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Mr. E
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Re: Next Station

#16 Post by Mr. E » Mon Jul 07, 2008 8:40 am

maselphie- Glad you liked the game and the interface. :D It was meant to help the player a little, but I guess it's still hard... But I'm glad you got some entertainment out of it. This was a pretty unpretentious game so that was the main goal. With one month of production, you can't go epic. ( ok, you can, but it's a lot harder... )
Mistik- The endings are hard, and half-dependant on luck, so I guess using the guide is nescessary. The scenes WERE pretty hard to link (poor Ignosco had to playtest this so many times I'm surprised he still agreed to proofread it later, besides providing the music as well... :? ) I'm happy you enjoyed the game. :D
Tsundere Lightning- Thank you for your compliments, to both game and artwork. :D To be quite truthful the names in this game were pretty much random ( unlike most of my previous works ) so... No, significance intended in the station names :P ( besides the obvious implication that Katsuragi station is probably located in an area with strong Japanese immigration influence ).

I'm afraid that the chances of me actually ever making a second version of this is pratically over. I'm right now extremely busy trying to learn a complicated language, and the next two years will probably be just as busy learning graphic design... Which means I won't have any time to properly concentrate on this game. If I could concentrate, I'd still focus more on getting another certain game out in the open, but I'm afraid even that one is currently crawlingat a snail's pace. I'm just too busy and too tired to do anything. Apologies to all those by any chance expecting anything. :(

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Re: Next Station

#17 Post by Spiralbunny » Sun Jul 13, 2008 4:46 pm

Mr. E wrote:I'm just too busy and too tired to do anything. Apologies to all those by any chance expecting anything. :(
Take it easy and good luck with all the stuff you're up to, Mr. E! *3* I definitely hope to get to see more games from you, but I'll be happy no matter if I get to play your next game a few months from now, or a hundred years from now. :D


Re: Next Station | GG

#18 Post by Gego/XAREN » Tue Jul 29, 2008 7:15 am

Good Game!
em, i think this was a complicated game, all the stations and if there was no guide i would have given up after my third try.

and the third anding was the best!

and... the story was gr8!

i hope to get my thumb out of my ass and start making a game, but i have no idea what the storui is going to be...


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Re: Next Station

#19 Post by KashyaCharsi » Sun Aug 12, 2012 2:12 pm

The protagonist is quite obnoxious for me. He is typical Nice Guy, I can agree with Mary calling out on him (though she exaggerates, too, she should show more simpathy and less 'eww, I don't care, stop pestering me'). But at the very minute another female being shows interest towards him, two years of oh, so lethally painful love suddenly vanishes, and he already loves that female. I liked the gameplay, though.

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