Gravure: A Super Network Wars Prelude [KN]

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Gravure: A Super Network Wars Prelude [KN]

#1 Post by MoonlightBomber » Fri Dec 11, 2015 8:44 pm

So, after some years of absence, here's my recently-released kinetic novel...

Gravure: A Super Network Wars Prelude

Genre: Drama/Slice-of-life/Tragedy/Supernatural

Two separate pictures will merge into one.

This game is a prequel to Super Network Wars: Suikoden Pilipinas, a mega-crossover fanfic written by the same developer behind it.


The Philippines, year 1994.

In an alternate-reality Earth where magic and technology coexist, a new saga starts with the experiences of a young boy and his beloved younger sister.

As the years progress, he will experience much more things in accordance with a prophecy concerning the entire country.

He will never be alone in his journey.

Download Here
Korina Sanchez: Ex-sensei Mel, we've met again.
Mel Tiangco: I'm expecting this from my former student.
Korina Sanchez: I know all along the reason for your presence.
Mel Tiangco: Of course. Your hairbrush.
Korina Sanchez: Snatch it again? Well, you're mistaken. It's because my hairbrush's container is packed with security features. What's your say?
Mel Tiangco: If you can do security... (pause) then 120% of my strength will shatter it!

Excerpt from Super Network Wars Omega: Suikoden Pilipinas

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