Birch Sapling [Free][Friendship]

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Birch Sapling [Free][Friendship]

#1 Post by quinnsea » Tue Aug 15, 2017 1:26 am


Starting out in a new town in a new school is already pretty tough. Doing it in your senior year just makes everything feel pretty pointless. Might as well just focus on your music and hope you get through the year without making a complete fool out of yourself.

● 4 endings
● Super short
● 2 CGs





Download on!


This was my first time making and completing a visual novel, and it was a lot of fun! Admittedly, it's a little sloppy (I wish I did more with the UI and menus!) but it's finished nonetheless! I hope you enjoy! Might be a prequel to a text-only game in the making I'm not sure yet.

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Re: Birch Sapling [Free][Friendship]

#2 Post by Zelan » Wed Sep 06, 2017 4:08 pm

This was a cute game. I love Iris, she's a total sweetheart. I think I got all four endings - there were 3 "bad" ones/cut short endings, and 1 "good" one, right?

Skylar and Iris have a great dynamic, and I'd love to see more of Maddie as well, so I'll look forward to future stories set in the same universe.

My only complaint would be the GUI. The cursive text used in the menus was difficult to read, so I struggled a bit with trying to figure out which buttons I was pressed. It was also hard to read the text in the textbox that ran over the diagonal white lines on the left side. The textbox itself had a very cool design, but I think lengthening it so that the text was centered just in the pink part would have made it a little easier on the eyes.

Besides that, this was a great first game! The first one is always short and a little sloppy, I think, but it's really an awesome learning experience. c:

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