Jake's Love Story [BxG][Slice-of-life/Comedy/Romance] Now on Steam!

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Jake's Love Story [BxG][Slice-of-life/Comedy/Romance] Now on Steam!

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http://store.steampowered.com/app/69908 ... ove_Story/

Jake's Love Story is an slice-of-life/comedy/romance about group of friends in high school.
In this short interactive story for everyone play as Jake, an totally average high school student.
Meet cheerful and clumsy Emma, cold and distant Alice and friendly Mike!

During Jake's school days you will get to make various choices, resulting in few different story endings, each of them can have some visual changes, so in the end you can end up in one of many endings! Will you manage to get all of them?

Do school projects, laugh at funny situations, help Jake's friends... or not. Decision is up to you!
Will one of the girls agree to go with Jake to prom? Or maybe both of them? Will the group stay friends?
How Jake's story ends?

Game features:
  • Parody of anime cliches!
  • Around 20 decision points during one game! See how your choices will impact the story!
  • 9 story endings!
  • Beautifully drawn backgrounds in Full HD!
  • Calm and relaxing music (except more dynamic events)
  • Over 18 000 words to read!

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