[Comedy][Romance][Yandere]Pervert and Yandere-New endings!

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Re: [Comedy][Romance][Yandere]Pervert and Yandere-New ending

#31 Post by Banya » Mon Jan 16, 2017 8:01 pm

Feel free to expand upon which endings felt rushed and why, I'm most curious.
I can't remember the name atm, but the first ending was
the one in which you refuse to follow Vanessa on the bus and meet Bunny instead: Vanessa stalks you and you get the scene cut; it left me with a "what now?", since I didn't know if she killed everybody afterwards or she simply gave up preventing the beginning of the true game. Since the ending should be a complete playthrough but I played all the endings, I wouldn't call that one a proper ending.
But the point you stopped the story was interesting and if you plan to expand it it would be fun if
you have to find through Richard's decisions clever ways to stop Vanessa from going to a rampage on her 'dangerous' rivals u.u after all she knows what's better with Richard, but he may not agree
The same is for
the first ending in which Richard gets killed in the street or kidnapped in the house: more than an ending it's a punishment to the player - this would be called "Early bad ending" to make the player understand that they didn't even deepen into the surface of the story 8)
But the ending in which the word "Route" appear are very satifying
Alex is a fan favorite it seems. Either their sprite just works for most people or I really nailed the revelation scene better than I though. Either way I do like this result.
To me, you nailed the revelation :) but the sprite is actually very cute!
The colors just look so much different in the color selection and in zoomed-in sprites, I only see their *Pow!* after I zoom out to see the final result. Apparently I even ended up using the exact colors from Paint's suggested picks... I'm genuinly horrified and ashamed.
There's nothing to be ashamed of ><
It's true that colours on different types of screen look different, but the looks of a VN is important, since it's the first impression

PM sent ;)

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Re: [Comedy][Romance][Yandere]Pervert and Yandere-New ending

#32 Post by TellerFarsight » Tue Jul 11, 2017 4:18 pm

Finally got around to playing it. It was way more compelling than I originally thought it would have any right to be. Bravo. Really, it was an incredible story.
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Re: [Comedy][Romance][Yandere]Pervert and Yandere-New ending

#33 Post by Mammon » Tue Jul 11, 2017 4:32 pm

TellerFarsight wrote:It was way more compelling than I originally thought it would have any right to be.
Jup. That about sums up P&Y. :lol: Thanks for playing it and letting me know you liked it!

Want some CC sprites?

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Re: [Comedy][Romance][Yandere]Pervert and Yandere-New endings!

#34 Post by Jebzki » Mon Feb 12, 2018 6:09 pm

It was a very fun and entertaining Visual Novel i've read that made me stick to the very end of it :D

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Re: [Comedy][Romance][Yandere]Pervert and Yandere-New endings!

#35 Post by Vh3nT6A3TIahS » Tue May 21, 2019 12:15 pm

Hey Mammon,

I want to shout out that: you did a pretty damn good job there; your game is one of the most engaging thing I have ever played; keep up the good work! I am a big fan of yanderes in general, and it was truly hard for me to find some 'realistic' yandere (and realistic characters) like the ones of your visual novel. Apart from Vanessa, strangely, Richard is the one I liked the most. Maybe the bland, uncharacteristic protagonists has always bored me, as I often wonder, why do you complain that your life is boring, when you do mundane stuffs in your life.

I really look forward to your next game, even though I am having exam tomorrow, and the day after, and I am asking myself what am I doing with my life when I register this account, typing this post. You are that good, Mammon. You should consider being a full-time game developer, and found your own game studio. It will be a waste if you do not follow the path.

Again, keep up the good work!
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