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CUPID [Romance/Horror] [FREE] -Version 3.0 MAJOR UPDATE!!

Posted: Sat Sep 19, 2015 5:26 am
by ameliori

Title: CUPID
Free | Commercial
Genre: Romance/Gothic/Psychological Horror
Setting: 18th Century France
Themes: love, revenge, mystery
Rating: PG-17+ for Suggestive Scenes, Mature Scenes and Violence
Cupid is VNs Now's 2015 Game of the Year

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"Love is both poison and cure, both knife and remedy."
Rosa's best friend, Catherine, is dead and she is sure Catherine's betrothed, Marquis Guilleme is to blame. Mother
says so. Mother says he has to pay with his life. Although, she knows by now Guilleme is no ordinary man. He is tainted.
Inhuman. A monster. He cannot be killed by usual means. To seek the best revenge, she must find out all his secrets and
destroy him. But will her own dark desires consume her or liberate her?
No matter.

Mother will tell her what to do.

Set in the romantic 18th century France, play as the third person point of view character of Mother —
a unique twist to the visual novel decision making medium. Decide the fate of the characters, scold or console,
argue or assent... Just don’t be surprised if they start to question your commands.

A shy, abused girl who used to live in the streets as a rose vendor. Rosa grew up with Catherine
and the mental trauma of her death is pushing her to seek revenge on Guilleme. She is recently
unstable and torn between revenge and mourning. She has been friends with Guilleme for a long
time and feels a certain kinship with him, but she is suspicious of Guilleme and his secrets.
It is unclear if she has romantic feelings for either Catherine or Guilleme.

Catherine Louise Perride
A talented young pianist, whom the Marquis had watched with growing interest since her childhood.
They begin a rather tenuous but passionate relationship in their adulthood. She is a cheerful young
lady with a kind spirit. She is prone to mood swings, naivete and exaggeration. She loves Rosa like
a sister, and feels a certain devotion to her as well.

Marquis Guilleme Michel de Gul
The marquis usually keeps to his mansion by himself, mysterious and elusive. Every so often he appears
in the social scene with a new lovely young lover by his side, man or woman. Most romances end tragically,
if not shockingly. Lovers leave him with burning hatred, are sometimes driven insane or even try to murder
the marquis himself. He is charismatic and charming but secretive. Nevertheless, the townspeople
love him because of his benevolence and generosity. Beneath his mysterious persona, another layer of
secrets enslave his mind. He is searching for something in every one he courts. But what is it?

The player controls Rosa’s memory of her mother. It’s unclear whether she is really the spirit of Rosa’s abusive
parent, or she’s simply a schizoid personality from Rosa’s broken psyche. Despite her spiteful ways, Rosa loves
Mother very much and she will always obey dutifully to please her.
Praise for Cupid
Cupid is VNs Now's 2015 Game of the Year


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FERVENT Creative Team
Art, Writing and Direction: ameliori
Co-Writers: ameliori, tinytim12, The Library Cat, Colacat
Programming: Marionette
Music: Krichotomy, Autumn Elm, Yasupochi, Circus Marcus
Proofs: ColaCat, The Library Cat

Re: CUPID [Gothic/Romance] [Non-Commercial]

Posted: Sat Sep 19, 2015 1:34 pm
by try10
I'm trying to download the game but I'm having trouble since there is this message "This account's public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!"
Is it possible for you to upload this game somewhere else, please?

Re: CUPID [Gothic/Romance] [Non-Commercial]

Posted: Sat Sep 19, 2015 2:11 pm
by ameliori
try10 wrote:I'm trying to download the game but I'm having trouble since there is this message "This account's public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!"
Is it possible for you to upload this game somewhere else, please?
I'm really sorry! I've only just been informed of this! >< Anyway, here's another link:

Download by Mediafire

Re: CUPID [Gothic/Romance] [Non-Commercial]

Posted: Sat Sep 19, 2015 3:29 pm
by victorita9
This game looks amazing. I'm so playing it today.

Re: CUPID [Gothic/Romance] [Non-Commercial]

Posted: Sat Sep 19, 2015 6:20 pm
by csky
I started playing this last night and the layout is really clean and beautiful.
I generally try to be a nice mother but she seems to be mean whichever option you pick XD
I haven't finished it yet. but when I do I'll let you know my thoughts.

Re: CUPID [Gothic/Romance] [Non-Commercial]

Posted: Sat Sep 19, 2015 7:36 pm
by infinite
Yessss I can't wait!! I played the demo (it feels like forever ago) and I've been waiting for this for forever! Such a unique and creative game. Downloading now and can't wait to give it a try!

Re: CUPID [Gothic/Romance] [Non-Commercial]

Posted: Sat Sep 19, 2015 9:40 pm
by infinite
Did the order of the scenes change at all in the full version from the early version of the demo? For some reason I feel as if the scenes have been shuffled slightly. (Not done playing yet, though)

Also, do you think you'll ever make a soundtrack or something of that sort available? I really love some of the pieces in this!

Re: CUPID [Gothic/Romance] [Non-Commercial]

Posted: Sat Sep 19, 2015 10:02 pm
by csky
Finished it now and it was a fantastic story. I'm really impressed with the entire game as a whole, it has nice art and a really meaningful story that has far more substance than a romance tag would imply.
There are a few instances where the text is a little hard to read against the background, for example the white text against rosa's clothes in the first scenes.
I completely recommend anyone playing this.

I'm having difficulty getting the ending no.1 Any hints? XD

Re: CUPID [Gothic/Romance] [Non-Commercial]

Posted: Sun Sep 20, 2015 12:02 am
by bloodband
Just finished it and got the Dawning ending first. I am so glad for the little thing at the end telling you what choices you made. >_>
Looking at the Gallery and everything I see there is still so much! I think it's time to make a choices flowchart.
This game was a roller coaster... I still can't help but like Guilleme. I do so very much love monsters.
I don't know what to say other than I loved everything about this game. :3

Re: CUPID [Gothic/Romance] [Non-Commercial]

Posted: Sun Sep 20, 2015 2:11 am
by ofdawnandtwilight
This is a very serious game.

Jokes aside, really loved the game on how much it effed my mind up. I like the supernatural twist of the story but since I suck at games altogether, I have no idea how to differentiate which choices mean what so it'll take some time to figure out the other endings. I got the Dawning ending on my first playthough and was surprised that there are variations in the same ending
like how Rosa kisses Guilleme when in my first play she didnt.
Hopefully I'll get to unlock every single CG since I hate seeing those blank spaces dkhkdhgdks

Overall, the story really got me tied down and left me wanting for more so I was stuck on my seat for hours just to see how things unveil in the end and it was absolutely worth it. The art suits the story completely and the whole play was just a new refreshing experience.

Thank you so much for making and sharing this game, it was a joy to play and also congrats for finishing it! ^^

Re: CUPID [Gothic/Romance] [Non-Commercial]

Posted: Sun Sep 20, 2015 5:07 am
by ElectraPop
I have SO MUCH to say about this game.

I can't even articulate how much I loved the whole ride, from start to finish I was hooked on everything unfolding. For starters, the gameplay is what attracted me the most to download it, because it's really the first time I see such a concept of playing as a third party making the choices. The fact you can interpret the Mother's voice as either an actual supernatural ocurrence or a manifestation of schizophrenia is so great, nothing thrills me more than the complexity of the psyche making you have second doubts. I tried my best to be as little mean and abusive as possible with the Mother's choices and still it was a wreck lol

The story is something really, really refreshing, interesting, and on top of all, beautifully written. It even brought me The Portrait Of Dorian Gray to mind at some point, one of my favorite books ever
before finding out the truth of Guilleme nature, I was seriously wondering if there was some ''pact with the devil for eternal youth and beauty'' going on lol
The twists really took me by surprise, and I really felt on edge so many times!! The art is gorgeous an it fits perfectly with the game.

Catherine is my favorite character by far.
Beautiful, precious Catherine had such a personality, I just loved her in the good and bad. Knowing the she was already gone so early in the game just broke my heart as I kept liking her more and more via the memories and all ;w; At first, I was already like 'nope' about Guilleme and her getting together before the piano concert in Paris, but their interactions as a couple from that point were so well written that I came to actually enjoy her relationship with him even when I knew it ended in tragedy. The scene when they made love and things...turn out wrong was breathtaking, so well written too. I felt myself sweating in anticipation, then being so crushed by the aftermath.

Playing this game was an absolute delight, I'm actually blown away by such quality game being non-commercial!
Congratulations on finishing the game, and thank you for your hard work, I had a great time playing.
(also the bonus jokes...Guilleme's face on things had me laughing so hard oh my gosh, beautiful)

Re: CUPID [Gothic/Romance] [Non-Commercial]

Posted: Sun Sep 20, 2015 1:03 pm
by svarn
I had a pleasure of beta testing this beautifull game.
It was a second VN that I have ever played, and I don't think I could've asked for a better introduction to genre.
I've finished it all in one go, and was left wanting more. I would definitly recommend it to anybody!
I'm actually blown away by such quality game being non-commercial!
This ... I couldn't agree more. I belive that Ameliori is working on an artbook for the game, so if you'd like to, you could support Cupid by picking it up, once it gets released.

Re: CUPID [Gothic/Romance] [Non-Commercial]

Posted: Tue Sep 22, 2015 12:17 am
by somestrangecircus
This looks very interesting! Will try to check out ASAP.

Re: CUPID [Gothic/Romance] [Non-Commercial]

Posted: Wed Sep 23, 2015 1:47 am
by Pick_One
:) Congrats on releasing the game! I actually played the demo awhile back, but didn't had an account (including here, tumblr, and the like) plus I didn't have the time to type up a thorough response. I did started typing up a little after I decided that maybe I should create a account here (which I actually didn't create one until like months later. lol...), but never got to really like finish or polish it up. lol. Well now I want to atleast type something for this game even if I wish to maybe think a bit more on it, it really deserves it.

First off, I think the sprites are drawn really nicely and the expressions are just great, they're just so strong and expressive. The CGs are fantastic, particularly the ones that are for the tense/and creepy scenes. I did felt that a few could be a little more polish (only because the other CGs are on a higher level of quality) and one or two had like a minor flaw, but really overall, those nitpicks are quite minor particularly when I think about how they are impressive for a non-commerical game made in a couple of months, by one artist who also had other tasks in the production. Also, my first thoughts when I saw the CGs were that they remind of like animation stills. ^^ Again, the expressions are just excellent and strong. Although I have to say,
no one ever talked about how Guilleme just look the same after all that time? :lol: I mean, I guess people can't resist his charm, so they go along with it and didn't really think it was such a big deal or something? Like they under the influence of his power? Found it kinda funny. XD
I like a few of the music, particularly the main menu and the scene
where Rosa has a mental confrontation with Mother.
Also liked the Parisian music, it seems that I enjoy those type of whimsical music. ^^ I think overall the sound effects and music fits the scenes.
The breathing after Rosa saw Catherine hanging, the scene where Catherine was making disturbing scratching noises, the scene where Rosa was beaten with a cross, and the sex scene between Catherine and Guilleme, are just some examples of how well the music/sounds were chosen. (some just added to the intense/creepy atmosphere.)
I liked how the scenes sometimes transitioned into a contrasting scene to the previous one.
An example would be the scene where Catherine starts her romantic relationship with Guilleme and everything is nice and sweet, then it transition to her throwing wine bottles at him. I didn't feel confuse about when the flashbacks had happen or anything like that, and I thought with the way the story was told, it felt like Catherine was embedded more strongly into the story? Like it made it feel like she was really emphasis as being important in the story and to the two other main characters. I guess the story could been told in a linear way, but I kinda like it this way, and maybe it can be seen as though Catherine is haunting the player, the same way she haunted Rosa and Guilleme?
I thought the writing was really good. I felt tension, creepiness, and sadness, yup, good stuff. :lol:
Some few examples, felt tension and creepiness when Rosa snooped into Guilleme's room, felt nervous and creep out with the sex scene(the chasing the rabbit metaphor was a nice creepy touch), and felt anxious with Rosa's flashback to as a child (I just kept hoping nothing bad would happen to her but knew that wasn't going to happen). I must add in that I felt Catherine's thought process about the death of her sister, felt very fluid and natural. I thought it also reflected the turmoil she felt, added like depth to her character, and showed a troubled side to her character. On a random side note, I like how Guilleme's demeanor showed change in the library scene and I thought Rosa's nervous shuffling was amusing and cute. ^^ And some moments between Rosa and Catherine were just sweet.
I just love the inner mental conflict that each characters had to face. I was intrigue by Mother and Rosa's very sad relationship. I guess I feel ambivalent towards Guilleme and Catherine's romantic relationship,
although I do like that it was a hate and love type of relationship. I don't know, I just personally felt like meh when they got together. Hmm... I actually don't really mind some romantic relationships where one character is much older or that it started out as like one acted as a guardian to the other, but I just felt meh with their romance. But I still thought the scene when Catherine came back to Guilleme and tried to break up with him, then them just laying down together, were like aww...sweet or pretty nice? (with a hint of sadness) I don't know, I guess I have something like a hate and love for their romance? (expect I don't really actually hate nor love it. lol...) Still though, I felt happy that Guilleme felt some sort of real happiness with Catherine. :(
I felt that there was a good amount of choices in the game, and I felt it wasn't hard to get endings 2 to 4. I think if you
analyze a little about the types of choices and what they mean or why they matter for Rosa leading to how they effect her mentality, it isn't hard to get them. Although I haven't spent much time trying to get ending 1, I think it will be a harder ending to get? I was able to get the other endings on first try. Felt sadness and disturbed for endings 3 and 4. For ending 3, I was of course, sad that Rosa changed for the worse then was totally broken and I was disturbed with how Rosa changed as well as what Guilleme would do to her, plus it was sad that he turned into a type of person that he himself despise. I understand why he's angry and why he's doing it according to what type of person he turned out to be after all those terrible times, but still... (And gosh, he said something about giving love to Father...that was icky. ><;) Ending 2 is like bittersweet.
I like the bit of different variations in the same ending.

Anyways I think that's pretty much most of my thoughts about the game. Kinda hurry it up a bit as I was typing this. I really want to type what I mostly wanted to say and wanted to post this right after it. ^^; Got to go now, but thank you guys for making such a great game. :) I will probably type up more thoughts about the game after I get around to obtaining ending 1 and adding more to what I just typed.

Re: CUPID [Gothic/Romance] [Non-Commercial]

Posted: Wed Sep 23, 2015 11:26 am
by philip
I can only echo the comments of several previous posters; the story is outstanding, very professionally done. The characters were interesting, if not always lovable; the art is great. As far as mechanics, I especially liked the bonus screen, which showed which chapters you visited, and which ending you had gotten . . . a feature that I wish more authors would include in their works.

I have reached two of the endings, and will be returning to find the remaining two. An excellent job, and I will look forward to future efforts by this talented author and artist.