WHoCDASoC [BxB][BL][Gintama][anime fanfiction][VN]

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WHoCDASoC [BxB][BL][Gintama][anime fanfiction][VN]

#1 Post by aeri » Wed Feb 15, 2017 2:54 am

What Happens on Camera Doesn’t Always Stay on Camera is a free, fan-made visual novel game dedicated to the pairing, Sakata Gintoki and Hijikata Toushiro, from the series Gintama.


This story is directly based on the fan fiction written by Aero on archiveofourown (AO3).

Summary written by Aero from AO3: Kissing a stranger video GinHijiGin style – Gintoki and Hijikata meet as strangers and the first thing they have to do is kiss each other.

Official Release Link: https://fawningtales.itch.io/ginhiji-whocdasoc

Author: Aero
Sprite Artist: Silvia
CG Artist: Aku
Coordinator/Programmer: Aeri
Other credits given in the game for background, music, and etc.

Other screenshots

Length: 1 hour minimum.
Planned Platforms: Windows, Mac
Features: Multiple bad endings, one good ending, and one best ending

If you enjoy Aero's story, Silvia's art, and Aku's art please support them and keep up with their updates via their tumblr!)

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