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Re: Felix, Gaijin [First Non-English Ren'Py release]

Posted: Mon Oct 01, 2007 10:01 am
by Dennis
Hello people!

Sorry, I have been very busy with other projects, so I didn't have time to reply earlier.

So thanks Chris for stepping in. I think you answered most of it...

The translation is postponed for some time (as I'm busy) - so, don't wait for it, just be positively surprised when it's happened one day :)

Thanks people for all the feedback. Since my main responsibility was the story, it's good for me to get some criticism on it. I agree that it's somehow a bit too tame. In my next projects, I'll try to put in more action - i.e. physical action or more suspense or more exciting dialogues. I'm actually a fan of movies where not really much is happening (Before Sunrise, Garden State and the like), but which still are very exciting to watch, by means of quirky characters, lively dialogue exchanges, etc.

As for the motivation: Why to do this in a university project? Well, because there's no time otherwise. So, I'm always looking for the possibility to do things in a course that I'd otherwise do in my free time). Or, the other way round: Try to make use of courses and do something meaningful there. Something that's not just for the grades. Well, I think Chris said that already :)

Re: Felix, Gaijin [First Non-English Ren'Py release]

Posted: Sun Nov 06, 2011 10:27 am
by cosmo
There is a short review about Felix Gaijin in a German article about Ren'Py. More in English here: ... =4&t=12561