Palette Swap [NaNo16][Surreal][Dark Comedy]

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Re: Palette Swap [NaNo16][Surreal][Dark Comedy]

#16 Post by Zelan » Wed Apr 12, 2017 7:55 pm

I've finished everything, letters and endings, and oh man it was great.

I'm definitely glad to have found all of the letters; they really define an interesting backstory for the visual novel, which is just as interesting as the main story. I liked the rest of the endings as well; even though the endings themselves weren't so different from the ones that I'd already seen, the story leading up to them was, and the writing for this is so funny that I was glad to have seen all of it. c: I liked the ending where it basically turned into a sitcom (I think it was the Three Part Set-Up ending).

Kudos again to the whole team for this. The writing and art were great, the optional gameplay mechanic added a cool layer to the story, and overall the game was just really polished. ^_^

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