Forget-Me-Not [BxB, Slice of life, Drama]

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Re: Forget-Me-Not [BxB, Slice of life, Drama]

#16 Post by xiaomao » Sun Aug 24, 2014 5:30 am

xiaomao of 14 Nights, that's me! So glad to hear you like my comic!

So, I got ending #2, which I'm gonna assume is the best ending. I'll admit I may have choked up a little bit at then end ;u; Overall the story was really sweet but also substantial. I felt that I really came to know the characters by the end. Obviously lots of love was put into all the characters, not just the two main boys. The heavy subjects were dealt with sensitively but not in a Very Special Episode kind of way, they just felt like real stuff that happens to real people.
Actually I can really relate to Emmet not wanting to talk to his father, as I cut off communication with my father years ago. I know that feeling of being obligated to talk to someone you have no respect for, not knowing what to say to them, being highly aware that they aren't suffering any consequences from their bad actions, etc. You captured that really well.
I didn't notice any spelling grammar mistakes because I can't even notice my own spelling/grammar mistakes. I'm pretty much useless as a proofreader.

I also noticed the two Rogers thing during the snow scene.

Um, what else? Loved the art, great style that really matched the tone of the story.

I guess my only disappointment is that it's free and I can't throw some money at you!

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Re: Forget-Me-Not [BxB, Slice of life, Drama]

#17 Post by Boniae » Sun Aug 24, 2014 6:41 pm

@ Genod:
Oh wow, thanks for playing I want 2 be single too! Haha their such different games, it makes me happy that you've enjoyed this too, despite not playing a BxB game before! :D
Thank you for writing your thoughts!

@ ShippoK:
Hahaha, I'm glad you enjoyed it! ;^D
Haven't heard anything about the music room bug before, (but I'm aware of the Roger thing) so I'll probably update the download links later in the week. (and crossing my fingers those are the last of the bugs!)

omFG im cackling,,
when I was writing that half of me was like, "wow I wonder how many people ship emmett and roger from that scene?? too bad because im not writing an ending for them LMFAO"
Thank you so much for your thoughts and critique!! I'm so glad you played it, because I remember you were interested in it in the WIP thread so I'm like yayyyy!!

@ ppppantsu:
AhhH thank you for playing!! Sooooo glad you enjoyed it!!! ;w;
*gives you a plate of cookies for your feels* Teehee, sorry about that!!! :'^DD

LMAO, Michael may not look like it but he knows how to win hearts...he's all like "I don't get why I'm popular?? ^^;" but it's just a bluff to hide his true power.....

Thank you for takin the time to write this all out!!!

@ xiaomao:
I'm so glad, thank you for writing all this! (especially coming from you it's an honor!! haha) I was really worried about having to portray some of the subjects in there, but so far they seem to be pretty well received. :)

Thank you for playing and sharing your thoughts! ;___;

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Re: Forget-Me-Not [BxB, Slice of life, Drama]

#18 Post by ludeshka » Mon Aug 25, 2014 4:05 pm

I'm so, so glad to see this game finally released.

I follow you on both Deviantart and Tumblr, and I've seen how hard you worked on this!
I've seen some little spelling mistakes, I attach one I found during Route number2, and also the case of the Multiple Rogers. (I made that same mistake a dozen times, myself >_<)
The traceback is from one instance when the game crashed while I was trying to save BUT! This happened only once, and rollback let me fix it.

It's been really interesting to follow Emmett and Michael. I like how the characters surprised me, how they weren't predictable.
I got ending 2, but I'm really looking forward to see what happens on the other endings.
Your art was lovely (I absolutely adored the ending with all the little sketches!
And that creepy sequence with Michael thinking about Emmet
Even though I beat it once, I have like a bazillion of cgs to unlock! There's really a lot to discover in this game.

Thank you for sharing it with us!
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Re: Forget-Me-Not [BxB, Slice of life, Drama]

#19 Post by euphorics » Tue Aug 26, 2014 3:21 am

OH MAN. oh mannnnn where do I even start ;______; it took me a while to get around to playing this, so sorry for the late review but. TOO MANY FEELS AUGHUGH
I got Ending #2,
kind of afraid to try again because hOLY FRICK what if I make a wrong choice and something.. really bad happens to Michael omg cry
Guess I'll start from the beginning!! Or at least from after the demo -- I really liked the art style of the sprites, BGs, CGs etc; everything fit together really well and fit the theme/story really well too. * v * The GUI was simple but really nice and fitting; it did its job while looking great basically, haha. I really like how the music room is structured; it's great that the credit for artists is pretty central, and you even give us the album cover and name. Your music choices were super interesting!! Honestly didn't expect them; actually listening to the music room as I'm typing this rn lolol, my favorites so far might be from the Yukiai no Sora album and Cuori Nel Vento~~ They're all great though and fit the mood really well!!
As for the plot/characters, OHMAN. Just going to put this all under spoiler lol;;;
ughhhh. ughhhhhhh I DONT EVEN KNOW HOW TO BEGIN DESCRIBING HOW I FEEL RIGHT NOW. obviously I cried at the end, I WAS SCREAMING AT EMMETT TO GO ON, GO SAVE MICHAEL, IF YOU DONT MOVE RIGHT THIS INSTANT YOUNG MAN i will crash into this game somehow and make you ohmygod-
but yeah I had a really bad feeling when Michael was like "I'm cheating on you" because it just.. IT JUST FELT WRONG. Because obviously Michael wouldn't cheat on Emmett, and judging from his self-hate and depression and just- it obviously felt like he was just pushing Emmett away again, except this time in a much more extreme way because something terrible had happened. The bits from Michael's POV were.. this is really corny haha but they were really heart-wrenching? I really liked the CGs/images when he was thinking about Emmett, even though it made it even more painful ahrhghghhg. But it just felt like you weren't just hearing his thoughts, you were literally seeing things from his point of view too? Like everything's crashing down, he can't even see straight, can't think clearly -- it was really, really great.
For the Roger scene!! omg, absolutely didn't expect that LOLOLO WHAT EVEN. it was kind of cute and I'll admit, I'd ship RogerxEmmett HAHA.... it was kind of sad that Emmett just left him like that, not even a 'Thank you' or anything; but it's understandable given the situation he's in. The scene where Emmett is at Skyy's house, reaching for the alcohol -- that was really terrifying because I could easily see Skyy giving in, maybe "just this once," and just.. I don't know, everything spiraling downhill for Emmett too? Also because I've kind of been through a similar situation (friend drinking in high school) and it's really.. scary, idk. It's hard to describe but that was a pretty raw moment, arhghghh.

And finally the last scene, ohgod. Ohmannnnnnnn. I don't think there's much else I can say other than that I cried a lot, I was so scared for Michael, I was preparing myself for.. well, yeah, and I was worried Emmett wouldn't get there in time or Michael would become agitated and y'know, do it anyway and aGRGHH I COULD CRY AND DID AT THE END OUT OF RELIEF OMG. Even though it wouldn't have been realistic, I almost hoped for a fluffy "everything's going to be ok now" ending because I feel like there might be a repeat in the future, omg ;_____; So it was kind of bittersweet and made me cry even more buckets haha, but I liked that you made this decision; it's also kind of comforting, in a way, to think that Emmett knows this isn't the end? To not be content and think that everything's ok now? Because that means he'd watch out for Michael still, and keep trying to find out more about him, and pay attention to signs etcetc.

This is becoming super disorganized ahaha, but CHARACTERSS. Gosh, Emmett's mom is so so great ;_____;; I'm really glad that we got to see a bit more about her; the scene where she advises Emmett is really really great. And although it was worrying, I actually liked that Emmett didn't just pour everything out to her -- it keeps the responsibility on himself, which.. I'm not sure is the best thing to do logically, but it was the most realistic thing that could have happened? So it was pretty refreshing, even though at the same time I was like "ARGHHH EMMETT I'M SURE YOUR MOM DOESN'T CARE IF YOU LIKE A GUY, IT'S MORE IMPORTANT THAT MICHAEL GETS HELP OMGGMOGM"
I also liked Skyy!! I wish I could have seen more about her, but I understand that the game's already pretty long as it is u v u And in a way it kind of makes sense, psychologically? Like as soon as Michael enters Emmett's world it's all about him; so from Emmett's point of view, he'd think about Michael a lot more. It was a bit strange that Jose sort of just disappeared after the beginning, but I'm not going to complain because there was enough drama as it is, haha orz (not that it's a bad thing!!! Just would make me feel even worse for Emmett and Michael, having to go through so much ;___;;; )
Roger was also lovable yesssss.

Overall you dealt with a lot of really sensitive topics (like whoa, there was.. a whole lot more than I'd expected ack) and honestly it was.. painful to go through? Definitely not in a bad way, but just. UGH. Like the alcohol thing I mentioned earlier, I think you touch on a lot of experiences that people might be able to relate to/would strike a nerve kinda, which is honestly really amazing already. Yet you also handle these realistically, which is even more painful hAHA, but also that much more amazing.
Sorry this is super incoherent and rambly and REALLY REALLY LONG ackkk, BUT TL;DR THAT WAS REALLY GREAT, EVERYTHING FIT WELL AND NOW I HAVE A LOT OF FEELS THAT IDK WHAT TO DO WITH UGH. Will probably give the other endings a try later - would you maybe consider putting up a walkthrough at some point..? ; v ;;
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Re: Forget-Me-Not [BxB, Slice of life, Drama]

#20 Post by Merii-san » Thu Sep 11, 2014 5:31 am

I played demo and waited for the full game. And now here it is! :D
Game is really amazing! I love it and every thing about it. Thank you very much for this game, for great time it granted me and for the pleasent memories of story, characters, art, music... (yeah, I really love every thing about this game :D )

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Re: Forget-Me-Not [BxB, Slice of life, Drama]

#21 Post by Minisuttonfoster » Fri Sep 12, 2014 9:09 pm

I LOVE this VN!!!! It has by far the best story and characters! I cried and I laughed and I just loved it! And Michael and Emmett are so cute! Amazing... Just amazing...

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Re: Forget-Me-Not [BxB, Slice of life, Drama]

#22 Post by sunaro » Sun Sep 14, 2014 5:30 am

The feel train hits you without warning. This vn is one of my favorites, thanks for giving me the chance to enjoy it. Trust issues were never that easy. I have some serious trust issues just like Emmett, and Michael, well, I understand why he hates himself. I hate myself as well, so we have something in common. At least Michael has Emmett who made him open up his eyes. Emmett is Michael's ray of sunshine. It's like they complete each other. I wish I had Emmett too. So lonely, hng, sigh. I loved the ost, it's brilliant. Also, is there a walkthrough or a guide to get all the endings?

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Re: Forget-Me-Not [BxB, Slice of life, Drama]

#23 Post by Lyriale » Sun Sep 14, 2014 11:52 pm

Okay. Like. OMAIGOD. I played this game yesterday and I'm still not over it.
Let me just tell you how amazingly awesome and phantabulous this game is, because IT IS. The overall feel actually reminded me of Juno (even though the story and everything else is miles away from Juno), but Juno is my favorite movie for a reason, and it seemed very fitting to compare the VN to that. (I'm not making any sense here am I?) The art, is very soft on the eyes and I enjoyed the warm colors (though tbh I prefer the art from the demo, but that's not important). The story is actually right down my alley since I love stories bout self-destruction and recovery, but again, I digress. Your writing style pleases me very much, it's not too complicated, but it's not completely plain, there are some parts of the dialogue I skipped (mainly scenes with the mom), but all in all, it was very good.
That paragraph probably hasn't captured all my "feels", I don't think any amount of words can tell you what I'm feeling since it's just too much. But the story will stay in my heart for a very long time, so thank you.

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Re: Forget-Me-Not [BxB, Slice of life, Drama]

#24 Post by Aurehan » Thu Sep 18, 2014 4:11 pm

Okay, so I just finished my first run through of this game and ohmigahd my emotions are so complex right now..
I got ending #2 which
I assume is probably one of the better endings, if not, the best?

First of all, I loved all of the characters. Michael and Emmett are my forever ship. My OTP. Emmett's personality was very entertaining and it made his interactions with everyone else kind of comical okay. Skyy honestly fit him perfectly as a friend and I could definitely see them going through a lot of hurdles together. Michael, though... man did that ending put things in perspective for me.

I'm honestly not the sharpest, so some of the things that I should have picked up on I didn't! When Michael finally explains getting sexually harassed by the coach, I was floored and the entire game until then suddenly made so much freaking sense like oh my god how did I not even catch that??!! It's probably just my personality, but it really affected me! Needless to say, I sobbed like a lot!! Poor Michael omg and he was having all of these problems and trying to go everything alone because he hated himself like oh my god please let me hold you (or Emmett w/e) no one deserves to be treated that way Jesus. I totally understand what it's like to feel that way and man... I feel like the topic was handled pretty well and the ending was both emotionally draining (I was getting nervous with the text message oh man then things happened//faints) and touching for me.

BUT ANYWAY. At the part when Roger kissed Emmett, I had to go back and make sure that I was reading what I was reading. A few times, actually, I just went back a few lines and re-read what was going on! I mean, I saw some kind of connection between them, but since they never really spoke that much and the fact that Emmett couldn't even remember Roger's name and the mention of him being Skyy's mortal enemy or something fooled me into thinking that the guy totally had a crush on Skyy! Boy was I wrong?? Truth be told, I would ship them together any day, though. I felt kind of bad for him, but I guess that's just what happens?? lol.
Man, I had a lot more stuff that I wanted to say but I guess the overall message I wanted to convey is that it was a good game and although I don't think my feels can handle it, I'll definitely be going in for another play through! Thanks for the game and congrats on the release!
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Re: Forget-Me-Not [BxB, Slice of life, Drama]

#25 Post by Fenrir34 » Thu Sep 18, 2014 6:37 pm

I love this game. I do. The writing, the art, the characters....everything is perfect. Few glitches, but nothing that made the story unplayable :) . The only thing I didn't like was the percent bar and how it told the player how far along you were. The reason is every time I saw it, I'd scream because I was closer to finish the game XD. I was like "Nooo! It can't be done yet!" Favorite character is Emmet, but I do love Michael. His story had some really sad moment in it. Anyway, good job with this. I really liked playing it and it gave me a good afternoon :mrgreen:

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Re: Forget-Me-Not [BxB, Slice of life, Drama]

#26 Post by zokushi » Thu Sep 25, 2014 7:31 am

Help :(

No matter what I do I only seem to get Ending #1. I swear I've tried every combination of answers -sighs-

Not that I want a BAD ending mind you .. but everyone says they love ending 2 and 3 so.. I wanna see them too :_(

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Re: Forget-Me-Not [BxB, Slice of life, Drama]

#27 Post by Dawnfire » Sun Sep 28, 2014 10:20 pm

What a WONDERFUL, truly groundbreaking visual novel. It touched on so many big issues that most VN's don't tackle, and it did it well. It was totally realistic and believable. They were two likable, flawed, and really human characters that pulled you into the story. The plots and dialogue all rang true and went beyond the superficial to get at the real heart of many issues that teenagers, and maybe people in general, face. Major props for all of the writing in this. My criticisms would be that
Skyy seems to have problems that never get shared, and seems a little underdeveloped, and the Roger-liking-Emmett thing really came out of left field and felt untrue.
On top of that, I really liked the art. The sprites definitely surpassed the CGs, but it was a very smooth and well-made game. There were a few glitches pointed out by other users, like the multiple Rogers, but gameplay was overall great.

I made it through all three endings (2, then 1, then 3), and
the third one was balm for my heartbreak.
But I love that the road isn't easy in any of them, even if some scenarios are worse than others. Plus, the complexity of the narrative prevented the usual
"love cures depression" and "love helps you overcome anything" and other false tropes about mental illness.
Basically? I. AM. SUCH. A. FAN. And unwanted as this may be, I will write or proofread or whatever you want whenever you desire. I honestly would be honored and thrilled to work with you in any capacity.

Anyway, great job!
Writer/editor with native English skills and a bachelor's. Back after a longtime hiatus. Message if interested.

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Re: Forget-Me-Not [BxB, Slice of life, Drama]

#28 Post by Boniae » Sun Oct 05, 2014 8:13 pm

Oh gosh, I've got so many replies and I'm sorry I haven't responded to them in so long! I've been a bit busy with things but rest assured an update with a fixed version is coming out soon.

I also just want to say that each and every one of your comments make me so happy, thank you all for playing!

@ ludeshka: Thank you soooo much for playing, hearing that you've enjoyed it makes me really glad since I look up to your art and VNs so much!!! ;o; Thank you for telling me about the typos and uploading traceback, I will definitely fix these things! :D

@ euphorics: oooHH my GOSH euphorics you're always so sweet and I'm also super thankful for your help with the proofreading!! ahhHHHH thANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR COMMENTS...omg, your lovely for typing all that out!! I'm glad it wasn't too painful but still enjoyable! Thank you sosososo much for playing, I'm so glad you enjoyed it, you're so wonderful!!! ; o ;

@ Merii-san: Thank you so much for waiting for the full release! I'm so glad you enjoyed it, thank you so much for leaving your feedback!!! :^D

@ Minisuttonfoster: I'm so glad you enjoyed it, thank you so much for leaving your comments!!!

@ sunaro: Thank you so much for leaving your feedback, wow, it's such a big compliment to hear that it's one of your favorites! Also, if you're looking for a walkthrough it's over here! (sorry for such a late reply!)

@ Lyriale: Omg, thank you for the feedback, you're so wonderful! ;o; To hear that the VN will stay in your heart means so much to me, thank you for playing!!
(Haha oh man Juno, that's a good movie! And actually, comparing it to a movie isn't weird at all since I was watching a lot of indie movies when I was writing FMN. :'^D)

@ Aurehan: Wow, thank you so much for your feedback! (To hear that they're your OTP is like OMG THAT MAKES ME HAPPY HAHA///) I hope that it wasn't too draining for you, but I'm glad you were able to enjoy it! Thank you sososo much for playing! :'^)))

@ Fenrir34: Haha thank you so much for the feedback, thank you for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it!!! :D

@ zokushi: So sorry for such a late reply, but yes, I have a walkthrough up here if your still interested! Thank you for playing!

@ Dawnfire: Omg, your comment is such a huge compliment! I feel you on the criticisms on that part
(with Roger it was a little sudden, and unfortunately skyy does get left out compared to emmett/michael with the characterization)
I'm so glad you enjoyed the game, thank you so much for playing!

And wow, thanks for the offer! I will probably be doing more stuff in the future, so I'll be sure to let you know if something comes up! :D

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Re: Forget-Me-Not [BxB, Slice of life, Drama]

#29 Post by KashyaCharsi » Sun Oct 19, 2014 9:00 pm

I am not particularly sharp either, especially not about emotions and relationships, but
I thought Michael's "cheating" happened when he harassed Roger, it just seemed to click together. I felt more sympathetic to Michael when I found out he took his coach harassing him for his fault, but I don't understand why he had to rough Roger up? Doesn't he love Emmett? :(

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Re: Forget-Me-Not [BxB, Slice of life, Drama]

#30 Post by saruri » Sun Jan 18, 2015 3:14 am

Although I know a bit that this game's going to be dark beforehand, still, why recent games I played were all so dark and twisted?! OTZ
Please, I seriously want to f**k that damn f**king coach, Chris & his friends!!! =血=!!!
I cried so hard at the endings! Even though I don't like your story's theme (I really hate oppressive story! How I want to play some happy, sweet & lovey-dovey BL game for god's sake! OTZ... Why are there so many stepmothers?! ToT~ Guess I'll have to do it myself......囧), I still can't help but been drawn by it.
Your story is really good, and the choices too. And I gotta say I really don't have "love at first sight" for the characters' artwork, but as the story progress, I found myself falling for them. I really wish to see more of their story; being all sweet, of course!
Btw, I absolutely LOVE the part where Skyy is a fujoshi! >o<~
Oh, I just finished all the 3 endings, and my feelings are complex; should I say "Thank you for making me cry."? = =......

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