Demon and Heart : Prototype [Supernatural] [Short] [Free]

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Demon and Heart : Prototype [Supernatural] [Short] [Free]

#1 Post by Necivo » Thu Jul 20, 2017 7:20 am

Demon and Heart : Prototype

The game/Demo is a prequel of the Demon and Heart (2) : The Failure of a nation (avalaible on Indieogo)


The previous game is Demon and Heart: Prototype and follows a high school student who for years was ruthlessly bullied by one of his classmates, but one day, a girl fights and beats your aggressor. She then gives you a lottery ticket saying that "you win a demon".

Of course, you don't believe it and decide to take it to the cosplay shop on your way to school tomorrow, but as you read the strange letters on the back of the ticket, to your incredible surprise, a demon appears in your room! With this, the start of a strange and amazing story of gods and demons begins...


You can download "Demon and Heart : Prototype" here

And you can help us to create "Demon and Heart (2) : The faliure of a nation" here


Capture 2 DH.PNG
Capture DH Choice.PNG

I Hope you will enjoy the game
I made Visual Novel like Demon and Heart [Supernatural] [Very short] and I have a Indiegogo page for the sequel here

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