Magical Majorette Drummer Garnet! Handsome Boy Blues! [RPG]

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Magical Majorette Drummer Garnet! Handsome Boy Blues! [RPG]

#1 Post by CheeryMoya » Sun Nov 03, 2013 6:25 pm


Someone is trying to take over Crystal Mall, but not if Garnet Rhee and Topaz can stop him. Can she figure out what’s on Peridot’s mind before it's too late?
Magical Majorette Drummer Garnet! Handsome Boy Blues! is what we hope will be the first episode in a new series of silly RPG-esque magical girl games. Episode 1 was originally made for Magical Girl Jam, and each episode will focus on one "villian" (there'll be at least 4 more games planned). HBB features Peridot Plum, a devilishly handsome young man who seems to be rather ticked off about something. Stop him before he does something bad!

Download the game from and make sure it says Magical Majorette Drummer Despite how short it is, we hope you like the game.

Writing and Programming - CheeryMoya and Funnyguts
Art - Chocojax and Mink
Music - Marc Straight
GUI - CheeryMoya, template by Leon Zavsek
Special Thanks - Leon Zavsek

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Re: Magical Majorette Drummer Garnet! Handsome Boy Blues! [R

#2 Post by trepiechick » Mon Nov 04, 2013 1:53 am

Here's what I've got so far:

Right away I noticed the backgrounds. While the story is the most important part of a VN in my opinion, the difference between the detail level of the character sprites and the background is rather jarring.

The story and gameplay could use some improvement. The different number of attacks are fun, but once you've exhausted them all, the battles quickly become monotonous. I would recommend shortening the battles down to maybe five turns at max per dialog waypoint after the initial fight sequence. Because the battle scenes are the main focus of the game, the story suffers. Take the battles out and you're left with maybe five minutes of plot. Maybe add more character development to take the place of the time spent in overlong fight scenes?

The GUI is difficult to navigate due to the bright colors on bright backgrounds; especially the white yes or no on the light gray background when saving and loading.

All right, I think that's it. The sprites are well done, and I enjoyed the musical jargon, though I was disappointed that Garnet wasn't a drum major (but that's just the band geek in me refusing to move on from high school). Being a sax player myself, I know the annoyance of a split reed and embouchure training all too well. Congrats on getting this finished!

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