EVOLVEd - Echoes of the Codex War [KN, Short, Urban Fantasy]

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EVOLVEd - Echoes of the Codex War [KN, Short, Urban Fantasy]

#1 Post by ShojiAmasawa »

EVOLVEd : Echoes of the Codex War is a short kinetic novel, which should take around 10 to 15 minutes to play through.

In the year 2138, in the city of Junseishima, three teenagers have recently, for unknown reasons, gained superpowers. Their search for answers leads them to the abandoned Tohishido Manor, and a record of a long-forgotten war―the Codex War.

Made over a one year period, EVOLVEd was created as a way to build a functional team and test out limitations, and act as a teaser for our first BIG project, [One Night of [Snow], and, eventually Myriad Blades : Codex War. Actually, part of the reason EVOLVEd took so long to release was because we have been working on One Night! More information on that soon.

Do not download this game expecting a story which is self-contained. Expect to be confused. Expect to question everything. Expect to be thrown into a situation which you do not understand. I sincerely hope, though, that it leaves you interested in the characters and the world in which they live.

Official Trailer
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cG4-hTA ... freload=10

The Characters

Eishida Takanahashi
CV: Youngee Brummett
Eishida is the epitome of normal, on the exterior at least. With his newfound power to control electricity, Eishida is curious to find the cause behind these abilities. Level headed and usually calm, he will be the anchor which keeps he and his friends together through these stressful events.

Emi Kumashiro
CV: Trina Deuhart
Emi is cheerful and friendly, and undeniably cute. Excited by her fire-based abilities, Emi tries to make the best of this frightening situation. Unfortunately, her lighthearted approach causes a rift to begin to form between her and her best friend, Hanako.

Hanako Masomu
CV: Anairis Quinones
A mysterious, yet polite and traditional girl, Hanako seems to know more about her and her friends’ new powers than she is letting on. She refuses to use hers for fear of being tempted to abuse them. She and Emi are close friends, but their relationship has become strained since gaining superpowers.
Writer, Organiser, Designer ― Shoji Amasawa
Voiceover Producer ― Seiji Amasawa
Character Designer, Lead Artist― Enrique Carmena
Editor, Continuity ― Reika Aoyama
Programmer, GUI ― Frank Gutierrez
Original Music, Music Production ― Greyberry

Eishida Takanahashi ― Youngee Brummett
Hanako Masomu ― Anairis Quinones
Emi Kumashiro ― Trina Deuhart
Hero ― Steven Kelly
Go to our Facebook page for updates on PaperDoor Studios' latest projects! https://www.facebook.com/pages/PaperDoo ... 0935943487

And please, tell me what you think. Besides the obvious fact that this is halfway between a teaser and a demo, I would like to know what can be improved for a longer game. One Night of [Snow] has over 130,000 words, and we want to be sure players enjoy each one to the letter!

Thank you for taking time to read this. Please enjoy the game!
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Re: EVOLVEd - Echoes of the Codex War [KN, Short, Urban Fant

#2 Post by truefaiterman »

Well... it's finally out... it's been a long, hard work for some ten minutes, but we actually made it!

After playing it a couple of times I can tell you this:

-The story, while very short, is engaging, and after playing it I wish to know more about the characters and settings.
-The music is pretty cool, and with few tracks you manage to set a good atmosphere.
-The voice acting is great, I'm genuinely impressed! Congratulations to them!!

-Too short ;__; I want MOAR ;__;
-The sprites are very stiff, and could have a more dynamic pose (yup, I know it's my own art, but I have to look at my own failures)
-That CG lacks detail, specially with the landscape (I have improved, I swear!)
-I'd say some effects could give more power to the ritual and the CG: some pan and zoom effects (I don't know if that's hard or not, I'm no programmer, I'm afraid) would give them more dynamism and a more "epic" feel.
-The text speed is set to max by default, which makes the text appear instantly in big chunks. It feels a little crude, but that may be my own issue.

I'm VERY glad we could finish the project, and I hope everyone enjoy it!
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Re: EVOLVEd - Echoes of the Codex War [KN, Short, Urban Fant

#3 Post by philip »

Just downloaded this and played through. The art is very nice, and the story is interesting; I will look forward to a further update. Just one thing - the large rotating cursor is very annoying, and in my opinion detracts from the story.

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