VA-11 Hall A [Cyberpunk Bartender Action] [Updated to v1.1!]

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VA-11 Hall A [Cyberpunk Bartender Action] [Updated to v1.1!]

#1 Post by FamuFamu » Tue Mar 11, 2014 3:53 am

We got pumped up after our last game, so we decided to participate on the Cyberpunk Jam and here's our entry.



In this world corporations dominate everything, humans are infected with nanomachines that oppress them and the terrifying White Knights make sure laws are abided.

But this is not about any of them.

You are Gillian, a bartender at VA-11 Hall A, affectionately nicknamed "Valhalla". A small bar downtown that catches the attention of the most interesting kinds of people. Attend your client's wishes and you'll be able to listen to their most interesting tales.


Pretty simple, people ask you for a drink and you must pick how much of each ingredient and how to mix it before serving it. Getting the drink right, altering it or even failing nets you different conversations.

You even have access to the jukebox, letting you change the bgm at will.


It might sound pretentious, but I'd rather let you know them by yourselves and let you judge them, here's a pic of all of them though.


A robot girl



A Cyborg gun-for-hire



A Hacker



Writing/Programming: Ironic Lark (Yours Truly)
Art: Kiririn51
Music: Garoad
We are using a Name Your Price model. This, of course, means you can get the game for free, but any support is appreciated.

We are also thinking on using the feedback to polish the game and add new features for a full revised release, news on that later of course.

And as always, any feedback, comments, bug report or typo report is welcome.


We've updated the game with new features and minor adjustments to the sprites.
New in v1.1

-Added 2-bit, detailed and default modes for sprites
-You can now toggle the scanlines
-Added drag and drop controls
-Jukebox now available from the options menu

We've also started pre-orders for the full game. With only $5 you'll be able to pre-order it and get access to alpha and beta versions of development! It's all available on the same link above

We also have a devblog if you want to keep track of changes and such.

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Re: VA-11 Hall A [Cyberpunk Bartender Action] [Updated to v1.1!]

#2 Post by Slowrider8 » Fri Dec 08, 2017 3:22 pm

Woah, looking cool guys! I see this post is a little old, so how's progress? Ya know what's popular lately - streamers. You should add some kind of streaming character. And since you work at a cool bar, you should have a cool boss as well. I don't like the choice of "Gillian" as the main character though, sounds like kind of a loser.

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