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Re: Cinderella Phenomenon [GxB/Free]

#61 Post by Lirch » Thu Aug 03, 2017 7:54 am

did someone mention Varg fanfiction? Because we are writing a story, too. Varg fans unite! (also took the chance to practice drawing people by adding illustrations. By now I have stopped counting haw many times I have drawn Varg. I might be obsessed)
We love all the characters, though, so we tried to include almost everyone. It's so rare to see interesting side characters in a game like this.
My Otome blog basically consists of Cinderella Phenomenon fanart. I am already excited for the next game :lol:

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Re: Cinderella Phenomenon [GxB/Free]

#62 Post by SueshiRoll » Wed Sep 06, 2017 11:50 pm

I finished the final route last week and oh man... This was all so amazing. (I even have the opening theme video on Wallpaper_Engine now)

1. What do you think of the plot?
Honestly, at first, I was a little skeptical. I've seen some things that tried to do something twist-on-fairy tale thing and it wasn't the best. It came out awkward. But Cinderella Phenomonen did it so perfectly. It was the right amount of original with a hint of familiar. Turning the tales we look up to as children into curses? Yes, please.
And I loved the familial relationships in this too. A lot of visual novels that feature mostly romance don't seem to outreach to the other characters that often. I loved Emelaigne so much. I felt so horrible for her since realistically, the rags to riches thing would have been horrendously stressful. Being made crown princess over night? No thank you.
But the dad... My heart... That relationship was the most painful and "feels" ride of the series IMO. And I loved that. It helped flesh out the protagonist and the world so much.
And the mom? She is definitely one of those characters you love to hate. Especially when her "mothering" lessons resemble what some other hurt mothers tell their "treasured" children too. I'm sure that touched those of us that actually had a strained relationship with their own mothers.
2. Which route did you like the most and why?
Waltz. Hands down. One, for how much healthier he seemed to me for a future relationship. Two, for the depth given to the protagonist's relationship with her dad.
And the pain of losing him! Because I'm a masochist...
Third, because Peter Pan was always my favorite fairy tale growing up. Lol

Second was definitely Fritz's. Mainly because of how close you get with Delora. She always seemed like a fairy godmother in the other routes, but she felt more like family in that one.
And the pain of losing her! After learning about her daughter! Because, again, I'm a masochist...
But I loved Varg. I felt so bad for him, even if he was a POS some of the time.
(Maybe after some therapy, he could've been normal. But he wasn't really a healthy entity... So meh) I hope that he gets a happy ending in the many fanfictions I see that some are making. Lol
3. Do you have any questions? Critiques? Feedback?
Thank you for not making a one dimensional main character. She was such a breath of fresh air. I love her to bits and pieces.

I have one question: When are you making more? Because I can't wait to read through those too. Lol

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Re: Cinderella Phenomenon [GxB/Free]

#63 Post by Cakey » Fri Sep 08, 2017 2:51 pm

Plot is amazing. And actually every route is nice and interesting(I played Rod, Karma and Waltz so far). There was parts that made me impatient. Mostly it was obvious parts when I knew what will happen and waited for resolution. I really liked Rod route
as it made the most of sence and had actual consequences and ending that don't look like "Happy ever after" but still happy. I liked an idea of redemption by reparing awful things that she done. Also the characters were VERY sturdy in that route. Waltz route was a little but overromantic. It was cute and stuff. The relationship was awesome but protagonist didn't seem to act the same way as she was in castle. Like she changed too fast and it was so dramatic that it didn't seem real. But it is just personal opinion, which isn't objective at all ;). I might as well just clinge too much to Rod route where her character was seemingly different
I thing that game is worth to play. Artstyle was nice, music and stuff - very nice. I don't think that I played better game before. Well done guys ;)

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Re: Cinderella Phenomenon [GxB/Free]

#64 Post by Mammon » Fri Sep 08, 2017 5:22 pm

Just played the game, and while it was a mixed bag at times I liked it overall. The massive storyline and diversity of the story between the characters where each one explored something different aside from the romance (f.e. your relation with your sister or father being highlighted rather than all the reconciliations with and development of side-characters being shoved together in one common scenes part of all routes.) was definately a plus, as well as the later stories exploring parts that were nicely hinted at yet not spoiled in previous routes I played.

Something that did bug me the entire time was the good and evil part of the story, and how both Lucette's development and the world did seem to adapt to it completely. I know that as a fairy tale type story it's supposed to be this way, but it also had that tinge of seriousness that couldn't make me just forget about it.
The humans beginning the whole conflict by capturing and burning the witches alive immediately made me consider the witches justified in their cause, so I played the entire game with a mixed feeling whenever the plot was portraying them as the bad guys. Not even the parts where the queen returns and amp'd the evil to new heights do I believe them to be the absolute and unforgivable villains. The humans started it without just cause and the witches even retaliated with non-lethal curses for the most part. They sounded like the unfortunate victims most of the time, and Lucette's comment about the humans being at fault somewhere in the beginning was the first moment I liked her character. It's too bad that side of her was barely explored, and that she instead bended to the plot to becoming good.

My opinion of which LI was best might be a bit different in reasoning from most, as I'm a man who likes to play a game romancing the MC rather than her love interest.
Which unfortunately meant I did tend to grow less fond of Lucette as the story progresses in a few routes, I liked her as an ice princess wary of the world. To someone of royal blood in those times, that's a pretty healthy and smart way to be. Her judgement was sound and neutral at the beginning of the game and her attitude was justifyable in any other scenario because normal people can give a selfish reason for wanting to help her (even if they have to make one up). But, best guys: Myth (Doesn't matter that he's no LI, he's the best.), Karma (self-obsessed and vain in a way I felt the princess could trust, unlike others he was never being generous without reason. And being a prince, a marriage between them is the only one the kingdom would actually benefit from.), Fritz (It's the closest to evil Lucette I got...), Waltz (Nice father moments), Rod and Rumpel (Neither a fan of tsundere nor the pervert with a golden heart so these were meh to me.)

Want some CC sprites?

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Re: Cinderella Phenomenon [GxB/Free]

#65 Post by sanashi27 » Mon Sep 25, 2017 6:18 am

1. What do you think of the plot?

The plot is interesting and the execution of it is something I'd have to applaud. The story as a whole is very engaging. The twisting of fairy tales and such is pretty cool. It makes one wonder how things will turn out. Some of the small plot points are easily guessed but many of what those entail aren't making the story still suspenseful.

2. Which route did you liked the most and why?

Waltz of course as he's a really nice guy and what happens next was awesome although I had hoped everyone gets a happy ever after on his route as I assume he's the canon path? I mean the deaths... I was struggling not to cry. His route though gave everyone some kind of closure especially to Lucette's relationship with her father. It's really painful seeing in other routes that her family seems happier without her. On a side note, Waltz as a child is adorable.

2nd is Rod's. Probably loved his route due to the prologue. You see how strained Lucette's relationship with her family is and Rod's route gives you a chance to fix it. It was like a whole story on it's own since the prologue directly links to his route. It's also kind of cute. His bad end hits pretty badly ones you know in later routes that you could have helped him when you get to be a you-know-what on your birthday. In short, I don't like Rod as a love interest but I do love his route for what I could do in it.

3. Do you have any questions? Critiques? Feedback?

On other routes: Karma is nice but him being mean and snapping at Lucette at times (he has his reasons, I know) scared me. I don't like it when that happens to me in real life and I certainly don't like seeing that kind of scene in a game. Lucette learning to fight is nice to see as well.

Fritz's route makes sense as in every other route, Lucette seems to care a lot about him. Whenever something about that palace comes up, she ask about her family then about Fritz. I love the fact that in every route (except Waltz), Lucette shows concern for others but she gives excuses loudly or in her thoughts. Whenever she shows any concern/worry about Fritz, she doesn't. She genuinely cares. It's sad that Fritz rarely shows up on his own route given it's nature so it felt kind of detached. Also, the beginning of it made me uneasy. Being taken to the Leverton residence and meeting Alcaster there, my head was screaming 'No, no, no, no... take me back to the Marchen please!'. I've played enough routes and I really don't like being near Alcaster or Mythros.

Rumpel is really like Karma but their routes are opposite to each other. While Karma's teach you to protect by fighting, Rumpel's teach you how to help by curing. Nice contrast. Rumpel acts like the Prince Type of this game (ala Tamaki Suoh with his constant flirting and flattery) but it's nice to see he has flaws believable of his character personality. I don't like him as a love interest either but he does seem to be a good friend if need be.

I love all of the (nice) characters, hated the bad ones and cried for those who died. I love the story progression. This is one of those otome games that does things differently and wonderfully. Many otoge has the MC helping the chosen love interest and they fall for you just like that. In this one, once you choose a route, none of the other love interest would try to get in the way of your chosen guy and the interaction they have all to themselves makes their romantic relationship progression believable. The MC having a personality is great as well as she wasn't annoying and that her helping the chosen love interest isn't just what gets them together- the love interest helps her grow, too making their relationship not shallow like many other otome games. None of the choices (right or wrong) makes her out-of-character as any of them could be something she'd do. It feels less fake like you're tailoring her to something she is not. I also love the fact that even if you don't pick the other guys' routes, you can still help the others in the end as stated with each epilogues. It eases my worries for them lol

I just hoped though that the choices actually affect the story instead of just how the love interest see Lucette. Like, it could avoid a death. Like using Parfait's potion instead of asking Waltz for help would avoid a death. Or...
Having Lucette push her father towards the portal back to the Marchen and end up being with Waltz in the castle. No doubt they would have had more chances at surviving together than have Lucette be with her dad. Sure they had a Father-Daughter moment they needed for so long but that could be done at the Marchen once Lucette and Waltz escaped.
Also that no matter what choice you take, you can still get all the cgs and the only real challenge are the last 2 depending on which ending you get. I've played a lot of VNs/Otoge and basically, I treat the cg as achievements on their own. Like I knew I did something important if I get one. But then again, this is already a free game and I can't expect you guys to give more effort on those parts while trying to finish the whole thing.

Anyways, besides that the whole game is so engaging I feel myself caring too much. I'm hurt when Lucette is hurt and happy when she's happy. The game is so wonderfully made, I don't think I can play anything else right now that couldn't live up to the standards this game had just set. And as a free game at that!

As for the game itself: it has beautifully drawn cgs (although I've noticed the quality varies as some aren't as good as others), character sprites, bg, game menus and wonderful OP video/song. It's a wonder how this isn't commercial. Everything is so beautiful. There are some errors though: pressing the FF button the first time gave an error and then closed my game. One time I load a past save, there was an error (nothing a rollback couldn't fix though). There were no grammar mistakes but I believe there is one mistake in Rumpel's route wherein Parfait is talking about the Crystallum Lucis but instead of calling it a 'crystallum', it says 'Tenebrarum Lucis'.

Lastly, I can't get one achievement although judging by it's name, I guess it's cause I constantly save and get back to choices I picked wrong and change them. I tried playing a couple of routes without saving or going back if I did wrong and I keep getting Bad Ends. XD

Anyways, really awesome game. And by that I mean really great work, everyone! I remember your first game being a twist of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears, right? Now it's Cinderella (and a lot of other fairy tales). What's next I wonder? I would love to play another game of yours but I can only afford to play free ones. It would be a shame if you'd never make commercial ones though as you guys could probably make money off your talents for making something of this quality. If you guys could make a free game look this professional, I can only imagine what you guys could do if it's commercial.

Thank you for this wonderful game. It now belongs to my list of favorites. Highly recommended for everyone! Well... not everyone as this set the standard for free games a bit higher than what many free games can give lol. They should play other games first before going through something this good.
Playing games are wonderful. It's like living another life although short, yet it's unforgettable.

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Re: Cinderella Phenomenon [GxB/Free]

#66 Post by mangopirate » Wed Oct 11, 2017 9:59 pm

Made the account just the comment on the game.
At first I felt it was a bit too animey but it's a really solid and enjoyable piece regardless.
The world is a bit confusing in itself (modern couches in tavern? Rumpel looking like a hipster?? is it medieval England, medieval France, medieval Denmark, what's going on here).
The sprites were all beautiful (costume design was sometimes weird), mixed feelings about cgs, gui and background look awe-gaping amazing.

Protagonist was well made and human. A lot of romantic vns and books like to make the heroine a blank slate which is tired and I don't believe very effective as even the blank slate has dialog and unfortunately you have to suffer through it - you can't pick your responses in medium like that. I also could never project myself well on what I've seen as (bad) established characters.
A word on LIs:
I like how every LI taught Lucette something different. Swordplay with Karma, Magic(and rousing speeches ;)) with Waltz, Being kind and knowing when to stab a guy (very important!) with Rumpel - wait, that makes Rod pretty useless... I guess he taught her was how to block swords with your chest. At least he can dance :wink:
Her character development sometimes felt faster than in other routes, sometimes rushed but at the same time it was clear from beginning she was an unhappy, abused teen who maybe wanted to change.
I first went for Rod. Mostly curious what was with the hatey-hatey tsun tsun stuff. Boy, he made some poor decisions. He seemed a bit surly for no reason, I guess it is understandable with the sword hanging over him. In the end I though he was a nice kid and I liked his ending. I'm a sucker for drama.
Sebby is adorable. I hope he comes back as a real boy. Being a witch would explain how he's a sentient, mind reading plushie.
He did seemed a bit more human than Rod, who mostly spent his route being unhappy with everyone. Until the ending that is, where his selfishness was merely glossed over. It's a huge flaw as far as love interests go. I felt it could be a little more flashed out. "Stay away I hurt you" is bit tired, too.
I liked his flamboyant attitude and subtle approach but I prefer him as anything but a LI. I'm not sure if you are ever planning a sequel but giving everyone some extra time to become friends with heroine on screen and shine would be nice.
After noticing he was the least popular and him being... cheesy and annoying, I wasn't sure I even wanted to do his route but I got curious. Especially since everyone mention he was selfless... to the point of being selfish - that's a nice touch.
He definitely exceeded my expectations. I honestly went back and forth with viewing him a "molester looking dude who looks like librarian who wants to be an indie rockstar" to "awwwwwhh what a cutie pie". Verdict: cutie pie who needs a stylist.
I was surprised when he ended up killing Myth. Not sure if it was in self defense or vengeance, but it was a nice twist.
Waltz is just cute. Yes, he is a bit too perfect but it's doesn't bother me - we don't spend a lot of time on him (but easiest character flaws that would fit him and his story - being childish, running away from problems). His route was very whimsical (I also love Peter Pan) and he seemed the most normal of the bunch.
Fritz route was strange. It felt like a bad end, with all the worst things happening at first and he barely participated in it, he was perpetually lost and out of loop. No wonder most people here prefer Varg.
Fritz is sweet, sometimes too sweet and he doesn't get the chance to shine as much as his other half. It was interesting when he started pulling the whole "You like my split personality better!" jealously crap, as if he's split personality wasn't around more(pre-game) in the first place.
Side characters

He screamed "witch!" from miles away. He's nuts. I don't even feel sorry for him, at this point of his tragic love for the main villain he was just being stupid. Oh sure, that woman that you saw being anything but forgiving and merciful and spouting such wisdom as "everyone for themselves", she seems like a great, grateful person to risk your life for.
In the end it seems nearly abusive, what her fiance did to her. But she still wanted him back enough to try to change him by concealing the inconvenient parts of their story... where did she think it would lead? If not back in the same place.
Evil is colorful. I was surprised she looked more like a beautiful exotic dancer instead of a Queen. Also her attitude was more primadonna complex than ice queen - which is actually nice, as the former would make her a bit dull. For someone who was mind raped every time a witch died, she's holding up well. Inspired by Tangled?
The witch sure is snarky. Sometimes cruel. Sometimes she makes really poor decisions, like in Fritz route where she insisted on keeping Lucette ignorant about Alcaster.
What you mean there's no Annice route?

The King
Once it became obvious he hated his first wife and she was a witch, it became obvious in order for his daughter to be conceived - well, magical rape(well, that sure turned dark). It's amazing he didn't hated his daughter, though instead he was indecisive, but willing to change. He seemed very powerless in every route. Feeling a bit bad for him.
She's very likeable. I liked the ball scene, would be fun if Lucette helped her find a fiance on one of those.

I have to say, I'm very grateful for the indicator as choices aren't really intuitive(that is a bane of jap vns, this is not a feature >:c and those don't come with indicator! It is not fun to require a guide to finish a game).

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Re: Cinderella Phenomenon [GxB/Free]

#67 Post by Pixelen » Sat Oct 14, 2017 5:30 pm

Love the game, just got an error reloading a save on Rumpel's route so quoting it here:

Code: Select all

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:
  File "game/rumpel_chp9.rpy", line 1081, in script
Exception: Switch could not choose a displayable.

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:
  File "game/rumpel_chp9.rpy", line 1081, in script
  File "/Users/helenmonaghan/Games/Cinderella", line 1459, in execute
    choice =, self.set)
  File "/Users/helenmonaghan/Games/Cinderella", line 847, in menu
    rv =
  File "/Users/helenmonaghan/Games/Cinderella", line 1033, in display_menu
    rv = renpy.ui.interact(mouse='menu', type=type, roll_forward=roll_forward)
  File "/Users/helenmonaghan/Games/Cinderella", line 285, in interact
    rv =, **kwargs)
  File "/Users/helenmonaghan/Games/Cinderella", line 2526, in interact
    repeat, rv = self.interact_core(preloads=preloads, trans_pause=trans_pause, **kwargs)
  File "/Users/helenmonaghan/Games/Cinderella", line 2883, in interact_core
    self.draw_screen(root_widget, fullscreen_video, (not fullscreen_video) or video_frame_drawn)
  File "/Users/helenmonaghan/Games/Cinderella", line 1955, in draw_screen
  File "renpy/display/render.pyx", line 427, in renpy.display.render.render_screen (gen/renpy.display.render.c:6806)
    rv = render(root, width, height, 0, 0)
  File "renpy/display/render.pyx", line 196, in renpy.display.render.render (gen/renpy.display.render.c:2978)
    rv = d.render(widtho, heighto, st, at)
  File "/Users/helenmonaghan/Games/Cinderella", line 693, in render
    surf = render(child, width, height, cst, cat)
  File "renpy/display/render.pyx", line 110, in renpy.display.render.render (gen/renpy.display.render.c:3440)
    cpdef render(d, object widtho, object heighto, double st, double at):
  File "renpy/display/render.pyx", line 196, in renpy.display.render.render (gen/renpy.display.render.c:2978)
    rv = d.render(widtho, heighto, st, at)
  File "/Users/helenmonaghan/Games/Cinderella", line 360, in render
    bottom = render(self.old_widget, width, height, st, at)
  File "renpy/display/render.pyx", line 110, in renpy.display.render.render (gen/renpy.display.render.c:3440)
    cpdef render(d, object widtho, object heighto, double st, double at):
  File "renpy/display/render.pyx", line 196, in renpy.display.render.render (gen/renpy.display.render.c:2978)
    rv = d.render(widtho, heighto, st, at)
  File "/Users/helenmonaghan/Games/Cinderella", line 693, in render
    surf = render(child, width, height, cst, cat)
  File "renpy/display/render.pyx", line 110, in renpy.display.render.render (gen/renpy.display.render.c:3440)
    cpdef render(d, object widtho, object heighto, double st, double at):
  File "renpy/display/render.pyx", line 196, in renpy.display.render.render (gen/renpy.display.render.c:2978)
    rv = d.render(widtho, heighto, st, at)
  File "/Users/helenmonaghan/Games/Cinderella", line 693, in render
    surf = render(child, width, height, cst, cat)
  File "renpy/display/render.pyx", line 110, in renpy.display.render.render (gen/renpy.display.render.c:3440)
    cpdef render(d, object widtho, object heighto, double st, double at):
  File "renpy/display/render.pyx", line 196, in renpy.display.render.render (gen/renpy.display.render.c:2978)
    rv = d.render(widtho, heighto, st, at)
  File "renpy/display/accelerator.pyx", line 108, in renpy.display.accelerator.transform_render (gen/renpy.display.accelerator.c:2027)
    cr = render(child, widtho, heighto, st - self.child_st_base, at)
  File "renpy/display/render.pyx", line 196, in renpy.display.render.render (gen/renpy.display.render.c:2978)
    rv = d.render(widtho, heighto, st, at)
  File "/Users/helenmonaghan/Games/Cinderella", line 387, in render
    return wrap_render(, width, height, st, at)
  File "/Users/helenmonaghan/Games/Cinderella", line 208, in wrap_render
    rend = render(child, w, h, st, at)
  File "renpy/display/render.pyx", line 110, in renpy.display.render.render (gen/renpy.display.render.c:3440)
    cpdef render(d, object widtho, object heighto, double st, double at):
  File "renpy/display/render.pyx", line 196, in renpy.display.render.render (gen/renpy.display.render.c:2978)
    rv = d.render(widtho, heighto, st, at)
  File "/Users/helenmonaghan/Games/Cinderella", line 318, in render
    surf = render(self.child, width, height, st, at)
  File "renpy/display/render.pyx", line 110, in renpy.display.render.render (gen/renpy.display.render.c:3440)
    cpdef render(d, object widtho, object heighto, double st, double at):
  File "renpy/display/render.pyx", line 196, in renpy.display.render.render (gen/renpy.display.render.c:2978)
    rv = d.render(widtho, heighto, st, at)
  File "/Users/helenmonaghan/Games/Cinderella", line 1222, in render
    self.update(st, at)
  File "/Users/helenmonaghan/Games/Cinderella", line 1209, in update
    child, redraw = self.function(st, at, *self.args, **self.kwargs)
  File "/Users/helenmonaghan/Games/Cinderella", line 1274, in condition_switch_show
    return condition_switch_pick(switch), None
  File "/Users/helenmonaghan/Games/Cinderella", line 1270, in condition_switch_pick
    raise Exception("Switch could not choose a displayable.")
Exception: Switch could not choose a displayable.

Cinderella Phenomenon 1.1

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