Cinderella Phenomenon [GxB/Free]

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Re: Cinderella Phenomenon [GxB/Free]

#46 Post by TanysiaCelina » Wed May 17, 2017 11:53 am

1. What do you think of the plot?
I like the way how much fantasy you use for the main charachter. I loved how she changed so much. From a cold-hearted person to a good person.
2. Which route did you liked the most and why? I liked Wratz a lot he is really cute and I admire him so much. He really does love her and I like that.
3. Do you have any questions? Critiques? Feedback? I don't have any questions. I really love the game

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Re: Cinderella Phenomenon [GxB/Free]

#47 Post by sumia » Wed May 17, 2017 7:06 pm

I made an account just so I could post a comment here. I really loved CP! I thought it was a fantastic game, even compared to a lot of the paid otomes that I've played. I loved it so much, in fact, that I did nothing yesterday and today just so I could finish it.

I think my favorite route would have to be a tie between Rod and Waltz. I usually like characters based off of first impression and I was right. Rod was my favorite out of the three unlocked routes, and Waltz was my favorite overall.

I didn't expect to tie him for first place. Maybe it was because his route was the first that I played so everything that happened was a surprise to me and I could feel myself slowly grow to care about all the characters? I mean, I also love tsunderes!! He was so shy and cute. I can't really pinpoint the specific scenes I enjoyed or reasons why I liked his route as much as I did, since I did play through his route first and my memory's foggy. But after playing it, it left me feeling really fluffy and warm inside. ..well the ending was a little bittersweet. I'm just waiting for the fandisk on that one.

Karma and Rumpel
Grouping them together because I didn't really like either of them that much. It was probably because I was just so excited to play Fritz and Waltz's routes. Karma was my preferred of the two, but the route didn't really leave me with a strong impression of any sort. Karma kind of frustrated me with the whole "I loved a woman before you and she hurt me" and then acting cold towards Lucette. When I play otomes, I find it more romantic if the bachelor has pinned after only the heroine, but that's a personal preference. This is also why I really didn't enjoy Rumpel's route. Of course, an old love interest was relevant in Rod's route too, but I was more okay with it since I liked Rod's character. Rumpel on the other hand...
I didn't like his character design. Compared to everyone else, his stood out, and not in a good way. His design looks too.. modern? Different? Even though I love glasses, I really didn't like those red frames on him. But that's just me. I also don't really like the hopelessly selfless type and I sympathized with Bria more than I would have liked. Overall, I can't say that I HATED Rumpel, but he's definitely my least favorite of the bunch.

I decided to save his route for last because after I finished the three unlocked routes I was just too impatient to keep my hands off Waltz lol.. BAD IDEA. The ending was so tragic and I don't feel so good now. I feel kind of neutral about the romance that happened in this route, but the story in this route definitely moved me the most when everyone started dying...
I feel like Fritz was a side character to Varg, but I actually didn't come to care for Varg that much unlike a lot of other readers. He just established himself as too much of a bad dude in the earlier routes, and when he kissed Lucette out of the blue I was kind of like ?_? Up to that point I had no idea either of them felt positive emotions towards each other. Maybe I'm just oblivious lol. I love the dedication and love that Fritz shows towards Lucette though, you can really picture them living happily ever after.

HE'S SO CUTE I LOVE HIM. The moment I was introduced to all the bachelors, I knew that I wanted to go for Waltz right away. Even when he showed up in the other routes,
he was so kind and selfless when it came to Lucette. It surprised me that him and Lucette were childhood friends, but it was a pleasant one, since I'm a fan of the childhood friend trope.
His route is tied with Rod's though because it lacked it romance and more character development (on his part, there was plenty of development for Lucette), while Rod's route was full of that. There was nothing he did at the end that he wouldn't have done at the beginning, if that makes sense. To be honest, since I'm a sucker for the whole childhood friend thing they had going on, I was hoping that there would be more memories of them together as kids triggered for Lucette. Or maybe instead of having Waltz tell her stuff like "Hey, I'm buying you this candy apple because I said I would WHEN WE WERE KIDS" and "I'm taking you around town because I said I would WHEN WE WERE KIDS", it could have been handled as a big revelation for Lucette near the climax of the story? Maybe Waltz gets injured or something and she remembers all the promises idk I'm kind of pulling stuff out of my ass. But yea. Their romance and past came as kind of ham-fisted for me. I still really enjoyed it overall, and I'm happy that Waltz was the main route! It was a nice way to tie the whole story to an end (or would have.. if I was patient enough to play Fritz's story before his lol)

As for critiques and feedback:

I feel like there's a big disparity between some of the sprites and CGs. I really really liked how Lucette was drawn in all the sprites and I can definitely tell the effort that went into her artwork. But some other characters and CGs looked a little awkward? After finishing the game, I feel like I'm still left wanting more. If you guys decide to make a paid game with a longer, more developed story, I would 100% support it. I can't wait for the fandisk to come out, but I'll check out Locked Hearts while I do!

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Re: Cinderella Phenomenon [GxB/Free]

#48 Post by Alia » Mon May 29, 2017 12:29 pm

Longer response later after I replay everything, but for now:

Whee, found an Easter egg! Mythros has Deon's neckcloth! (Deon from "Locked Heart.")

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Re: Cinderella Phenomenon [GxB/Free]

#49 Post by Hildegard » Sun Jun 04, 2017 4:35 pm

Actually, I've registered here only to comment on your game as well as the player above. CINDERELLA PHENOMENON IS INCREDIBLE. And it's not just simply awesome, it is truly one of my favourite visual novels now. I still remember how excited I was playing the Locked Heart, but this game touched me even more. Everything is amazing!

Now to specify:

1. What do you think of the plot?
Aww, I can't express how I much I love it, honestly. Though, of course, all routes share one plot, a specific part of it is showed in its own unique way in each route. I really like the maturity of the story and that the plot focused on such interested and complicated topics like
child abuse (I think it's indeed the case with Hildyr and the heroine, right?), life with a step-family, public pressure, humanism
and so on. And what I enjoy the most that you went truly deep with each of these topics.

2. Which route did you liked the most and why?
I'd say I do not have the most favourite route since I found all of them very unique. But... Well, I do like Fritz route the most. However, I prefer to comment on each of it.

He was my 4th bachelor to meet since I reeeeally didn't like him from the very beginning (I felt so much tension between him and the heroine that I just disliked him from the start :lol: ). Of course, you proved me that he's also an amazing character and I'm very thankful to you for that. I like a lot his tsundere outbursts :mrgreen: Suprisingly, even though I thought it would feel so wrong to date him, everything went pretty smoothly, and it was a big pleasure to watch this love/hate relationships. The same words go for Emelaigne - I don't really like such type of character and yet I felt sympathy for her and even Ophelia. And Sebby won my heart! I felt so bad to tell him he wasn't doing his job well T__T

My first route to play! Karma looks too charming to leave him for later, so I just couldn't resist. I'd like to outline the "elegance" of this route, though I'm not sure how to explain what I mean. It's just... well, it feels that Karma is a nobleman in all senses. He has some spirit around him, and I'm not talking only about his appearance. It's something much more than that and it makes me like him a lot. I think even his curse is "elegant" :) Of course, I would love to say a special thanks for his appearance too - haven't seen anyone nearly as magnificent as Karma.
And it was so sweet to see Jurien and Garlan together at the end!

As other players have already mentioned, he feels like the most human along other bachelors and, maybe, kind of an ordinary man you could meet on the streets. But this is exactly what makes him so special! Yes, his route lacks some magical or fairy feeling, yet it is the only one to show the idea of humanism so clearly. I'm so found of Rumpel just because he is against putting pressure on people, giving them commands and trying to act too manly just to show off. It was also very interesting to learn about Bria and her whole situation with Rumpel. The idea of showing many aspects of the side characters is brilliant!

OH MY GOD. You know what I've been doing during playing his route. Crying&crying&crying&crying. I remember just a few VNs that did this to me. Nevertheless, it is my favourite route since I think it is the most realistic one. And, finally, I could see the relationships of Hildyr and her fairest one.
First of all, it was so unexpected and pretty uncomfortable to act outside of Marchen from the very beginning. All these things with escape from the tavern, suddenly meeting Fritz and doubting Alcaster in his own house didn't put me at ease. Then I was so happy when Delora showed up! In my opinion, the relationships between her and heroine are shown the best way ever comparing to other routes. I almost cried when princess curled up in bed with doll-sized Delora. Then I actually cried when I learnt about her daughter and, well, you can imagine what happened to me after I saw her dying.
And here I discovered Hildyr for the first time. I was kind of prepared how she might act since she was long way broken even before giving birth to heroine, but never expected this much. Don't want to think what Hildyr was through during the genocide of her own kind, taking into consideration she could feel every death of her witch. And I don't want to blame her for everything she did to Angielle, to the father of Genaro and Genaro himself. Of course, Hildyr can never return to who she was in the beginning. I doubt that Parfait would if all of that happened to fairies. And I really like how you displayed Hildyr raising her child - I thought so much about how parents become broken and then, giving up their hopes, teach their children how terrible is the world they live even though they, parents, can truly love their dearest ones. Same with Hildyr. I like to think she still loves Lucette more than anyone in this world and she really feels she's saving her daughter from all the suffering, pain and hurt Huldyr faced herself. And one more thing - could it be that the Queen is still afraid to be left all alone with only traitors around her? Is it why she didn't kill Lucette though her daughter was clearly against her?
Overall, I'm glad that you showed that even if the heroine loved her mother so much, she opposed her. You know, it has so much to do with the real life issues that it made me cry too.
And yet, returning to Great War I can't help but feel curious about this genocide - couldn't fairies somehow shelter witches or help them? Couldn't Genaro as a prince (since he's like kind to everyone and doesn't want anyone to suffer) at least try to act against his father? And it doesn't sound very convincing that a simple fairytale could turn all people against witches - the ones that are much more powerful thanks to their magic. I tried to think of something like a curse spreading with these fairytales that actually made people kill witches - maybe the author (I know he than tried to reverse the effect of his stories, but, well, my theory is only a theory) or some other villain did it. It's easier for me personally to explain the genocide this way, but maybe you will highlight this in FD.
Finally, about Fritz and Varg! I know many players said they lack the interactions of these bachelors with the heroine, but for me everything was fine. I kind of took it for granted that Fritz loved her for several years already and I could feel it in other routes, indeed. "Loyal knights in shining armour" aren't actually my type, but he looked so pure and kind to her, though he was the only one near Lucetter during her hardest years. Honestly don't want to imagine how grim, stern and depressed she was with him that time. And yet he found so many things about her to adore! The thought of that really made my heart melt. At the same time, Varg warns us about the darker side of Fritz he hides. I'd like to know more about it as well as other players, so I'll definitely wait for FD! What I'd like to say about Varg is nothing new - yeah, I like the Big Bad Wolf since he has much more courage than Fritz does. He does not deny his feelings for princess, moreover, he opened up to her so early it made me jump! I respect him for that since he knew there's not so much time left. And I felt incredibly sad when he just... vanished. I truly wanted him to fight with Fritz for Lucette's affection. Anyway, it fits the plot and, concerning the curcumstances, doesn't feel wrong in the end.
By the way, now I associate the "Dark Percussions" ost with Varg and his cane only. Awesome combination.
To sum up, Fritz/Varg route revealed so much about relationships of the heroine with others that it really made me love it. I still like to think this is the true route of this VN because it felt overly realistic to me.

I've always had a special interest in Peter Pan tale, so I was eager to learn about Waltz route. It was a suprise for me that he not only new Lucette, but befrended her a long time ago. For some reason I thought that if Mythros was Hildyr's apprentice and didn't come close to heroine ever, so did Waltz. It was bittersweet to see his face at the start when he tried to teach the princess about goodness. As if he's fighting with his feelings every moment. One of the nicest part of the game was to learn it's actually Lucette who teached Waltz sewing, and after all these years he's still doing it as it is something so greatly intimate to him. The other nice part was to see the heroine buying that teddy bear for a little girl. It almost made me cry when I remembered Lucette so desperate to have a little sign from the king that he loves her. And this is the only route I started to somehow like Genaro. His actions are pretty understandable as he was so much threatened by Hildyr, however, he could truly care more about his daughter when the Queen was defeated.

Side characters!

I didn't care a lot about him in the beginning, but then I unexpectedly started to like him. What made him so obsessed with his teacher? Were his parents killed by humans as he clearly dislikes them? How could he act around Lucette if there was no chance for Queen to be brought back to life from the start? Now I feel like I'd love to see him as one of Lucette's bachelors teaching her magic and so on. Yes, I agree it's a crazy idea :lol:

Emelaigne and Ophelia:
as I already mentioned I didn't really liked them at first, but Rod and Waltz routes made me understand them better. I'm very impressed with your ability to change opinions of people in almost no time!

Delora and Parfait:
to be honest, I like Delora more since I've seen her in Fritz route. The comparison of the heroine with Delora's murdered daughter made my heart ache. However, it doesn't mean I don't like Parfait. She was always so sweet and tried to put thing nicely for the princess. I was sad when she died both in Rumpel, Fritz and Waltz routes.

3. Do you have any questions? Critiques? Feedback?

I have some questions concerning the genocide of witches as it went to smoothly for me.
Also the other thing is about destroying the Cristalls - why it turned to be only about magic disappearing, not like the world itself since the Cristalls maintaned the balance of good and evil?

No critiques at all! Magnificent work! When I just saw the art I remembered the Locked Heart in a second and was already ready to download. I never imagined this story to be so awesome in all aspects: art, music, plot, characters! No wonder it took you a year to accomplish that. It'll be sad if we have to wait for so long for the other peace of art to be made, but I'm ready to wait. Your works are always worth it.

Thank you so much!

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Re: Cinderella Phenomenon [GxB/Free]

#50 Post by Meyismyname » Sun Jun 04, 2017 11:51 pm

Some day I am going to write a very long post answering your questions and talking about how much I love this game and how it is one of my favorite visual novels of all time and how amazing it is and omg it's FREE. But I'm lazy, so that time is not going to be right now lol. But I just had to post something because this game made me feel so many feels and it's so well written and all the characters are great and the art is all beautiful and aaaaah! I just love it so much?

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Re: Cinderella Phenomenon [GxB/Free]

#51 Post by TellerFarsight » Thu Jun 15, 2017 7:56 pm

I stumbled upon this on Steam one day, and this is what got me into visual novels.

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Re: Cinderella Phenomenon [GxB/Free]

#52 Post by ryhadela » Sun Jun 18, 2017 10:18 am

I have only play both Rod's rutes and all I can say is... this vn is truly amazing!
It's too good to be true you made this game free. I deeply appreciate this team to make such a remarkable game.
I will post again after finishing another rutes.

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Re: Cinderella Phenomenon [GxB/Free]

#53 Post by MomoiroGirl » Sun Jun 18, 2017 10:03 pm

This looks utterly AMAZING! Just started downloading it on Steam, I will probably get to it this weekend! Right off the bat, the art is absolutely gorgeous, and I already like the main character! :D

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Re: Cinderella Phenomenon [GxB/Free]

#54 Post by adabella100 » Fri Jun 23, 2017 4:27 pm

Someone help me break the curse please!I had been planning to take a break for a week after reading one of the routes, but oh, well, the Varg inside me wouldn't let me, so i just did as he ordered:One route per day(Actually i had planned to, but its the 2nd day and i've already finished 3 of them and now i'm starting the forth):))
Cinderella Phenomenon is outstanding from each angle;even for someone like me who was so deeply in love with The thing with Mistletoes,Witch spell and of course, "Locked Heart" who wouldn't think there could be any more interesting VNs could be published.
I must congratulate you with your hard work.And i would always wish to meet the script writer ^^
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Re: Cinderella Phenomenon [GxB/Free]

#55 Post by KrystalFlare » Thu Jun 29, 2017 8:17 am

Well, this is only the third or fourth game I’ve ever actually reviewed on this website. It’s not every day that I come across a VN which leaves such a strong impression on me that I simply cannot stop playing it. But gosh this game was SO GOOD!!! And the fact that it's of stellar quality, while still being a free game, honestly puts to shame a lot of commercial VNs out there. But, like with the last game I reviewed here, I’ll start by apologizing if it’s too long or if I ramble on too much. So with that said, let’s get right into it, shall we?

Story & Writing:
As I often like to mention, this is the main reason I play VNs – I enjoy reading a good story. As a wannabe writer, I always find myself being very picky about what I read and the fact that I don’t have a lot of free time on my hands has also made me very strict over the years, when choosing which stories to dedicate my free time to. I

Your story was a very refreshing and interesting take on the fairytales we all grew up with. And you managed to create such a realistic world, where the reader can easily suspend their disbelief and actually feel like these kinds of things could happen, like they’re more than just fantasy. I was utterly drawn in by the wonderful writing and the refreshing personality of the heroine. I only noticed you had suggested a playthrough order AFTER playing all the routes, so I may have spoiled some things for myself by playing them in the order I did.

Regardless, the story was very, very entertaining and entirely believable which I find, more often than not, to be a very important aspect. The characters were very flawed and had so many layers to them that they always felt like real people, like I was getting a peek into the lives of actual people. And the concept was so good, it actually inspired me to try my hand at a small tribute to your wonderful work, in the form of writing a fanfiction. For now it’s barely in its incipient phase, but if you feel you’d enjoy it as my way to honor your hard work, do let me know and I’ll make sure to notify you when I actually have more than a few pages to show. Again, this is not something that happens often... in all my years of playing VNs and otome games, only about four or five games have dug their way so deeply into my heart that I would consider giving a tribute to the developers in the one form of art I know best – writing.

But I’ll go into more detail when reviewing each particular route, which I will put in spoilers. I tried to keep this starting section as shallow as possible to avoid ruining any plot points for people who have yet to try this rare gem.

Lucette (MC):
Oh my God, could you have done any better with the MC? I doubt it, because Lucette was PERFECT! She was the perfect blend of a sassy bitch and a sheltered princess who has no idea of the world outside her home, as well as a victim of brainwashing. And I wholeheartedly LOVE her for it! Her evolution in each route was incredibly written and I never once felt like it was rushed or shallow... every time she actually changed to some degree, it was meaningful and it happened as naturally as you would expect it to happen if she were a real person.

I never once felt like she was just a character in a game... she felt so real and I was able to empathize with her so deeply, despite generally hating characters with her kind of grating personality. And the fact that she was so fragile that she needed Prince Charming to save her, and yet by the end she became so well rounded and powerful that she could take care of herself, was a nice change of pace from the usual girly-girl princesses of the original fairytales. So kudos to you and your team – you have done an outstanding job with her!
The moment I saw him I just knew I had to have him xD Being a child of the 90s I grew up with 90s anime, among them YuYu Hakusho where one of the main characters was a redhead with green eyes, whose name was Kurama (coincidence or fate? xD). So the moment I saw Karma my incredible weakness for green eyed redheads came back with a vengeance and I just knew I had to play his route first. Not to mention his “symbol” is a rose, which is exactly the same as Kurama’s. I have no idea if that’s where you got your inspiration for Karma’s character, but all the similarities tickled my fancy to no end.

It was a very interesting idea to have Karma be both the Beauty and the Beast... to be honest, for the longest time I didn’t even realize that was the story he represented. Instead, with the whole night/day balance it made me think of a Greek legend about Eros and for most of Karma’s route I actually believed that was where you got your inspiration. Only when he actually turned into the Beast did I finally slap my forehead and go “Oooohhhhh how did I not notice that?” xD
The Little Mermaid was possibly my most favorite fairytale to grow up with... well, the Disney version at least. I only found the actual version of the story belonging to H.C. Andersen when I was around 16 or so. And while – like everyone else in the world – I prefer the happily ever after endings, I’m glad it was at that age when I first read the original story because I was old enough to appreciate it properly. Had I been any younger, I probably would have hated it because of that bittersweet ending. But being older it really helped me notice the very deep and mature ideas it forces the reader to ponder – like what is a soul or how much would you sacrifice for the one you love, just to name a few.

But I digress... I was sincerely hoping (from the moment I realized what story Rod was representing) that you would find a way to incorporate elements from the original fairytale rather than just the happy-go-lucky Disney animation. And you certainly didn’t disappoint, Rod’s route may actually be my most favorite one – maybe even higher on my ranking list than Karma’s route. To be honest, I still haven’t been able to bring myself to try and get his Bad End, simply because he’s so dear to me that I’m afraid it’s going to shatter my heart (even though I love it when a VN is good enough to make me cry).
Who doesn’t love Peter Pan? I’m pretty sure we’ve all had moments when we wished we were kids again, without a care in the world. Now Waltz was the third route I played, and (as I didn’t notice you’d already suggested an order) I think I spoiled some plot points for myself ahead of time. I did realize, around chapter three or so, that Waltz’s route may in fact be the true route as it happens with most VNs that are this rich in lore and written so in detail.

But Waltz is just a delight to have around. And while I did feel slightly awkward for most of his route (because I felt like I was trying to romance my little brother xD) by the end I was so engrossed in what was happening that I was left yearning for so much more even though I got his Good End. He definitely earned his third place in my ranking scale for this game... actually, since Karma and Rod more or less share first place, I suppose Waltz would be second best :wink:
And with Fritz we get into my least favorite bachelors in the game. Fritz put me off very early on, because of the first scene at his house where he basically put Lucette under house arrest. I don’t like feeling forced to do something, so him doing that to her – to me basically, since by that point I’d already empathized so much with Lucette that it felt like I was actually the one living all those things – just completely ruined it for me.

Sadly from that point on his route just didn’t make me connect with the story properly, like I did with the first three bachelors. To be fair, he was somewhat annoying for me as well – like that awkward friend who’s too cowardly to confess his feelings and instead acts like a bumbling fool all the time. It got to the point where I actually loved Varg way more than Fritz himself. Every single time Varg showed up it was the highlight of this route for me, even though he was supposedly the bad guy and I was supposed to root for Fritz getting rid of him... but Fritz himself was so grating on my nerves that I ended up rooting for Varg instead, even in the Good End.
The reason I left Rumpel last was because I don’t really enjoy characters like him. Most of the time, while his type of character is intended to provide comic relief, I just find that kind of incessant flirting to be cringeworthy (if I was supposed to feel like that, then you did a wonderful job xD). Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy cheesy stuff as well, but not when it’s delivered the way Rumpel did. I much prefer guys like Karma spouting out cheesy romantic nothings, or compliments... for some reason they don’t make me cringe and I just feel like it’s what they’re supposed to do.

Rumpel, I felt, was a bit of a wrench thrown into the whole story and into this glamorous world of royalty and magic and fairies. He just seemed a bit out of place and I never was able to really get into his route. As a result, my inability to sympathize with him also made me feel like the romance on his route was awkward at best.
Parfait and Delora:
Can I please have these two as my moms? They were SO lovely and endearing that I was looking forward to any and all scenes involving them, on each route. Parfait dying was just the WORST thing ever... I don’t think I’ve ever cried so much when a secondary character died in a VN (something which happens very rarely in and of itself). And even Delora’s almost-death got me all teary eyed, because I loved her so much by then.

It’s very rare that secondary characters get this much depth in a VN, and I’m really happy you took the time to develop them and have them actually provide support to Lucette in her growth.
Side characters:
Usually I don’t comment on the side characters, because they’re never developed enough for me to be able to connect with them on more than a shallow level. But in this game all the side characters were so well incorporated into the story, that I just HAD to empathize with them.

The King and his wife, as well as Emelaigne were just delightful. And Genaro’s scenes where he and Lucette make amends and rediscover their father-daughter relationship actually brought me to tears. As a girl who’s always had trouble connecting with her father, I was completely engrossed in those scenes and they’ll always hold a special place in my heart.

Even Hildyr, as the main antagonist, was incredibly well written. While she wasn’t physically involved in most of the game, her presence just felt so real and so suffocating (in a good way). It always felt like she was right behind Lucette, just waiting for the right moment to snatch her away. And as a fan of the horror genre, I love that claustrophobic feeling that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand. Hildyr made me feel that way even while everyone said that she was dead, and I loved every second of it. It made it all the more terrifying when she actually returned and showed herself again.
Gosh I don’t think I have the words to describe how beautiful and amazing and soul soothing the art in this game is. The backgrounds, the sprites, the CGs... everything was simply so detailed and painfully beautiful to look at. Your artist deserves all the praise in the world, they’re insanely talented and I hope to see much more of their work in the future.

Music & Sound:
As with the art, everything was perfect. Every song fit wonderfully with the scene it was playing for, and it only served to engross me even further into what was happening at the time. I’ve had the chance to play games where either the music was good but poorly timed, or the music was just bad, so I know how important music and sound is to creating that immersive atmosphere. For this game, I’m happy to say both the soundtrack and the SFX were perfectly chosen and perfectly timed... and they evoked the right feelings I was supposed to feel during one scene or another. So again, wonderful job on this front as well!

I feel like I have more things to say, but I’ll leave it at this for now. I think I’ve wasted more than enough of your time with my ramblings, so I’ll just leave it at this: this game is indeed a rare and precious gem, one that I will remember and hold dear for years to come.
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Finally finished playing this game, and I just want to share a few thoughts I've had about it. I doubt I'll say anything your other fans haven't said before, but I still think I owe it to your team for creating such a solid otome experience. The story is top-notch, obviously painstakingly planned, and the music just killed me. The menu music especially - I could listen to it replay for hours (which I'm ashamed to admit I actually did).

I have also played Locked Heart in the past, and while I was extremely impressed with how polished it was, it didn't have any lasting effect on me. Cinderella Phenomenon was a HUGE step forward. Be still my heart, be dry my copious tears. ;___;

Ranking of routes, in terms of enjoyment: Karma > Fritz > Rod > Waltz >>>>> Rumpel

I enjoyed this route a lot because I loved Lucette's interactions with her stepfamily. I also liked how different the setup was, with the whole maid outfit and all. It was the perfect riches-to-rags-to-riches story, and for this it was the most fairytale-like of all the routes. The otome of all otomes. Em and Ophelia are such sweetie pies, and as this is the only route I can hang out with them at length, it will always be special to me.

That said, I couldn't really see Rod as a romantic lead. Yes, he's a sweet kid with a heart of gold beneath his tsundere exterior, but he's still just a kid, or at least that's the vibe I get from him. He seems more plausible to me as an adorable little brother with a slight sister complex for both Em and Lucette. Lucette just seems waaaaay too mature and smart for him. Lucette is as complex a heroine as you can get. I love her, and I want the very best for her, and I believe she can do so much better than her stepbrother. It's sad that she has to hide her relationship when there are tons of other hot bachelors out there who have a lot of love to give, if Lucette just bothered to get to know them. I really, really like Rod in terms of both physical appearance and personality - the blond-haired, blue/green-eyed aloof types are generally the ones I go weak for - but I simply don't think Rod is a suitable guy for Lucette. But wait a minute, aren't royal families in general a little less iffy about incestuous relationships? Cousins do marry, at least in the other high fantasy stories I've read. Rod and Lucette are not even blood relatives. Well, I don't know how their family laws work.
I can't even explain WHY I loved Karma as much as I did. Of course, he's obviously the most gorgeous guy among the bachelors, but there's just something about his arrogant expression - both as his "manly" self and as his crossdressing self - that makes him seem like a total dom. Me likey. I loved how he and Lucette had the most in common, and how their interactions had the most chemistry by far. No one else in the game compares on that front alone. I swooned at their last CG on top of the bed. I loved how his and Rod's curses were the most complex and the most difficult to break. Of course, we find out later that there is so much more to this story than breaking the curse and ~true love~ but that doesn't change the fact that I think Karma/Klaude is hilarious and feisty and somehow clashingly perfect for Lucette. He's a total diva, but it just WORKS. It's probably just how the story was written, and how carefully it unfolded, but I was 110% SOLD on this route. Fritz's death was sad, but it seemed to come out of nowhere since he was absent from most of it.
I don't have much to say about this route except it's the weakest one for me, both in terms of story and in terms of the bachelor's likeability. Rumpel's personality when we first meet him is annoying as hell, and he gets slightly less annoying as time goes on, but I still can't see what Lucette sees in him. He's like a comedic sidekick who is suddenly, and awkwardly, shoved into the spotlight as a romantic lead. I didn't really buy it. It irked me that my beloved Karma was being portrayed in such a harsh light in this route. It's awesome that Rumpel is an altruistic doctor and all, but this life-or-death job didn't seem to suit his frivolous personality. I hope he can someday pursue his profession without going bankrupt from sheer selflessness. This guy clearly needs a life coach to tone it down. Also, his curse is solved fairly easily, and all I could think was: so what now? Where do we go from here? His route didn't feel as cohesive to me as the others did. I also think he is the least visually appealing. He's cuter without his glasses, but his hairstyle seems a tad rockstar to me, which is just odd considering his personality. His entire existence feels ... anachronistic.
Like Rod's route, I enjoyed the fresh setup of his route since it doesn't take place within the Marchen. I felt like this was the darkest route since Hildyr had the most power. Her resurrection shocked me. It's a good thing I wasn't looking at the side-characters list too closely, so I felt the full impact and horror of her return, which in retrospect made perfect sense since neither Mythros nor Alcaster felt like the Final Boss. The deaths in this route were all uniquely heartbreaking, even more so than in Waltz's route, since I could see where that was going - the king and Hildyr both had to die for the story's sake, so that Lucette could inherit the crown.

Delora's death was the absolute worst. Let me take a minute here to talk about Delora, since it's in this route that her character is most explored. DELORA IS MY FAVORITE CHARACTER OF THE ENTIRE GAME. PERIOD. NO ONE COMES CLOSE, NOT EVEN MY DEAR KARMA. I just love her to death. I admit that I secretly shipped Delora and Lucette. I just loved their interactions, the way they teased and razzed each other constantly. Man, I doubt anyone did more for Lucette than Delora did. I literally squealed when Lucette asked Delora to sleep with her (as a doll, but still!). Lucette literally cradled Delora to her chest, oh my Lord Jesus. That's canon as far as I'm concerned. So it was a little weird for me when I learned later than Delora sort of sees Lucette as a daughter, but hey, that's my own fault for shipping characters who will NEVER get together. Whatever, I'm sinking with this ship. You can imagine how I took Delora's death the hardest. I was like nooooooooo. And then Parfait had to die, to top it all off. I know Parfait dies in a lot of routes, but I still always wish I can save her. I love how she's delicate and always a little distant from Lucette, as if perhaps she's scared of caring as much for her as she cared for Hildyr.

Okay, now back to Fritz. It's probably obvious by now that while I liked a whole lot about his route, Fritz wasn't the biggest reason for it. I think he's a nice guy, but his personality isn't explored enough. His curse is the simplest, like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and besides, we spend so much more time with Varg. We know that Lucette has known Fritz for years, and we just have to take her word for it that he's the most loyal knight in the world. Okay. Fine. But it still felt wrong to me that Varg had to disappear. Yes, Varg is sexy as hell, but more importantly, he's a crucial part of Fritz's personality. So what, did Fritz lose the whole dark wolfish side of his personality? Okay, Fritz learns to control himself in the end, but it's problematic to me that the "happy ending" entails destroying that entire part of him. I wish I could have seen slight Varg-ish remnants in Fritz. He could have been more complex, more complete, but now we're just left with eternally good guy Fritz. I also would have liked to see Fritz fight Karma seriously. I'm curious about who's the better swordsman.
Like Fritz, Waltz is a loyal, overprotective, all-around nice guy, and there's not much else I can say about him. I hoped that his personality would be more cheeky and adventurous since he's a witch who does puppet shows for kids, but I didn't get any Peter Pan vibes from him at all, which would have been so cool. His relationship with Lucette is obviously canon - childhood friends, hence ~true love~ and eternal happiness. I'm sure their relationship will be the healthiest. Good for them. I thought for a moment though that Lucette would tell Waltz to continue living in the Marchen. The Marchen is his family and his home - how can she take him away from that when he's lost everything as a child? But true love > everything else, I guess???

This route did a great job of wrapping things up for all the characters and tying all the loose ends. Lucette grows the most here. I love how this is the only route where Lucette really connects with her father. But like Lucette, I still wished until the very end that Hildyr had a moment of redemption. But I could see why that would be impossible. It's sad but realistic. Hildyr is such a badass, by the way. She's a great villain. Waltz is supposedly the second strongest witch, but psh, he couldn't even beat Hildyr at her weakest.
One last thing. While I was playing this game over the course of several days, I wrote a little story that was sparked by my renewed appreciation of deconstructed fairy tales. You can say that it's at least obliquely inspired by your game (and by my secret ship among your characters). Thank you once again for sharing your wonderfully magical world with us. <3 <3 <3 Here it is, if you would like to read it:

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