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Re: Starlit Sky

#46 Post by Gear » Thu Nov 29, 2012 7:06 pm

Your story was absolutely amazing. It's so rare when a story tears at my emotions like this one did. Your characters are multi-dimensional, from the main duo to everyone they meet along the way. Foreshadowing is excellent, and...I just don't know what to say. I truly loved this story, and you should be proud for creating something so amazing.
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Re: Starlit Sky

#47 Post by fathskie » Tue Mar 05, 2013 10:40 pm

I haven't finished it, I just at the Reese & Kareena end chapter.

I personally can't stand abusive husbands/ boyfriends and stupid women who stay foolishly loyal to their good-for-nothing men, and I can't forgive them for ANY reason. A DV person doesn't deserve happiness and all sane female who still have respect and love for THEMSELVES should pursue THEIR own happiness, and leave the good-for-nothing man and let him die in loneliness. Breaking my fingers then claims to still wanting to have a life together with me?? Pffft. Respect yourself, gals.

Okay I'm off to read more chapters now ^^


Ok I'm finished now,,

WoW that was some foreshadowing!! I totally didn't see that coming... I can't say anything other that job well done!! The writing is very nice! The coding (for layout design) could've been more costumized/ elegant,, but the story makes up for it ;)

*)EDIT 2

Sorry for my kinda harsh comment on the Katrina and Reese part... it's just that it's hard reading it when it's too close to home. Women indeed can be stupid and men indeed very vulnerable and yet super egoistical and arrogant. That's real life and if you can capture it... well, it's good, I think. Though I still disagree with such settings since it reminds me a lot of my parents. Too bad there's no witchcraft IRL.

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