Death Roulette [Horror] [Mystery] [High School]

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Death Roulette [Horror] [Mystery] [High School]

#1 Post by JamieDW » Thu Nov 02, 2017 9:53 am

Some things are not meant to be uncovered.


Death Roulette focuses on ten students from Maria St. Claire Institute, all of whom are graduating from high school. Everything seems normal at first... until a strange "link" is uncovered. Conspiracy theories circulate around an incident the previous academic year, when a mass murder occurs at Sacred Heart Village. One by one, a student is killed each month, and the mastermind is never unmasked. To top it off, one of MSCI's alumna is involved, but even she is proven innocent... or is she?

Come one morning, and the students of MSCI find out that even they have been compromised: someone is re-enacting the Sacred Heart Murders through a long-running game of deadly roulette. This time, they have a chance of unmasking the culprit, but how many lives will the effort cost? The time has started, and the game is on.

Besides, what interest is there?
Alright, enough of the robotic stuff. Jamie here! :)
Death Roulette is an ongoing Kinetic Novel series spanning over ten chapters, expecting to hit a word count of ~395,000 by the end of it with around 30 hours of Reading Time. The June Chapter has an estimated 35,000 words so you can finish it in one sitting. The rest will be updated through this thread (let's be against flooding). Best of all...

You can support the game by donating (only if you like. No one's forcing you to. hehehe :wink: ).

Please support the VN and see it to the end. I'll be open for feedback and any comment/suggestion will do. Expect some changes between chapters and, of course, it'll be here until 2018.

Special Thanks to
SPRITES: KHMix (for the IICharacter_Alpha sprite generator)
MUSIC: Eric Matyas (, Kevin MacLeod (
BGs: Uncle Mugen/mugenjohncel - Astig po yung mga gawa niyo, btw. Keep it up!, konett (For the BG used in my early screenshots)
Note: Contains Copyrighted Music
Besides, what interest is there?
It's not as if everyone is going to care, anyway.

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