These nights in Cairo [GxB][VN] Adventure,otome,mysticism, romance, 16+[Commercial]

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Re: These nights in Cairo [GxB][VN] Adventure,otome,mysticism, romance, 16+[Commercial]

#16 Post by Bellethiel » Sun Nov 12, 2017 9:00 am

I really liked it. Got almost all achievements aside from one, sooo frustrating. I guess it's similar way to achieve it like previous one (broken dreams) but I totally have no clue how I did it haha. Maybe will give it a shot another time. :D
I love ancient Egypt, so I bought it almost immediately after seeing it. Artwork was also great, it was pleasant to look at.
My god I absolutely love Duncan's smile in final cg for his good ending. Metliiing. Haha.
I think I liked Duncan best, kinda reminded me of main protagonist from the good old Mummy movie. Attractive adventurer kind of guy. Also he definitely deserved some happines so he would be my canon choice for the game. Although
I won't lie, the ending in which you become ruler of ancient Egypt was very satisfaying as well.
While trying to get all the endings I loved how important choices were. Like, your relationship with your father had to be different to allow different outcomes and such. Awesome.

I can't think of anything which would annoy me, I had great time playing it, so money well spent. Thanks for the great adventure!

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Re: These nights in Cairo [GxB][VN] Adventure,otome,mysticism, romance, 16+[Commercial]

#17 Post by myuunie » Fri Dec 29, 2017 5:38 am

I finished this game last night, and I absolutely loved it! I love that it is very much feels of... The Mummy. As someone who loved those movies as a kid and whose mother still makes fun of her for screaming during the second one (it was a jump scare! ;_;), as soon as I saw what it was about, I really felt compelled to buy it. And thanks to my amazing partner who loves and adores me, he got it for me as a Christmas gift!

Immediately I think the first thing anyone notices is the artstyle. Every. single. damn. moment the art just gave you this feeling of professionalism. I think art is very important in visual novels, and while there are soooome exceptions here and there, I really base my first impressions on the upfront art quality. This was just incredibly professionally done to the max. I love the way the CGs just blended right into the story and moved along with the words. If something was happening in the story, you could see it in the CGs. I fully appreciate that it just moved so well together.

I think each and every character was quite likeable. I know that the old museum dude (Farruhk I think?) was pesky and... during that part of the story, he definitely was being a creepy old man. But from a good distance and if you close one eye and squint... I could see some hotness in there! Every other male character though (except for Mr. Green, who is more of an cute chub than dating material) was SEXY. I mean... SEXY. Even Varif who was mean still had so much... OOMPH.

I love that you guys went out of your way for every character to just have so much dang sex appeal that it makes you even want to do it with your own father. As horrible as that just sounded.

I think that really the only flaw in the story, which my fiancé thought it was funny that I found it a flaw was...

Not enough sex.

I loved the sex scene with Duncan, but I needed to get laid in the other two routes cause my loins burned! You guys gave me sexy guys, let me at them! Hahaha all this aside though, I think it would've just added that extra pizzazz that Duncan's route have. It would've been perfect if during the waterfall scene Amin just grabbed you and tore off your dress and... well. He is a little bit too nice for that, but still. Or if during the night dream escape with Ramessu he forced you down and just... then again, that might not have been consensual.

In Duncan's route it didn't fit in exactly perfectly in since it was a bit abrupt, but I loved it. I loved the passion, and I think that if that passion had been included in the other two it would've felt like they were more meant to be together. It felt like the fire that Duncan and Maggie had was there and you can see how she could fall in love with him. She didn't seem to spend enough time with the other two characters as much as I would've liked and I think that if that little bit of time had been given then it truly would've been a perfect 10.

Other than that though, I loved everything about it. You guys just make amazing content and I can't wait for your next game. Absolutely incredible!

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Re: These nights in Cairo [GxB][VN] Adventure,otome,mysticism, romance, 16+[Commercial]

#18 Post by salamandra88art » Thu Feb 01, 2018 2:59 pm

Thank you very much for the positive feedback! I'm really happy to read that you like my work. This is very motivating for further work))
Today I registered on Twitter, where I will publish news about the development of new visual novels. If you want to know what I am currently working on, then I wait for you here:
I'm doing a yuri-novel and otome-novel. They will be in different visual styles. I hope you will enjoy ))

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