Demon Add [Otome/ Crack/ Fun?]

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Re: Demon Add [Otome/ Crack/ Fun?]

#31 Post by rmt_2011 » Sun May 10, 2015 7:42 pm

Oh goodness this was hilarious and soo weird XD
I'm pretty sure I got all the endings...well I chose all the options available anyway... Did I miss something or was the 666-5 never shown?

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Re: Demon Add [Otome/ Crack/ Fun?]

#32 Post by Lehst » Tue Mar 01, 2016 10:07 am

omigosh this is hilarious and pretty dang good for something that was essentially slapped together.
(but even quick games like this can be a lot of work.)

I've only gone thru twice now and I'm dying of laughter. Its definitely fun making a lot of choices, as stupid sounding as they are XDD but the sillyness is part of it's charm.

This game rocks.

spoiler comments ahead:
You totally got me with the dang lucky number box. XDD
and I like stupid endings where you don't enter the story like you are supposed to and get an "end" right away lol. heck even Otomate's Code Realize did that!
my next ending was ending F "we chatted and I think I'm forgetting something" yeah.. like the sex?!? hahahahah!!!"
and lastly I want to say that even though I didn't click them (yet) the running gag of choices where you can just hump everything really cracked me up. I'm a little scared to click on them but I will be brave (eventually?!) XDDD

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