soundless - A MODERN SALEM IN REMOTE AREA - [Horror][Denpa][Kinetic][GxG][Free] Version 1.2 Out!

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Re: soundless - A MODERN SALEM IN REMOTE AREA - [Horror][Denpa][Kinetic][GxG][Free] Version 1.2 Out!

#16 Post by Nay » Tue Mar 06, 2018 9:05 am

Hello, I was super excited for the release of this game but only got around to reading it today!! I'm so sorry. To myself. For not reading it sooner... It was incredibly good!

I admit I can be kind of critical about visual novels but this was really good. Captured the attention immediately with its gripping narrative, and some parts were just. Really good!
The choking scene comes to mine, so do the flashbacks to Mercy betraying Clara, and the flashbacks to Mercy's past within the village.
They added a lot of depth to Mercy's character at a measured pace which I really enjoyed.

The last half of the vn when Auma turns into a terror machine
was terrifying but also VERY GOOD. I REALLY LIKED IT!!!! You are great at writing horror, putting in horrific (yet fittingly thematic) imagery, and I read the vn while pushing my laptop very far away from me so I wouldn't be shocked by any sudden changes in the bg/text. Wow!

The message of the VN resonated deeply with me.
After being with a few toxic people myself I had to force myself to view abusive people as wholly bad, although I initially had sympathy for them before. Which is why they took advantage of me anyway. Obviously abuse can't be swept aside but the ending of your novel made me feel that you / Mercy had achieved a bit of nuance in that issue that I hadn't. As in, it's ok to acknowledge that the world isn't black and white, and the people who act evilly can be forgiven (from a distance, and from behind a protective wall, but still).
I'm sure I'm explaining it kind of weird but Soundless really made me think about things!

I still have to finish reading the blocks but I'll be going back in and doing that soon ^^

My favorite characters were Delilah and Clara. I wish Nyn had gotten more screentime, I enjoyed her too!

An aside, as a big fan of Higurashi and Umineko I really appreciated the ryukishi-esque vn aesthetic. Your CGs were great, as well ^^

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