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Re: Queen At Arms: Deluxe - ON STEAM 2/4 [GxB/G][Fantasy][V

Posted: Tue Feb 02, 2016 2:53 pm
by philip

I second that request!!!


Re: Queen At Arms: Deluxe - ON STEAM 2/4 [GxB/G][Fantasy][V

Posted: Fri Feb 05, 2016 7:01 pm
by Rosstin
We are now live on Steam!

And we're doing a giveaway on Tumblr ^.^

Like or Reblog us on Tumblr for a chance to get a free copy! ... e-on-steam

Re: Queen At Arms: Deluxe - **NOW ON STEAM** [GxB/G][Fantasy

Posted: Sun Feb 07, 2016 12:47 am
by pyopyon
I'm so glad I got the deluxe version! I'd already bought the first version, but the deluxe upgrade was worth it-- extra juicy scenes with my sweet, lovely, luscious Lucius. Mmhmhmm, 'cause I do love me some of that precious Prelate. Okay, sorry, for the annoying alliteration but I really love Lucius' character how of everyone.

Actually, the Foxmaster also holds some keys to my heart.

As a side note... I really wish there was a CG gallery in the Deluxe version... Just so I could make sure I'd seen everything I was supposed to see........ -__-;; That's probably my biggest regret, that I'll never know if I got every possible ending... Speaking of which--
Is there another Foxmaster ending that ends with him as your husband? I'm only asking because there's the non-romantic Alastor ending where he's your advisor and the ending I got had the Fox as your protector, it made me wonder if there was potential for something more...

Also, I was a little disappointed because in the final Foxmaster scene before the ending of the Alastor Chapter Four, he says he'll take action if the one he's sworn to acts against you. In the Regicidal Queen ending, I was hoping desperately for Callista to be like '...and Alastor followed me straight into Althea's arms after, courtesy of the Foxmaster'. But alas. Haha.
Man, I have to say, in the original version, my number one was Lucius, then number two was Alastor (tragic, I know. ; 3 ; I could smell the tragedy on him and I totally
figured out that it was the crown
but I was determined to have my delightful dandy-lion and as such I romanced him right away. When I heard there was a deluxe version coming, I was totally like NICK!! because I was also another one of those tragic hopefuls who spent copious amounts of time with him in the hopes that he could be romanced (hey, I just saw 'five love interests and foolishly assumed Nick was one of them loooll) so when I heard that the Foxmaster was now romanceable I was pretty (but pleasantly) surprised!

I actually figured out his route in my second playthrough, so I felt pretty cool.

My list is now, firstly, luscious, luxuriously-locked Lucius, the Fox who I shan't name because of spoilers, and then Alastor. My poor, sweet Alastor.
*woobifies Alastor so my conscience can rest* Ah, man, I really felt bad for him. He was such a cutie when he wasn't totally out of his mind, and I laughed at so many of his whims... Actually, one of my favorite things is the scene where he's like "I've always wanted to try this" before they do the horizontal twist on the throne. I was cracking up because I realized that if Alastor was in love with Callista from the moment he saw her save him from the wolves like he said + the scene where he catches her peeping on Lorimette and Kendrick in said throne room, then that could mean that he could've thought about it then, too. He never specifies if he meant he'd always wanted to try sexing up the throne with her on the throne, or just in general, so... *wipes tears of laughter* Ah, my delightfully dastardly dandy.
And I was glad about Lucius' added scene where
he talks about being the Queen's lover and what that would mean for him. Specifically because in the end scene when Lucius returns to the castle, he's like 'they allow dating and marriage, but not torrid love affairs' and I was like '...wait, they weren't dating? why not just date if it means he can stay prelate?' I was completely confused, haha. The extra scene addressed that, so I feel better!
As a side note I was hoping that the Charlotte chapter and Alastor chapters would have separate lover endings in the deluxe edition... but mostly because I wanted more Lucius. Jeez, I sound like a Lucius fangirl, yikes. But... I guess I am, so it's okay.

Anyway, this is actually the second time I wrote about this game, but the first time my message got deleted by accident (by me, no less. I hit the back page, and couldn't retrieve my message... ;___; I was disheartened because it was longer and more detailed, so I'm sorry about that.

Anyway, thank you for Queen at Arms!! ^__^ Ah!! But I do have one last thing I thought about a lot...
Why did Callista keep dying her hair red in all the endings when she doesn't have to be disguised as a Sylgardian anymore? Also... during the endings where she has to prove that she's the Princess, no one mentions that the Princess had blonde hair as a point of contest... It's nothing bad, but I was a bit surprised about it.

Also, also, (sorry I know I said one last thing but.) I have a hard time picking bad options (like killing Horatio) so I never did, but after I unlocked all the endings, I realized that there wasn't one where you could be an evil queen, or otherwise wear Kendrick's crown after disposing of Alastor. There's also a few endings that don't match up quite-- like one where Alastor is imprisoned for life and he doesn't get pardoned but he still travels the world... things like that.

Oh! And I was glad that you can pardon Alastor now! I thought about that a lot, too. In the Charlotte ending, whenever Alastor's life was spared and Callista thinks he should be forgiven and the Cardinal is like, 'imprisoned for life or until you can be pardoned' and the endings would be like 'Alastor was comfortable in his cell and gossiped with the guards and offered me advice about being Queen' (more or less) and I was like 'but... Callista! You're Queen! If you don't want him to be in prison, then pardon him!' so I was glad for that, even if it was only that one ending that I can recall.

Re: Queen At Arms: Deluxe - **NOW ON STEAM** [GxB/G][Fantasy

Posted: Sun Feb 07, 2016 2:18 am
by Rosstin
I had actually planned some more sinister and evil endings, but I just never had time to implement them, with everything else that was going on with development. In particular, there was an ending I wanted to do where you annihilate all the Sylgardians using a particularly evil form of blood magic (which also kills Nick and possibly Lucius because he has to act as the catalyst.) That would have been one of the main "Evil Ruler" endings. But yeah, time/budget/stress.

Me and most of the team essentially set aside our entire Christmases to do nothing but work on Queen, the result of which is that we finally have a finished Deluxe edition. In the last day of vacation I was able to write the
ending where you run away from the army with Nick.
If I'd have more time I'd have
worked more on the stories of the individual soldier characters
worked more on making Fox path a little easier
work on the battles
and finally
implement more ending stuff like the aforementioned evil ending.
But yeah, you could see how if we did all those things, development would literally never have ended. Aqualuft just has to move on to some of our new projects that we've been waiting eagerly to start on.

Re: Queen At Arms: Deluxe - **NOW ON STEAM** [GxB/G][Fantasy

Posted: Sun Feb 07, 2016 2:25 am
by pyopyon

Secretly... I'm okay with that. Quite honestly, I've poured 12 hours into the deluxe edition alone, so who knows how many into the original, and I've never chosen to
kill Horatio
.__. Not even once.

So it's okay! I would've only played it to get the achievement, but I feel immense guilt when doing Bad Things, in games included haha.
Pours another one out for the Alastor route.
But yeah, I was mostly speaking as I thought so I thought I'd mention it! ^^ I look forward to y'alls next project!

Re: Queen At Arms: Deluxe - **NOW ON STEAM** [GxB/G][Fantasy

Posted: Sun Feb 07, 2016 11:50 pm
by sheetcakeghost
I'm glad you enjoyed the game, pyopyon. As to a couple of your questions.
Why did Callista keep dying her hair red in all the endings?
Mostly because she likes it that way. That hair color reminds her of her home and her family. It's also why she kept it cut short instead of growing a long queenly mane.

No one mentions that the Princess had blonde hair as a point of contest.
Well hair coloring is a normal thing to do in Orthera and Sylgard, not to mention that sometimes blonde hair darkens in shade as you get older. So it's not unreasonable her hair could be a different color as an adult.

Re: Queen At Arms: Deluxe - **NOW ON STEAM** [GxB/G][Fantasy

Posted: Fri Feb 26, 2016 12:35 am
by Rosstin
We're going to close out upgrades in a few weeks, so if you were planning to upgrade from Regular to Deluxe, do it soon!

Re: Queen At Arms: Deluxe - **NOW ON STEAM** [GxB/G][Fantasy

Posted: Thu Jun 09, 2016 4:11 pm
by Rosstin
Meagan got the posters!


Re: Queen At Arms: Deluxe - **NOW ON STEAM** [GxB/G][Fantasy

Posted: Wed Jun 15, 2016 3:03 pm
by Rosstin
A diagram I used in a presentation on Queen At Arms a while back. Maybe an include for the art book.


Re: Queen At Arms: Deluxe - **NOW ON STEAM** [GxB/G][Fantasy

Posted: Wed Jul 13, 2016 3:04 pm
by Rosstin
Queen At Arms: Deluxe Edition is on sale on Itch! ... xe-edition

Re: Queen At Arms: Deluxe - **NOW ON STEAM** [GxB/G][Fantasy

Posted: Thu Sep 29, 2016 1:25 am
by Rosstin
Another game that many of our team worked on, "MONSTR: Tinder For Monsters" on iOS, is releasing a new version on Halloween 2016. We are recruiting for profile writers as well.

Re: Queen At Arms: Deluxe - **NOW ON STEAM** [GxB/G][Fantasy

Posted: Sat Oct 01, 2016 3:20 am
by Rosstin
Does anyone have a perspective on the deluxe CGs? I've seen a lot of feedback that people didn't like them that much. This surprised me and the team; we thought they were pretty good.

Re: Queen At Arms: Deluxe - **NOW ON STEAM** [GxB/G][Fantasy

Posted: Fri Nov 25, 2016 4:01 am
by Rosstin
Merry Xmas! Queen At Arms is 15% off on Steam!

Re: Queen At Arms: Deluxe - **NOW ON STEAM** [GxB/G][Fantasy

Posted: Fri Nov 25, 2016 8:54 pm
by UPA
Note that I am writing this from memory, feel free to correct me when I'm off.

Well, for starters. The anatomy is off. The artist has no clue how to do faces from different perspectives, which leads it to feeling lazy(From what I can recall.). Link me some of the CGs, and I can start picking them apart(I have no acess to the game right now, and I don't really feel like going through it again.)

If you want to do a 'romance is secondary' tale, then fine. Problem is, this is a visual novel. Focus tends to go to romance in those, which means that your audience expects there to be some focus on it. Further, all routes are damn near identical, save for the love interest. This indicates that romance is the replay value of the game, and thus the focus lands on it. Even if it wasn't your original intent.

This also means that the reader expects a large amount of the CGs to focus on romance. From prior VN experiences, I'd say about 5 per character is appropriate if you want to be sparing in a game of this length.

You gave us _two_ per character, and wasted a couple of CGs on the main story. CGs in the main story is again, not bad, but if you're going through with a limited amount of them, the last place you want them is in the common route.

Further, one of the CGs is an introductory CG. This is done if a project has enough money to have an introductory CG. Meeting a love interest can be done well in writing only, as the reader has a shiny new sprite to look at. It is a low priority CG-wise, since it does not portray a significant point of emotional/story development and can therefore be skipped if the funds can't support it.

Also, no romantic fluffy-fluffy CG. This was a major dissapointment as the focus was on romance. You had several perfect spots for it(Comforting Alistair, tinkering with James), but there was only an ending CG. One. One single one. This is OK in a short game, but a commercial game of this length? The readers expect more.

Re: Queen At Arms: Deluxe - **NOW ON STEAM** [GxB/G][Fantasy

Posted: Mon Nov 28, 2016 9:28 pm
by Rosstin
Thanks for the feedback! Certainly I learned a lot from producing my first truly full-scale visual novel.

What specifically didn't you like about the work of the CG artist? I particularly liked the CGs that he did. Could you point out some CGs you really didn't like?