Tell a Demon [1920s, Fantasy][Love, Loss & Vengeance]

Finished games are posted here, once they've been tested and are ready for wide release.
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Tell a Demon [1920s, Fantasy][Love, Loss & Vengeance]

#1 Post by ketskari » Thu Jul 13, 2017 1:44 pm

Demo Download (Google Drive)
Purchase (Windows, Mac & Linux)

Tell a Demon is a visual novel dealing with themes of love, loss, and vengeance set in a 1920s-style fantasy world. Your choices influence the outcomes of three protagonists with intertwining stories—Julius, a shadow demon struggling to hold onto his sanity, Tell, a mortal girl caught up in the city's secrets, and Kalevel, an immortal demon who finds her very existence endangered by an old, old enemy. Some choices affect the characters' personalities, while others branch the plot.
  • A rich, fully illustrated fantasy world
  • Romantic options
  • 80,000+ words of content
  • 16 Endings with variations depending on your choices
  • Art gallery and music room available in-game (regardless of whether or not you purchase the bonus material)
If you've played the beta...
If you've played the beta, you'll probably notice some changes in the text. If you haven't played the later beta versions, there are also some fairly significant changes to Act I.

Bonus Material
I've had people suggest that I add bonus material. That is now an option for a few extra dollars, and it includes the soundtrack and some wallpapers, and a few images depicting my digital painting process. You can now get it separately on, or buy it with the game using the links above or below.
Demo Download (Google Drive) | Purchase (Windows, Mac & Linux)
Download Demo or Buy Through
Also, if you've played it, what ending(s) did you get? I'm always curious about that.
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Re: Tell a Demon [1920s, Fantasy][Love, Loss & Vengeance]

#2 Post by victorita9 » Sat Jul 15, 2017 4:47 am

Oh man it's released! I am so getting this game tomorrow.

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