Autumn's Journey [Fantasy][Friendship][Otome] +artbook

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Autumn's Journey [Fantasy][Friendship][Otome] +artbook

#1 Post by KittyKatStar »

Aahh, after ten thousand years, I'm free. It's time to conquer earth release a cute VN.


Borrowing inspiration from Deji’s fantasy world of Ishtera, the story takes place there. Ishtera is populated by two races: dragonkind, who have lived there for eons, and the heavenkind who have recently appeared.

Auralee, an inspiring knight from the farming town of Berri, stumbles upon something unexpected during one of her patrols. After a rather inelegant introduction, Kerr states he's really an Earth Dragon - one of the mystical beasts that inhabit their world, Ishtera. Whether he likes it or not, Auralee is now involved in his mission to regain his dragon form. Along with some help by a fellow dragonkind named Ilmari, their journey begins...

A simple VN about friendship, growth and understanding, we hope it’s as warm and comforting as apple cider.

- 41 000 words (roughly an hour playthrough)
- Partial voice acting (similar to Fire Emblem: Awakening)
- 3 endings
- Tons of cuteness!

Windows, Mac and Linux version are all available here

You can download the art book here for a price of $0+. ^_^v
Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 6.41.33 PM.png
Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 6.22.01 PM.png
Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 6.19.41 PM.png
Concept: Felipe Morano, Deji
Art and CGs: Deji
Chibi Art: Nellie
BGs: Morishita, Sche, Deji
GUI: Deji, Nellie
Script: KittyKatStar
Coding and Editing: Arowana
Voice Acting: Michelle Rojas as Auralee, Tim Morris as Kerr, Peter Gerkman as Ilmari
Ending Song: "Thank You" by Jason Chen (produced by Smash Hitta)

Walkthrough added!

For Kerr
- Ask if he's hungry
- Tease him
- Talk to Kerr
Accept the following quests: Aviterral feathers, honey-glazed apple tarts, save the chickens!
It should open up "Ilmari is a good friend, Kerr is..."
For Ilmari
- Confess you want to touch his ears
- Accept for a bit
- Check on Ilmari
Accept the following quests: Go fishin', INTENSE RESCUE MISSION, Gather 5 Nightshades
It should open up "Kerr is a good friend, Ilmari is..."
For Friendship
Basically just pick "both are wonderful friends" however - depending on whether you get Ilmari's reading scene, or Kerr's wrestling scene, there will be minor changes. So the friendship ending has 2 minor variations.
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Re: Autumn's Journey [Fantasy] [Friendship][Otome]

#2 Post by MaiMai »

Sudden release from a highly anticipated VN after my finals are over? PERFECT.

I will definitely download and play, thank you guys for this!
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Re: Autumn's Journey [Fantasy] [Friendship][Otome]

#3 Post by Ran08 »

Oh my, it does look cute! :) Haha. Downloading right now~

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Re: Autumn's Journey [Fantasy][Friendship][Otome]

#4 Post by 15385bic »

i've just finished it T^T <-- tears because i want to know more

will there be a sequel in the future? QAQ?
the writing was good~
the art was great
and now the jason derulo encore song is playing in my head

You're so amazing remember the time
Just thinking about you, gives me butterflies
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You can save the bell 'cause I want you now
Baby, hit me with an encore

I want some more, I want some more
I want some more, baby hit me with an encore
I want some more, I want some more
I want some more, baby hit me with an encore
An encore, an encore

no i'm serious - hit me with an encore ~ ;P

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Re: Autumn's Journey [Fantasy][Friendship][Otome]

#5 Post by Cafechan »

I'm a huge fan of Deji's art! Looks gorgeous, I can't wait to play this. I will be sure to post my thoughts once I've had a chance to peruse it.

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Re: Autumn's Journey [Fantasy][Friendship][Otome]

#6 Post by jack_norton »

Congrats on the release! :)
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Re: Autumn's Journey [Fantasy][Friendship][Otome]

#7 Post by Donmai »

No doubt the most awaited project from last year's NaNoRenO. Congratulations!
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Re: Autumn's Journey [Fantasy][Friendship][Otome]

#8 Post by Broodelin »

Congrats about releasing the final product! It looks really awesome, and I'll be sure to play it once finals are over. :)

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Re: Autumn's Journey [Fantasy][Friendship][Otome]

#9 Post by Deji »

Thank you guys!
This took way too long, haha :'D But hey, we had lots of fun with it ^___^

We hope you'll have fun playing it too! It's short, sweet and cavity inducing, we're told x'D
Let us know if you enjoyed it :D

Also, I'm going to try to finish the art booklet thingie by next weekend!
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Re: Autumn's Journey [Fantasy][Friendship][Otome]

#10 Post by Corsa »

Thanks for making this game~I really love it!The art and music is beautiful,plus the story is sweet too.I get all the three endings and the characters that I like the most is Kerr.I really wish that there's a sequel for this~~

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Re: Autumn's Journey [Fantasy][Friendship][Otome]

#11 Post by mille-crêpe »

Congrats on the release~ ^^ I lost sleep playing this game last night, haha! Although the website suggests that one playthrough is roughly an hour long, I think I took double that time because I wanted to savour every bit of the game.

It was incredibly enjoyable, I loved the theme of friendship, and I also think the ending was satisfying (though I'm also curious about a sequel). The only thing that bothers me was maybe the writing in the middle of the game
where they were completing missions, because it was all summarized and the pace of the game just suddenly shifted
. Otherwise, the writing, art, and music were all A++. Anyways, great work!

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Re: Autumn's Journey [Fantasy][Friendship][Otome]

#12 Post by Googaboga »

Looks amazing guys. Congrats on the release. I can't wait to try it out C:.

Also yay for friendship ;v;.
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Re: Autumn's Journey [Fantasy][Friendship][Otome]

#13 Post by KittyKatStar »

mille-crêpe wrote:
where they were completing missions, because it was all summarized and the pace of the game just suddenly shifted
Good catch. That was during the nano deadline and we were trying to find a way to show time passing. 6 individual chapters would probably be too much, so it was a quick way to summarize events + cute chibis. I guess the best way would have been scrapping it entirely... and just jump to the next Kerr or Ilmari scene. ^^;
Thanks so much for the feedback!

In case anyone was wondering, the writing itself stuck to the nano deadline. The only thing that was added throughout the year were a few extra CGs and all of the backgrounds. I think backgrounds took... 7 months to complete, and that was *after* we saved up enough money to hire Mori (2-4 months?).

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Re: Autumn's Journey [Fantasy][Friendship][Otome]

#14 Post by Rainbow Colors »

Ahhh, it was absolutely wonderful. >u>

Congratulations on releasing it~ ouo
(A sequel sure sounds nice.)

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Re: Autumn's Journey [Fantasy][Friendship][Otome]

#15 Post by AnimeSeaHorse »

This was amazing! I loved it so much!!! I'm hoping there will be a sequel to it XD

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