Lads in Distress [GxB][Otome|Fairy Tale][NaNoRenO '16]

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Re: Lads in Distress [GxB][Otome|Fairy Tale][NaNoRenO '16]

#106 Post by caibanh » Wed Jan 25, 2017 1:38 pm

1. Did you enjoy the game? Any thoughts/comments?
Yes! But I notice that only Snow have much different between his 2 end. And why did the witch kidnap Zel is the question which bother me till the end.
2. Who is your favorite character after playing the game?
I love them all, but Charming & Snow is best!
3. Who did you pursue first, and who is your favorite love interest?
I played Mer prince first 'cause I wanna "Save the best for the last". And Snow dont make me disappointed.
4. What ending did you get first?
Mer bad end. The choice pretty obvious so I want to save the good end for later.
5. Is there anything in particular you would like to see in the expansion?
Nicholl's route and my answer from question 1.
6. Other questions or points of critique?
I hope you can improve the CG art in the full version. If you cant, you dont need to add CG. Just the game itself is fine enough. The low quality of the CG compare to the sprite drop the mood too much.

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Re: Lads in Distress [GxB][Otome|Fairy Tale][NaNoRenO '16]

#107 Post by txqina » Sat Jan 28, 2017 8:03 am

1. Did you enjoy the game? Any thoughts/comments?
Yes. Zel was adorable, Charming was a confident and fun heroine, Snow was a redeemable charmer and Mer... well, hmm, neither the good ending and prior plot twist were things that I expected. But surprises are good too.

2. Who is your favorite character after playing the game?
I was less keen on Mer, and Nicholl didn't get that much screen time, but I thought the other main characters were all enjoyable. Hard to pick a favorite.
I'll give it to Zel, because after enjoying his route I was more willing to try the other two to see how the story would unfold.

3. Who did you pursue first, and who is your favorite love interest?
I tried Zel first, because I thought Charming would like the adventure involved and it seemed a bit weird to pick a husband basically after a single dance.
I thought the Zel and Snow routes were both good, maybe the Zel route had more 'feels' for me. The Mer happy ending was less convincing for me than the other two. Or maybe my Charming character is just that irresistible and loving that she could straighten him out! Her sprite is certainly more than cute enough for the job.

4. What ending did you get first?
Zel good end. His good and innocent nature came across clearly in the writing, so I just kept choosing the kindest options possible and I got the good end first off.

5. Is there anything in particular you would like to see in the expansion?
I saw another poster mention a Nicholl route. If there was an explanation of how he could be a prince, then that could be a good addition.

6. Other questions or points of critique?
I got 3 good endings out of three tries. So I presume there aren't any red-herring choices to trick the player away from a good ending? I like that.
I'm a sucker for happy endings, so I didn't bother with bad endings after achieving the good endings.

One confusing thing: I didn't realise that the dangling silver stars at the top of the load screen were icons for different save pages.
I kept on overwriting my saves during the first two routes because I thought there were only four save slots.

Well done, and an interesting use of fairy tales to inspire the plot.

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Re: Lads in Distress [GxB][Otome|Fairy Tale][NaNoRenO '16]

#108 Post by Rose_Lee » Sun Feb 12, 2017 9:06 pm

1. Any thoughts or comments about the story premise so far?
Good. I loved it. I don't know what to say other than I can't wait for the full game.

2. Who is your favorite character at the moment?
Snow. His flirts are hilarious. But then it got really sweet when he tried to fight the bandits.

3. Which love interest do you think you will pursue first?
Snow again.

4. Would you be interested in the future expansion (that will have 2 new routes, as well as a lot more scenes for the current 3 routes)?
Duh! I can't wait for the full version of this wonderful game.

5. Any other comments or questions?
Good luck and will there be sprites for everyone. Even side characters like the bandits or kids from Snow's routes? Or just the king and queen?

-Best of luck,

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Re: Lads in Distress [GxB][Otome|Fairy Tale][NaNoRenO '16]

#109 Post by Windchimes » Mon Feb 13, 2017 10:19 am

Hello! Thank you very much for commenting, and I'm sorry for the late reply. I keep forgetting to reply to this thread. xD
Haha, most people think that Mer's endings are the most different ^^ And as for why Zel was kidnapped by the witch, it will be revealed in the full game, don't worry ^^ Gotta give the players incentive to replay the three princes' routes after all.
The CGs were rather rushed because of the NaNoRenO 1 month time limit, and we were short of hand due to unforeseen circumstances. The CGs will be done by a new CG artist for the full game.

Hi! Thank you for commenting, and I'm sorry for the late reply >_<
Glad to hear that you enjoyed the game overall :D
Haha, it appears that people either love or hate Mer, so at least you don't hate him with a fiery passion! xD
Others have also pointed out that the endings for Mer's route were a bit rushed, and they have been redone in the full game, so hopefully it'll be better and more convincing ^^
Yes, Nicholl will be getting his own route in the expansion. He isn't and won't be a prince, and neither is another love interest. Just because Charming is supposed to marry a prince doesn't mean she's going to acquiesce in every route -- if she can run off to the middle of nowhere to find a long lost prince, she'll find other ways out of this situation she's stuck in ;)
Oh yeah, others have also mentioned how they didn't notice the save slot pages. The GUI will be completely redone for the expansion, so we'll make sure confusing elements like this won't be in the new GUI ^^
Thank you for leaving your comments! :D

Hi! Thank you for playing and commenting :D
Happy to hear that you liked our game ^^ We are working hard on the full game to release at least an updated demo soon <3
So far, we planned to have sprites for only the important side characters that will appear in multiple scenes -- so probably not the bandits or the kids, but the kings/queens from Charming/Snow's routes and other important side chars from the new routes ^^ We would probably go with silhouettes again for the very minor side chars that only appear in one scene or half of one scene, so as not to delay release TOO much and kill our sprite artist with workload.
Thank you again for commenting :D
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Re: Lads in Distress [GxB][Otome|Fairy Tale][NaNoRenO '16]

#110 Post by sanashi27 » Fri Feb 17, 2017 1:32 pm

1. Did you enjoy the game? Any thoughts/comments?

I didn't think I will but I did. The main character having her own personality helped a lot as it added to the story.

2. Who is your favorite character after playing the game?

All of them! Especially Princess Charming herself. She's a wonderful heroine. As for the boys... Mer was sweet and I loved his good ending and there's Snow... I didn't think I'd like him but his story is actually pretty good. His endings, even the bad one was acceptable.

3. Who did you pursue first, and who is your favorite love interest?

Mer because he was the 1st on the list, if I remember correctly. My favorite would be him and Snow as I loved their endings. You choose a prince and still end up being a great ruler despite what everyone thought.

4. What ending did you get first?

Mer's good ending. It was pretty easy to get. Ironically, it's his bad ending that I got last because no matter what I did, I kept getting his good end. It turns out, as I realized belatedly that
the first choice you give in his route affects the whole thing. I mean, no matter what I did later, if I chose to trust him on that first choice, I would be getting the good ending all the same.
5. Is there anything in particular you would like to see in the expansion?

Nicholl getting his own route. Or Dragon becoming human and getting it's own route. Seriously. Is it a girl though? If so, I'd sit through a Yuri ending. Dragon needs more love. XD

Also, a golden ending route? One where you can help everyone. I mean, sure you end up with a guy and live happily ever after with both your countries getting better but what about the other two guys? I feel bad leaving them to their terrible fates just cause they weren't chosen. They're not perfect but they don't deserve all of the bed things happening to them (same with their countries, their people need to be happy, too!).

Oh, and with that... Congrats! You made me care about the characters a lot Haha

6. Other questions or points of critique?

Question: Would the full game be free? XD

Comments: Mer's bad ending is... to say it was weird is an understatement. As I mentioned earlier, I got his bad end last which means I got to see all the other endings beforehand and that bad ending felt very, very out of place for some reason.
I like dark and creepy bad endings but for me, it kind of lacked... foreshadowing, I think? Princess Charming had been very nice most of the game and even when confronted with suspicious things, she still acts kind of well, sane. To see her breaking down like that in the end felt like it came out of nowhere. I hope in the full game, we at least see her slipping into insanity the more we chose to be distrustful of Mer to give better foreshadowing.
On the other hand, I loved his good ending. It was nice as Princess Charming learned something very valuable and important from him so she got not just love but something more to help her become better at being a ruler.

Zel has the worst endings. I like him and he's nice but I hated his endings. The writing was good, it's just that, I'm the type of person who easily feels guilty when I drag someone down with me out of selfishness or incompetence and it's the same even when playing games. So seeing the Princess,
whose normally responsible, being kind of either out of it or in the other ending, abandoning everyone completely left me feeling terrible. It doesn't matter if it ended well anyways, she still left them behind for a guy! It felt bad and out-of-character.
Snow's endings were the best. It was so surprising but they were. Even his bad end is good.
They both make their countries proud either way. Plus, the bad end doesn't completely mean they can't be together. I mean since they're still friends and such, they could both fall for each other slowly anyways XD.
Thanks for making this wonderful game. Would look forward to the new version.
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Re: Lads in Distress [GxB][Otome|Fairy Tale][NaNoRenO '16]

#111 Post by seafeel » Thu Jun 22, 2017 4:24 am

I just finished playing Lads in Distress and wanted to offer my thoughts and feedback. This is my first time posting so hopefully this goes through alright and there isn't any issues...

1. Did you enjoy the game? Any thoughts/comments?

I really enjoyed the game! The art and music especially were wonderful. A special shout-out to the magic room's background the detail in it is absolutely stunning! And the main character, Charming, was such a wonderful heroine. You don't always see such well-rounded MC's in otomes so she was very refreshing.

2. Who is your favorite character after playing the game?

Charming without a doubt. She's so stubborn, intelligent as well as generous and resourceful I really enjoyed her banter with the other character. I felt like she particularly shone in Snow's route which is largely why his was my favorite to play. I also liked what I saw of Nicholl, even though it was limited and am excited to play his romance route in the full game.

3. Who did you pursue first, and who is your favorite love interest?

I romanced Zen first since I didn't feel too strongly about either of the other options after only a brief talk at the ball with each of them, so I wanted to see what else was out there. I'd say my favorite romance was with Snow though, even in the non-romance end I thought their friendship and love for one another was really touching... I guess I'm a sucker for the rogue with a heart of gold trope!

4. What ending did you get first?

I got Zen's first ending in my first playthrough

5. Is there anything in particular you would like to see in the expansion?

Definitely the Nicholl romance route, though I see on the blog that that's already in the works! I'd also like to see more of the dragon character, they were too cute! I'm also excited to get more information on some of the prince's backstories, like the witch that kidnapped Zel etc.

6. Other questions or points of critique?

Something about Mer's route just felt off... I've seen elsewhere in the forum that his endings were sort of rushed so maybe that's it. Charming and him seemed to fall in love a little too quickly in my opinion, and I felt like Charming seemed a bit more naive and clueless in his route. Sometimes their interactions felt very forced, again I'm sure this was because of the time crunch they were written under. Hopefully, I'll like his routes more the second time I playthrough with the full, expanded game!

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