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Re: ⋘ Reflections on the River ⋙ • [Fantasy][Friendship][NaN

#31 Post by Zelan » Wed Apr 05, 2017 9:59 pm

Oracle wrote:This looks epic!

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Re: ⋘ Reflections on the River ⋙ • [Fantasy][Friendship][NaN

#32 Post by PeroxidePrince » Thu Jun 22, 2017 12:48 pm

Zelan wrote:Guess <: who <: finally <: played <: this <: game <:

I did!!! It was so fantastic, I swear I was smiling the whole time. Shun can be so sassy and I love it. cx His routes were my favorite, but I enjoyed Yanyu's as well. Seeing the friendships develop between Zheng and the kidnappees was super heartwarming. (Honestly, I was shipping Zheng and Shun pretty hard after getting probably... halfway through my first playthrough? But the friendship endings were satisfying, so I didn't feel disappointed that there weren't any romantic endings.)

And the PLOT TWISTS. There were so many and I didn't see a single ONE of them coming. Kudos to you for that! I liked how there were little hints to pieces of the story in different routes, too.
Like how in the ending where Zheng gets the jewel back and uses it, there's immediately a flood. I had my suspicions at that point but it was really cool having the actual properties explained fully! And it's interested that Huineng never (at least within the VN) actually finds out that Zheng's been lying about their age.
The art was amazing too, I was practically salivating over my computer playing this. My mom even commented on how much she liked it (she came in to talk to me and saw my screen), and she tends to be pretty picky, especially with digital art. So congratulations for that one!

final score 10000000000000000000/10 it's really good I am going to be forever haunted (in a good way) by these characters

(Oh, and since you were curious about how players interpret Zheng's gender: Since they were written with they/them pronouns and it's never brought up, I assumed pretty early on that they were non-binary, and thought of them as such; however, I give characters a 'voice' when I read about them, which generally leads to me assigning a headcanon biological sex to go along with the voice. I interpreted Zheng as being biologically female. I'm not sure if this is because I was associating Zheng closely with their mother, because of the art, or just because I'm a girl myself, but there you have it. c:)
This is a super late reply since I've not been on here in a while, but thanks so much! I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed it!!

I'm glad you liked how the story was spread out -- we initially considered having all the little secrets revealed in both routes, but it seemed like a better decision to split them up so players could piece together the whole thing themselves!
And yeah, Zheng's a total liar -- probably trying to push their little charade for as long as they can lol. But Huineng most likely finds out about Zheng's real age down the line, since she's sharp enough to notice them aging.
That's a very flattering final score haha (人´∀`*) Thanks!
I quite miss writing/drawing for these characters since I grew quite attached to them, so I'm looking forward to whenever I'll have time to work on an extended version of this... Looks out into the void...

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