Halloween Live! [Free] [LGBT]

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Halloween Live! [Free] [LGBT]

#1 Post by solarProtag » Mon Nov 06, 2017 11:25 am


Click here to go to the itch.io page!

Pride Park is preparing for it's annual Halloween Live, where after the regular Battle Live two units face off to end the night of horrors.
Amidst the planning and organizing, the two units chosen to be the stars reminisce about the year prior...

Is it still Halloween if it's in November.
This is a sequel to my first game, Battle Live so if you want to acquaint yourselves with the characters here I recommend trying that out first!

As it says on the project page, this game features:
• A two-route main story
• A shorter side story
• 1-1 and a half hours of game play (depends how fast you read)
• 8000 words of a dialogue-driven story
• Kids figuring out their emotions

If you liked BatLive then I hope you enjoy BAT Live I know where the door is.

Edit 01/11/2017: Changed the genre/game play listing up in the title to accurately reflect what the game is like (Sorry if it was confusing before!)


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