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I, Miku [comedy][identity][vocaloid][Nano2014]

Posted: Wed Apr 02, 2014 12:01 am
by arachni42

Download 1.0b here: ... FhNMTNEVFE

It is a dark and stormy night bright and sunny day in a typical Japanese high school, Tipakaru High, when a mysterious transfer student tentatively introduces herself. ZOMG, is that… the famous idol singer, Appuru Miku?? The one whose warm green eyes and hair captivate the world! In the flesh!
But… who is she really? Is she a genki girl? Tsundere? Is she smart? Baka? Weak? Strong? Is she the magical girl that will save the world? The servant who will win the grail? The slider the Haruhi fans have been waiting for?? A piece of software??? (Aw, c’mon, this is just getting ridiculous!)
Is she… all of those things?
Or nothing at all?

This is a crossover story using figure photography for sprites.
Resolution: 1280x720
~6k words
~20 characters
exactly 3 endings
0 CGs, although there are some special effects with lots of stars.

Main character
Miku — She is everybody’s idol:
Minor characters Guest stars
The game is generally complete, although there are some things that lack polish due to the deadline. I plan to release an updated version in a couple of weeks. I also welcome any feedback and will incorporate anything I can. Proofreading is also needed.

Re: I, Miku [comedy][identity][vocaloid][Nano2014]

Posted: Fri Apr 04, 2014 6:50 pm
by unknown5
dl'ed. looking forward to playing with your nendos this weekend. ^_^

Re: I, Miku [comedy][identity][vocaloid][Nano2014]

Posted: Sun Apr 06, 2014 1:44 pm
by nctolu
Now, I honestly didn't think much of the game while downloading it, but when I started playing, I actually quite enjoyed it. I thought the use of the little figurines was a clever idea. It was a bit confusing at times, what with me not being too familiar with where all the characters were from, but other than that, I really like it. The story was nice, and it made me chuckle at times. It was a really good balance between basically everything. Great job on the release.

Re: I, Miku [comedy][identity][vocaloid][Nano2014]

Posted: Mon Apr 07, 2014 1:00 pm
by unknown5
heheh, fun story! loved twgok parody. graphics were bright and clean. thank god there was no mention of chaos or complexity theory since you'd end up with dinosaurs running amok biting nendos' heads off. -_-" but the puns were un*bear*able and just *grizzly*. i got the *canon* end. luckily it wasn't *kodiak* or *polar*oid. nvm, my puns suck. loved the bad ending. was that saber's popsicle under the table? these comments r kinda random.

Re: I, Miku [comedy][identity][vocaloid][Nano2014]

Posted: Tue Apr 08, 2014 8:40 pm
by arachni42
Thanks for the feedback... I'm glad to hear people are enjoying it! It was definitely tricky to balance references with things that would actually make sense to people who hadn't seen those series... I've also gotten feedback that some of the transitions between scenes are a little sudden, so I'll try to smooth those things out when I update this. Thankfully none of the puns have sent anyone into kodiak arrest. 8)

Honestly, I don't remember which figure the popsicle came from. Pretty sure it wasn't Saber, though.

*edit* I believe the popsicle was Kaito's... but he wasn't in the game, so we'll just say it's Saber's (but which one?!?!).

Re: I, Miku [comedy][identity][vocaloid][Nano2014]

Posted: Wed Apr 09, 2014 2:52 am
by Dread Lord
Congratulations! You have done great work...far greater in fact than at least one other fan project I might name...

You deserve the highest praise for actually taking the time and effort involved to finish your work! Believe me when I say that this sort of VN has been a long time coming.

And...maybe...just maybe your FINISHED work maybe just the poke in the eye those worthless procrastinating otaku bums of that site need to wake up from their collective comas and finish up their own Slider venued VN now without going through another 5+ years filled with more procrastinating lies than meaningful updates! ;)

They are a few of quality dwelling in the shadows of that lonely forgotten site who patiently await the rebirth of a hero of your protagonist's potential...You are the long awaited champion prophecy eh-...march on to finish this for all of us who have waited patiently for a Slider-centric story. Prod them in their backsides with sharp pointy narrative sticks in their eye sockets as soon as you become the undisputed Slider weight Champion of the Haruhian crossover-esque world! Here's the link how:

Shock-jab them back to life for all of us! Shame them with the light of your awesome artwork, scripting, editing, and writing Slider powers! I don't mind helping! I have a lot of ideas for story, background, world-building, plot, you name it! I'm not so good at artistry and don't have any direct experience but I'm willing to help out if you want to get involved with this!

Anywhoo, that craziness about procrastinating otaku and their zombiefied fan project aside, I very much love the bright light hearted tone of its art and characters of YOUR VN. The little I've seen of it so far is very good. I especially like the fact that you offered the option for your protagonist to actually be a lot more Sanguine in personality to round out the others in the SOS Brigade (yes, even Haruhi herself who wears it like a mask to color her Choleric nature). The goodnatured Sanguine idealist Slider spirit character always felt like it was missing from the show canon cast. A hole now after many years finally filled to the tune of vocaloid.

So many thanks to you for creating this VN. I eagerly look forward to you crossing the finish line and releasing it to us! In the meantime, best of luck on all the spit and polishing going on behind the scenes now and remember that we are all cheering for you on the sidelines for the moment you win the race!

Re: I, Miku [comedy][identity][vocaloid][Nano2014]

Posted: Wed Apr 09, 2014 5:35 am
by helenburns
Thank you for creating this game. I am an ardent fan of Vocaloid and am pleased to see a beautifully crafted Vocaloid game on this website. It is a cute game and I love the character of Hatsune Miku. She has a good design and I love her character too. By the time I finish this game, my heart has been enveloped with a feeling of fondness for the Vocaloid songs of the past, like Mothy's Seven Deadly Sins series. It is truly a nostalgic feeling and I miss it so.