Unplanned AMOUR [VN] [GxB] [Romance][Slice Of Life]

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Re: Unplanned AMOUR [VN] [GxB] [Romance][Slice Of Life]

#31 Post by sakurakimuchi » Mon Jan 25, 2016 12:59 am

Downloading right now~ :D

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Re: Unplanned AMOUR [VN] [GxB] [Romance][Slice Of Life]

#32 Post by ludeshka » Wed Jan 27, 2016 11:53 am

I downloaded this eagerly because the main character was 29 years old.
(I'm 32, and it's awkward to play as a schoolgirl all the time)

I'm going to be a little critical of Adair's route, but maybe it's because I had high hopes for the game ("I get to date grownups!" I chuckled to myself).
Please take it with a grain of salt, and ignore me if you disagree.
I'm just one player, and I'm sure lots of people will enjoy this game very much.

The art is very nice. I specially enjoyed the menu design. The music you chose fits well with the story.

Evzen's Route:

There's a POSSIBLE bug. (I'm not sure. Is anyone getting the same result?)
When Evzen proposes, I get the exact same text whether I choose "I'll think it over" or "Yes, I accept You and YOUR GLASSES" (that's a very cute reaction for her to have XD); both lead me to the bad ending

Adair's route:
I disliked this route :(
Please hear me out. But like I said before, ignore me if you just disagree.
Maya is not wrong about Adair. MAYA IS NOT WRONG ABOUT ADAIR. (Maya is not wrong ever. She's my favourite character of this game) Seriously. I'm not saying Adair was perving on the girls, but the main character mentions she's used to hugging /being hugged by Adair and stuff...and the implications are sorta creepy.
Basically, my biggest problem with Adair is that he's not a girl. I can forgive Adair for not talking about his family, but when he lives with two girls and he's sharing the bathroom and they go shopping together and trying on clothes, and he's touching them all the time? GROSS.
If you had made Adair the yuri option (whether cis or trans), I'd have nothing against her. If he had said from the beginning "I'm a crossdresser, but don't tell anyone!" or something like that. As it stands? Nopesville.

Also, the doctor would know Adair's a dude, because he's a doctor! He keeps calling him a girl when he has no reason to. (If Adair begged him to keep the secret it's one thing, but we the players don't know, and it should be mentioned somewhere)

Bastian's route:

Bastian is a cinammon roll who did nothing wrong. My main character married him, and I'm sure they were super happy together. :D
He's adorable. :)

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