Out of Sight [GxB][Supernatural]

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Re: Out of Sight [GxB][Supernatural]

#16 Post by Haze » Sun Sep 13, 2015 10:45 am

Ok, I played it; here are some thoughts. I have the feeling this might be a bit long, so here we go!

I liked the filtered photos; they were quite beautiful and fit the story nicely. The blurred sprites looked very natural on the backgrounds.

I also really like the GUI! It's simple and nice; I love the font choices. Though why is the text on the save slots white and not the same orange color as on the Prefs selected hover/hover buttons?

I got some weird glitch where the entire first part with the bench BG skipped when I started playing. The skipping settings were set to the default "skip seen text". Since I'd started the game for the first time, I hadn't seen that text. Also, I wasn't pressing anything. It stopped at the first line of the bus scene, but I'm still not sure what caused it. Going back to the main menu and restarting fixed the problem.

I got another weird glitch at the bench scene(I just wanted to listen to the music during that scene, so I started the game) where I had to double click on everything for anything to happen(clicking escape, I had to double click on the load, options, Main Menu, etc buttons). Going to the main menu didn't fix the problem, though restarting the game by quitting and reopening did.

I don't know the cause of these weird glitches, but I thought you'd want to know. I'm on a Mac, by the way.

Ok, now for some things on the story.

I know a lot of VN devs do this, but opening narration to tell the player about the main character is something I really dislike, because it has the writer tell the player stuff about the main character without it occurring naturally in the story. Ignoring that for a second, though, I like what was told during the opening narration, and what was learned about Lina during the bus and reading scene. I wish I knew her age, though(more on that below).

The first choice feels...disjointed. The way you worded it feels like Lina can only feel negatively about the book, but selecting "Sweet, but predictable" leads to her liking the ending. To give that first choice a positive feeling, it should probably be reworded to "Predictable, but sweet".

And speaking of Lina, I didn't know her name, so when it suddenly appeared on screen when talking to Orion, I was confused for a second! :lol:
Talking with Orion, and him helping you, was a conversation that felt very natural, save for his "I don't have anything better to do" comments-- until he started talking about death. That felt forced. I understand you were probably going for a tone shift here, but as it is it doesn't feel like something that should even be part of the conversation-- and the same music playing in the background doesn't help. Having the music stop when Orion asks about death would have lampshaded the sudden topic change, and may have helped it feel more natural.

And speaking of the music, I enjoyed the music selection a lot! Most of it felt very fitting to the various scenes of the game; nice job there! The only song I didn't like as much is the one that plays during the opening bench scene, because the sound effects/samples in that song are kinda odd. I very much enjoyed the rest, though.

Anyway, given that Lina and Orion talking about death, and this is one of the heaviest conversations in the game so far, I would have liked a choice.

For the 2nd choice, asking Orion to walk me home, I felt like Lina would say "No", especially since (A) she doesn't know him, (B) he hasn't done anything to earn her trust, and (C) he's only been helping her because he has "nothing better to do"-- which doesn't exactly make him sound trustworthy. I get what you were trying to do here-- earn a romance point(I'm assuming you used a points system in your coding?) or not, but it doesn't exactly work, since Orion isn't someone I can see as Lina wanting to walk her home. Also, Lina saying "I don't usually trust strangers" after choosing "No" kinda drives my point home.

And him saying he likes to "play with people" while on the bus(how did she get on the bus with no money...?) drives my point home even more! She has no reason to trust him, and that gives her even less of a reason. At this point in the story, he just sounds...creepy.

For the 3rd choice, I feel the same way as I do about the 2nd choice. Though he did say he was lonely, so I talked to him, against my better judgement. And even though Orion has still done nothing to earn Lina's trust, and is still acting like a jerk for most of the conversation, it was some enjoyable dialogue.

While I can understand the 4th choice, to go or not to go, the lack of buildup to it-- just "What should I do?" and then the choice-- makes it a bit unimpactful. Some more buildup to it, with Lina thinking about why she should go or not go, might have served this choice a bit better. As it is, it gives me the impression it's there for branching paths, and not as a natural part of the story. After all, why would Lina not go? Again, building up going and not going before this choice could have made it a bit better, and feel like both choices have equal merit, but as is, I choose to go because it seemed obvious to me that Lina has no reason not to go.

The 5th choices is definitely one of the best choices in the game, because it involves how Lina really feels about what Orion does, though it left me a little confused, especially because I have no idea what Orion means by "more friendly" activities. Does that mean nothing to do with stealing, and they're just going to walk around the part and whatnot, or does it mean they're going to steal, but smaller things, or that they're going to cause smaller pieces of mischief? This leads to the choice being confusing, because for "No, it's wrong", well, what is "it"? And for "Only if no one gets hurt", no one was getting physically hurt in the activities Orion suggested before. Lina defining what she means by "no one gets hurt" after choosing that choice doesn't help.

Also, I have no idea how old Lina is, and her age could affect how willing she'd be to participate in these pranks. I mean, if she's around 20 or younger she probably would, but if she's a working class woman in her mid-30's she probably wouldn't. Or am I supposed to assume she's in high school because it's a romance game? Note: that last bit was sarcasm; please don't leave a reader of your stories to assume a character's age based on genre.

I did like what they did in the "no one gets hurt" sequence, though I wish the "boy with a floating puppy" scene could've been shown to me instead of told to me. Since it leads to Orion talking about how he's never used his "powers" for good, seeing it would've given it more or an impact. I enjoyed their dialogue during that sequence, and their dialogue during and after they talked about using Orion's "powers" for good.

Lina dying feels...well, it doesn't feel natural. I feel like she got to know Orion, and now she's going to choose to either stay with him or go into the light. The dying is being used as a plot device, not as a natural part of the story, and it doesn't feel good. (Note: even though there was no choice in the dying scene, the death still feels like a plot device-- it lets Lina see Orion when she normally can't.

When Lina says "I talked to him about things I never would've dared to talk about with my other friends", all I can think is "What things?". The main problem here is the flash forward of a few days-- since their relationship developed off screen, I mentally feel like it hasn't changed from when I last saw it, and they weren't very close then. So, the flash forward of a few days didn't exactly help give Lina and Orion's relationship the development it needed. Maybe another day or two of them hanging out and getting closer both Lina's death could've helped.

And then Lina and Orion talk, and she lives, and he's gone, and she's grateful to him...honestly, because the whole "dying" thing feels forced, it really sets a damper on the ending, since the whole thing involves Lina dying-- something that feels like a poorly used plot device. I liked their conversation, but the whole thing just feels off. Lina living, too. It doesn't really add much to the story, since all that happens in the hospital room is 2 lines of dialogue and a bit of narration, and then she's grateful to him, which she could have said while going into the light.

Overall, I think the concept is alright, though I don't understand why Lina hasn't seen ghosts before, say, before her parents figured out she needed glasses. Or is that in an ending I didn't get?

Actually, this is kind of a big deal. Even when wearing glasses, there are still places out of the corners of your eyes that are blurry-- I know because I wear glasses. So, has Lina seen ghosts before, out of the corner of her eyes, but paid them no mind because she couldn't see them when looking directly at them?

Anyway, the concept is alright, Lina and Orion's relationship feels like it develops naturally(still don't think she would talk to him, though, and I don't get the impression they're particularly close by the game's end), but the dying near the end, and the events surrounding it, feels very forced and unfortunately makes the whole game a lot worse for it.
Alright, that's it! If you have any questions about anything I said, feel free to ask, or PM me if you wish.
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Re: Out of Sight [GxB][Supernatural]

#17 Post by pandaputih089 » Sat Sep 26, 2015 8:18 pm

Hi! I have always adored your visual novel and I'm really excited when Out of Sight came out. :D :D
However, I can't seem to get
Ending 0 and Ending 3 (A strange world I believe).
Any ideas?

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Re: Out of Sight [GxB][Supernatural]

#18 Post by maddmouse » Sun Oct 04, 2015 6:48 pm

//just sits here, clutching my chest after getting all the endings in a few hours.
Super pleased with this, super in love with the boys and the endings.
Thanks so much for the hard work, I'd been really needing a game like this apparently. ; 7; <3

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Re: Out of Sight [GxB][Supernatural]

#19 Post by HopefulRomantic » Tue Oct 13, 2015 6:51 pm

Oh. My. Gosh.

I just played it through one route so far, but I love it! Seriously. There was very little exposition, and what was there was executed well. The dialogue was poignant and humourous. The ending (to the route I played so far) was sad but well-done. A meaningful story. Wow. Awesome job!

I can't wait to play through the other routes later!

PS. Your overall design, color scheme, user interface, and typeface choices were excellent. Huge props for hiding the menu screen under a sweet little "+" sign. Are you a designer? Love it.

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Re: Out of Sight [GxB][Supernatural]

#20 Post by try10 » Fri Oct 16, 2015 3:41 pm

Played your game and I found it beautiful! I can relate to Lina since my eyesight is very bad and without my contacts I would go insane. Both boys were sweet and it was nice to relax and read the story. I only managed to get 5 endings and I tried really hard to get the rest but couldn't. A guide would be helpful!
Thank you for making Out of sight! :)

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Re: Out of Sight [GxB][Supernatural]

#21 Post by Lovebird » Sat Nov 21, 2015 1:58 pm

This is so lovely.... I got the ending A Strange World.
It's lovely...
The ending just got me. I wished she and Caleb could be together,
even though that would have been strange...
But it is a lovely visual novel and ending nonetheless.
Very very cute drawing and style, almost cozy, and that went along with it's sweet story.
Thanks so much for making this <33 Keep it up

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Re: Out of Sight [GxB][Supernatural]

#22 Post by xKairi » Fri Dec 11, 2015 4:47 am

"I'll never forget the boy who didn't even remember his own name."
Crap. Got something in my eye.

This is the absolute most beautiful VN I've ever played. The story is just brilliant. I'm left speechless. GlassHeart, you are still my favorite VN writer. Your writing is honestly so powerful
(Ending 6 left me teary eyed!)
, I could definitely see you writing novels or even screenplays! (Have you ever considered those?) I've been a fan since you made Summer Found Me and you really do never disappoint!

Thank you for making this game!

Also, I don't know how you will feel about this but if you have no plans of expounding on this story through a novel or a short story, would it be alright to ask your permission for me to write it one day? (Not a novel adaptation though, more like a novel based/inspired from/by it.) I would, of course, cite you and your VN as the basis for it. But this is just a maybe-someday thing though. God knows I can't finish writing anything lol

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Re: Out of Sight [GxB][Supernatural]

#23 Post by aceredshirt13 » Thu Oct 06, 2016 8:33 pm

And know, aceredshirt13 presents: her thoughts on Out of Sight.

Actually, half the reason I downloaded this game was because you also created the wonderful Summer Found Me, one of the only slice-of-life otomes I've ever liked. The other half was because it was listed as "supernatural", and I have a deep love of any and all things supernatural. And although I wasn't super into the game at first, by the end it was one that I'd happily recommend to others!

Of the two characters, Caleb was definitely my favorite, and his route was actually what made me enjoy the game. I got Orion's worst and neutral endings first, and he wasn't really grabbing me as a character, and even after getting his two other endings I still wasn't super fond of him. But clearly loads of other folks on this forum like him, so don't listen to me, yo, it's just my personal opinion. Caleb was kind and sweet and a great guy in general that I had an urge to hug. His sprite was pretty cute, too. If anything, one thing bothers me about this game:
I don't agree with the people on the forum saying that Into The Light was Orion's best ending, and wishing that Caleb had a similar one. I mean, yeah, they got to be together, but it was at the cost of Lina's own life - and Orion clearly didn't really want that to happen. So I'm glad Caleb didn't have an ending like that; he would have wanted it even less than Orion, and I think the A Strange World ending was beautiful and romantic on its own, even if it was bittersweet. Oh, and by the way, Ending 0 was great. I almost want to play as Summer in another otome game.
Well, that pretty much sums up my thoughts! I still think I preferred Summer Found Me, but this game was definitely enjoyable, and I thank you for creating it!

P.S. I'm so glad you made a Ghost reference. I love that movie.

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Re: Out of Sight [GxB][Supernatural]

#24 Post by Ghost-Rain » Tue Oct 25, 2016 8:49 pm

And it's back again. Just had to hit the front page again huh? Immediately went after the A Strange World again, and you made my eyes tear up yet again.
I want her to wait. I want her to be with Caleb.

It's unrealistic and selfish, but I still really want it. So if it doesn't work out between her and other people, do you think she would eventually see him again after everything is over? I hope so. I'm taking that as my explanation for what happens after. Not to say that she wouldn't try you know? Just that Caleb just seems like the right kind of guy.

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