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Re: Of Ice & Snow [Drama] [Fantasy] [Romance]

Posted: Thu Feb 23, 2017 1:14 pm
by pyopyon
@ilyilaice | @vana -- I caught the error and it's fixed now, I'm sorry about that. I tested it so it should be fine. I was trying to fix another issue but........ >__>;; I couldn't. Let's just say that if you have two equal points for any factor, one of the endings is a default ending now. )^: (I wanted to make it a certain way, but my coding prowess is not up to par.)

Ah, sorry. At heart, it's a story about sisters though, so I think Lalao being Lalun would definitely be a different story since brother-sister dynamics are a little different.
LOLLL I don't know if Lalao really even "pursues" the Prince in any of the endings-- the happier o which you should be able to play now! Please re-download.
@Sayumi101 I know what they sound like in my head but my singing ability is not quite up to par. Haha. Oh, thanks! I actually had a friend who never played the game read them. If she understood what they meant, then I re-wrote them until they were completely riddles. Haaa. It was fun!
LOLLLLL, thanks! Trust me, knowing the Prince's name would definitely take away from it. The mystery makes it more romantic somehow, doesn't it? (No? Hm...)

Yeah... the Prince is the Prince. The island ending I think is the most touching because that one is where the Prince has his feelings and his memories and he realizes what One-Eye has done and it makes him cry, since technically the fate avoided by Lalao is that one is taken on by One-Eye. No matter what, it's impossible for someone to do what the Prince does and not become what the Prince is...

The only 'no pain' ending is technically the staying ending since that's the only one where everyone ends up truly free. Ah, I really would like to say what happens to the Kingdom XD

I guess you could say all of the choices have prices depending on how you think of it.
Thanks a lot! It'll be sitting on the back burner until it's cooked or boils away, lol. Thanks sooo much for playing.

Re: Of Ice & Snow [Drama] [Fantasy] [Romance]

Posted: Mon Nov 06, 2017 5:51 am
by pyopyon
Of Ice & Snow has a small update! There has been one CG added.