This, My Soul [GxB][SciFi][Romance][Drama][Nano17][COMPLETE]

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Re: This, My Soul [GxB][SciFi][Romance][Drama][Nano17][COMPLETE]

#16 Post by Agashi » Thu Aug 17, 2017 1:02 pm

BleauEye wrote:
Tue Aug 08, 2017 11:18 pm
This game was so good! I loved the art, the interactions were great and the writing style was elegant and vivid enough that I felt everything. So great! Especially to be done in a short time period! Loved the relationship that developed! :D
Eeee! I love that you loved their relationship! :mrgreen: Thank you for the kind words!
AntoinetteVanessa wrote:
Thu Aug 17, 2017 2:22 am
..Y'know, when playing game like this, where you can shape up the prota you are playing, usually I would do it like doing a psychology test : answering it honestly and closely to how I think myself is. So I played it passively 'well u wanna do that? Ok do that, whelp what can i do' 'its up to you' ..and this game, THIS GAME. I feel like it's cracking my shell and renewing me; the plot, the twist, the character, the EVERYTHING is amazing, its not like giving life to this 'empty' prota by dictating whatever her choices to suit the personality you want BUT IT FEELS LIKE IM LIVING IN THE GAME; fight, fight for what you believe in--fight for love!
And this is the most amazing feeling a visual novel can give to its player imo.
Thank you, thank you so much for the brilliant experience you've given me, Agashi.
You've not only made a neat future sci-fi plot, but you've made me a virtual reality visual novel. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Haha, yep, that's how I try to play games as well. I'm really flattered how much you enjoyed this. I tried really hard to include options that would appeal to a variety of players and let them roleplay as the type of character they wanted to be. I super humbled that you were able to step so far into the MC's shoes. :mrgreen: Thank you for the lovely comments!
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Re: This, My Soul [GxB][SciFi][Romance][Drama][Nano17][COMPLETE]

#17 Post by Letitia_L » Fri Aug 18, 2017 6:27 am

Congratulations for the release of this game!
I've played one route of the game, and I'm happy that I had the romance route!
I just love this kind of game, where you choose the MC's personality and where the choise for the romance are pretty obvious, you can't really miss them ^^

- For the story:
Usually I'm not really into SciFi stuffs, but I found the story really enjoyable. The art surelly helped me for getting into the universe of the game.

- The characters and the relationship:
I really loved the way Silas's character is handled.
Like how his reactions were very ankward when the MC's jokes at first and then how he grows used to it.
For the MC, curiously I liked Silas more than her. I was happy that I could build her personality with the choices but I don't know, I didn't really sympathised with her?
And for the relationship I really REALLY liked it.
It felt like it was real, the development wasn't too fast or too slow, it's seems genuine.
And I have to say, the kiss scene was really good! I wish there was more kiss in the story :lol:
- The art:
For the art, it's really beautiful.
The backround were good and the characters sprites were just really nice. I fell in love as soon as I saw Silas ^^
But if I may have one though, it's that it would've been nice to have an other body pose for the characters. Sometimes I had the feeling that they were stiffs. For Silas it's not a big deal because he's a robot, but for the MC I would've like that.

I must add that your writting is really beautiful!
It's an amazing game and I really enjoyed it.

Sorry for the long reply and if there are mistakes in my spelling, english is not my native language :oops:
Good luck with your future projects :wink:
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Re: This, My Soul [GxB][SciFi][Romance][Drama][Nano17][COMPLETE]

#18 Post by AntiquedFae » Sun Oct 15, 2017 1:23 pm

Okay, so I have this completely awful habit of downloading a bunch of games at once, with the best intentions to play them and then...completely forgetting I downloaded them. So this is late for that exact reason, and I apologize, but oh my goodness, I had to comment because this is...mmmrrrrrhhh!

I adore this story! I adore this setting! I adore these characters! I adore what it did to me! Thank you so much for making this and sharing it! It is so touching and powerful and it took me over and washed over me and carried me and hugged me and cried with me have crafted something great here. I really hope you realize just what you have done.

If you're interested, I played as the archivist I believe it was, and I got the friendship ending.
It broke my heart and stitched it soothingly partially back together again in the best way. I really, really hope her and her android (I felt my heart dive into my stomach when she called him that so forlornly) do get a sort of happy ending, even if society doesn't take too kindly to their relationship. I hope the main character can stand that test. I will stubbornly believe that she can. I think she's strong (stubborn) enough, and she formed such a strong bond with Silas that even when removed from that situation...I don't think she can return to life without him.
As much as I want to dive back into their private little world comprised of a cargo ship...I really like the ending I got, and don't feel like I need to unlock any others. I think I'm keeping this on my computer though. I have a feeling that some day, once my strong memories of it fade (as most memories do) I'm going to want to be saddened and comforted by the main character and her android.

Thank you again for making this.
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Re: This, My Soul [GxB][SciFi][Romance][Drama][Nano17][COMPLETE]

#19 Post by myuunie » Sat Sep 22, 2018 4:08 am

I just finished it at last after having it in my downloads folder for a while and I must say... It was IMPRESSIVE. It gave me such a "Aloners" vibe to it (another one of my FAVOURITE otomes) meets Alien (not... with the alien HAHA but the the cryogenics). I found such love for Silas and the MC. She was a very good character who you could form into a real, authentic woman. None of the options seemed out of the ordinary so it felt like instead of her being over the top of understated, she was a really nice balance of a person. Silas was so great too.

There is a particular line, without me giving away too much, about them stargazing that he says to her that had me MELT. I actually did a huge loud AAAW next to my husband (and that's how he knows I'm enjoying a game!). I was wondering how you were going to write Silas humanely enough to find love without taking away his android self. It left me wondering a bit more about his past and how it is that he became to be himself because in the story there really isn't a specific reason why certain characteristics pop out of him. I loved how he remained true as an android but also found a bit of his humane side; it felt realistic enough that it didn't feel out of this world unordinary to the story. If all of a sudden he had done a complete 360 it would've been definitely weird, but he didn't and I really appreciated the pace of the story. Do I feel like the story itself needed a liiiittle bit more juice/conflict? Maybe so? I haven't actually played the normal or bad ending because I don't want to fall into depression since even the happy ending made me cry so... I can definitely assume what happens.

I loved it though, I thought that you did such a great job. Having just two characters in the story made it so personal and special and HMU if you ever plan a sequel because I am THERE.

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Re: This, My Soul [GxB][SciFi][Romance][Drama][Nano17][COMPLETE]

#20 Post by Akua » Thu Nov 15, 2018 2:25 pm

I was staying up all night just to finish the story with the good ending and quickly write a review.

I don't know if I can call Silas innocent but for me he was in a way. I just found it cute how oblivious he was when I made the MC blush ( and I made her blush a lot) and he didn't suspect how he made her heart take a rollercoaster of emotions. Sometimes I had the uneasiness to end up in a bad ending but luckily I could catch his heart, too. Still it made me nearly cry, how emotional the ending was and after seeing the other endings, you basically made my heart wrench and hide in a corner.

The many choices certainly made it interesting since I could react differently and not just one way where the right answer gave you love points. Still there was a little lack that I can't figure out but in overall it was a great game.

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Re: This, My Soul [GxB][SciFi][Romance][Drama][Nano17][COMPLETE]

#21 Post by Virelai » Mon Nov 26, 2018 1:41 am

Hello! Wow, so I stumbled across this and I realized that I played this a game a heckin long time ago, but it totally slipped my mind to review it. So I went ahead and replayed it!

PLOT: In terms of the concept and plot, I found that the storyline was really well executed. I've only read a few other AI/Android VNs (one that I distinctly remember and had a really touching storyline also had a male android, but the title isn't coming to my mind rn), and a common issue with these VNs is that the storyline is relatively unrealistic. I think you do a really excellent job of creating an eerie atmosphere in that the MC wonders why she's there and what the intentions of the android are, but you don't overplay/romanticize the idea of an android. All the interactions between Silas and MC is genuine and organic, and something that I can truly see happening. Additionally, I really enjoy the variety of choices that you provide the MC, allowing the player to choose how they want the dynamic to be.

ARTWORK: The artwork was really cool! Appreciated how everything was very saturated, even though the color palette had a lot of dark, cool-toned shades.

I think you did a really fantastic job with the plot, and it's definitely memorable since I saw it and recalled playing this game. I would totally recommend this to a friend to play!

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