Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet [Friendship][YuriJam]

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Re: Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet [Friendship][YuriJam]

#16 Post by LydianChord » Tue Jun 07, 2016 12:39 pm

Ah no, sorry, I realized my wording was ambiguous when I wrote the reply with the first image! That might have been confusing. In any case, thanks for your hard work on porting these visual novels!
Things I've worked on:
- KAIMA Soundtrack (dark RPG with multiple endings, game by NomnomNami here)
- Her Tears Were My Light Soundtrack (NaNoRenO 2016, yuri game with time travel and cute artwork, game by NomnomNami here)
- Abandoned Building Quest (NaNoRenO 2016, weird adventure game with battles and chiptune music)

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