A Comiket Adventure. ver 1.0

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A Comiket Adventure. ver 1.0

#1 Post by bakaneko »

Hi guys! I'm releasing my 1st game called "A Comiket Adventure." It is a short kinetic novel, about 5 mins of playtime. I'm still learning how to use Ren'Py. So this a test game of sorts~ >_<

This is meant to shed more light on Comiket, the biggest doujinshi event in Japan.

Genre: Parody/ Edutainment




Things to do for next update:
- Music
- Adding credits
- Other minor stuff

By the way, you'll find some familiar characters in here~

Download here:
Win: http://www.mediafire.com/?znij2nirenw
Linux: http://www.mediafire.com/?ni2jw11zcic
Mac: http://www.mediafire.com/?mxtml91g1et

Criticisms and comments are welcome! ^_^
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Re: A Comiket Adventure. ver 1.0

#2 Post by Vatina »

That really was short! The art was so cute, I loved it. Did you draw them?

The way they talk make it obvious that this is made for informations sake, which makes the dialogue feel a little awkward at times, and I had hoped we would actually see a little bit of what was going on inside :P But since this was a practice piece, I guess it's ok.
And the hostess is.... Eileen :D Of course she's the once with all the answers as usual. She must be a walking lexicon.

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Re: A Comiket Adventure. ver 1.0

#3 Post by bakaneko »

I'm using this game as a practice game to polish my visual-novel making skills. So it won't be that good the 1st time. >_<

For the art, I made use of Ren'ai Maker 2 character builder, then print-screened and edited using Photoshop. I can't draw for nuts, haha.

Hey, maybe I can expand on it when I have the time. This first version was made in two days (+ half a day squeezing my brains out for an idea x_x)
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Re: A Comiket Adventure. ver 1.0

#4 Post by Guest »

About using Ren'ai Simulation for making the characters...





Translation: What you did was illegal. =/

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Re: A Comiket Adventure. ver 1.0

#5 Post by PyTom »

Please refrain from posting large blocks of untranslated non-English text. It's much better to post a translation, even a mechanical one. For example, Google Translate tells me the relevant lines of that FAQ are:
The products included in the character, background, logos and other images,
And BGM, SE, voice actors and voice audio,
In addition, documents and other data and layout, design and structure of the
Enterbrain, Inc. All rights reserved.

These materials, self-produced programs, and other tools to create games
Collecting data to create works of the use of any prohibited.
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(When was the last time you backed up your game?)
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Re: A Comiket Adventure. ver 1.0

#6 Post by Guest »

In a nutshell; (I paraphrased a bit)

Concerning the liscensing.

You can distribute games you create with this program to other people.
At that time there are a few guidelines you must follow, for more detail please consult the manuals section on "Licensing Agreements".

That said, the graphics in the program, including the ones used to make characters, the scenery, the logo etc. As well as the BGM, SE, voice actor's voices. And on top of that the layout, design structure etc, all are copyright of Enterbrain.

The use of these materials in programs you create, or use with other creation tools (ren'py) is strictly prohibited.

You are only allowed to use these materials with Ren'ai Maker.
However you may also use them with other programs in the tsukuuru series (RPG maker, etc).

When using these materials with another program, you must have the license to that program as well.


Re: A Comiket Adventure. ver 1.0

#7 Post by Guest »

**another program being one in the tsukuuru series only

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