OK! Lunches! [BxG, spin-off, free]

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OK! Lunches! [BxG, spin-off, free]

#1 Post by Clayton Barnett »

A second spin-off of our commercial flagship, OTChi Kocchi. Three weeks ago we released OK! Dinners! featuring the four main characters of our VN. This time around, the protagonist, Shirou, has a random encounter for lunch with four supporting characters...

The neurotic Noda...

Naughty Naruko...

The SunScripts Circle...

And the clueless & lost Manager...

At a mere 2100 words, this is just a pleasant little diversion to show everyone more of what we call the OKaverse. While there are fourteen more secondary characters, we're going to be a bit pressed for time in the next two months* so I'm unsure if there will be another OK! release as quickly as this one (although I confess the mental image I have of running into Aya and Mnemosyne in a bar sorely tempts me...).

And, two important announcements:
1. We have created Android builds for all six of our VNs! However, to provide the best possible experience for our players, we're still doing a bit more play testing. We hope to have them out next week!

*2. We've a booth in the Dealers Room at Ohayocon 2014! Thus, our main goal now is amassing capital to turn into merchandize in a timely and cost-efficient manner. This is central Ohio's largest animecon and as a local company with all-original work, we are hoping to make a splash with our Ren'Py visual novels! From attendee, to Panelist, to Dealer in three years...with Ren'Py with us, what can't we do?


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