Uncommon Time [Fantasy RPG][Music]

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Re: Uncommon Time [Fantasy RPG][Music]

#16 Post by Feral Phoenix » Sat Oct 28, 2017 7:27 pm

WOW OOPS I never saw this reply... clearly I am the best at keeping an eye on forum threads. It's me. Hopefully you'll get to... see this... despite that it's been, like, two years.

@Skarn, I'm glad that you enjoyed the story! In regards to the character you mentioned in your spoiler comments,
since the entire cast is so flawed I think it's natural for every player to feel differently about which flaws they can look past and which they can't, and why. But it's nice to hear that you kept using Teagan! I've seen some folks' Let's Plays where after the second movement they exile Teagan to the time out corner Forever, which is funny, but since I designed her to be most useful in boss fights (high defense/lots of single-target multi-hit moves) it just makes me really happy that she was able to fulfill that role for you.
And of course, the main question: Why isn't running enabled as default?
LMFAO that's just a personal preference thing, I think. RPG Maker's movement keys can be a little slippery and I find it Super frustrating to occasionally get stuck on corners or overshoot the square I was aiming for because my character is moving too fast, so I don't like default run and don't enable it in games I'm programming.
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