition is really cool. It's like compressing into a heart. o;
I mean, the effects and transitions and cover page and tag and stuff are much cleaner, bright, and more beautiful than Summer found Me. Probably b/c this is a happier story? But still. I like the cleanliness. The (icon?) is really cute too.

Re: Signed X [rom-com][GxB][NaNoRenO 2013]

Posted: Thu May 30, 2013 4:20 am
by GlassHeart
Thank you everyone for commenting! Sorry I took so long in responding >.>
Tons-o-replies no jutsu:

I had a hard time writing some of the attempts since they are so silly and no person would actually do that. Or maybe they would? XD

Thank you!!!
That line was so cheesy wasn't it? It's always embarrassing for me to write cheesiness.
I'd like to have all the chars from Signed X as my friends. I'd be laughing every day.

Glad you liked it ^_^
I know it seemed short, but stretching the story out would only make it boring. I had a few ideas for more attempts, but I thought my ideas were getting out of hand.

Thanks :D
I don't actually read that much shoujo manga, so I hope I didn't offend any hardcore readers. *hides*

Wow! Thank you so much!! It's the blue highlight, isn't it? lol Go Warren!

I'm really sorry for the laaaate reply, I've changed the link in the mean time. It's now hosted on dropbox.

I didn't mean to make anyone cry, but I'm glad you liked it. If only that stuff happened in real life more often.

Thank you. I was inspired by other games that had blinking and more advanced programming so I tried adopting some of the features.

4 x Thank you.
Warren is so popular with the ladies. If only he knew.

Thanks! Matt's little brother should have been in the game more. I just love spunky little brats like that, maybe because I was such a quiet child. lol

I'm sorry you were disappointed. :(
In my defense SFM took me a year and a half while Signed X was done in 2 weeks. I'm not completely happy with the MC's hair, I'd never done that hairstyle before, but after seeing it so many times, I got used to it and didn't think of changing it after that.

I tried to keep the story at least semi-realistic since that's the style I'm comfortable with, I don't really do over-the-top stuff. It's probably hard since overly ridiculous stuff usually needs the visuals to back it up.

Did you find a walkthrough? Most people I've talked to didn't have a problem getting all the endings (I admit, the choices are for the most part pretty transparent) so I didn't think the game needed one.

Thank you. Well SFM was better story-wise. Its length allowed for a lot more evolution from the characters.

I didn't draw the backgrounds, they are just filtered photos, unfortunately.

Everything is cleaner because I got better at making the GUI? At least I hope so. The liberal amounts of pink also played a big part in making it bright and

Re: Signed X [rom-com][GxB][NaNoRenO 2013]

Posted: Thu Jun 06, 2013 12:04 pm
by IefaSan
Amazing game! I really enjoyed playing this game. I got all the endings.. and secretly hoping maybe a secret ending will appear out of nowhere... Haha..
But rather than trying to get Matt, my heart already fall for Warren when I first playing this game... Hahaha.. Guess I like this heroine-best friend relationship.. Same thing happened when I played Summer Found Me... Seth really caught my eyes first.. LOL

All of your games are amazing! I hope you don't stop making good games.... Ganbatteh ne! LOL